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Gendou Original: Pluripeptide February 28th, 2006
New gendou original release: Pluripeptide (Sample Version)
Gendou Original: Accretion Disk February 18th, 2006
New gendou original release: Accretion Disk ~No Escape~ (Final Version!)
Gendou Original: Feynman's Sound Waves January 26th, 2006
New gendou original release: Feynman's Sound Waves (Sample Version)
Fun New Feature: Mascots January 20th, 2006
See the gendou.com mascots!
Gendou Original: Robotreck Boss Battle January 5th, 2006
Check out a sample of my work-in-progress remix of the Robotrek Boss Battle Theme.
Affiliate: Windhamvoices.com December 15th, 2005
If you like choir music, check out windhamvoices.com.
Flash Music Video by Gendou December 1st, 2005
Check out my flash music video.
Gendou's Software Website October 1st, 2005
Please visit my software website.
DDR Simfile by Gendou: Dramatic August 16th, 2005
I made a new DDR simfile, check it out.
Gendou.com User Milestone: 100k August 10th, 2005
Gendou.com now has 100,000 members!
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