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Affiliate: Send Us To Japan! August 17th, 2006
Please check out Send Us To Japan. Featured content includes manga and anime downloads.
Minor Forum Updates & Open Lyrics Project July 13th, 2006
Some minor changes have been made to the forum. Namely, deleting posts and threads is now done using AJAX.
The Gendou.com Open Lyrics Project is a system which allows users to contribute song lyrics. The goal is to allow quick, clean, easy access to lyrics information. You may contribute lyrics by clicking on the italic "Lyrics" link next to any song in the database for which lyrics information has not been previously submitted.
Alexadex.com New Season July 3rd, 2006
A new game season will start soon, sign up for an account today!
Quick Login Feature June 27th, 2006
In the nav-bar, there is now a quick-login feature (You will only see this while logged out). I hope this saves you a few seconds of time!
Terms of Use Updated June 26th, 2006
Please check out the changes made to the Terms of Use.
New Features June 25th, 2006
There is a link labeled "Q" to the right of the "Download" link in the navbar. Click it to type in a search box without having to first load the downloads page. Also, soon there will be user-contributed lyrics hosted here on Gendou.com! This means my users need not wait for animelyrics.com to post lyrics, nor leave the comfort of Gendou.com's sleek look and feel. The interface is pretty snazzy too, if I do say so myself.
Request and Forum Changes June 13th, 2006
The request rules have been changed a bit, please take notice of the new additions to the list of copyrighted anime. Also, some minor changes to the forum have been made. For example, there is a link labeled "Link" next to each post, for easy linking. Also, the Topic page now allows custom sorting.
AJAX Quick Reply May 15th, 2006
The forum now has a link to perform a quick reply. Enjoy!
AJAX Song Rating May 4th, 2006
The song rating system has been adapted to use AJAX as well. Please report any problems with the new system in the forum.
AJAX has arrived! May 3rd, 2006
I am beginning the process of adding AJAX to the site. Today, the request list voting system has been re-implemented using AJAX. If you have any problems using it, or if you have suggestions for furter AJAX upgrades, please let me know in this thread. Thanks!
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