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Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2013-12-29 10:25:13 (edited 2015-09-20 11:17:43)
Gendou RPer's United~! Part II

Who are we?:
The RPer's of Gendou! We like to role play, and anyone who likes to role play is invited to join! This is a continuation of the first part of this thread, which can be found here.

Why are we here?:
To discuss anything relating to role playing on Gendou! We can discuss current RP's, ideas for RP's, tips for making an RP, how to keep an RP alive longer, and etc. Basically anything that relates to RP's here can be discussed.

  1. No spamming, flaming, trolling, etc.
  2. 2 post rule is applied here (Example: Person 1 posts, then Person 2, then Person 3, and then Person 1 can post again). 2 post rule is not in effect anymore since this thread doesn't get as much activity as it used to. Instead, anyone can post at any time so long as they make a post that will contribute to the thread somehow and that their post is not a one/two word post (Or anything similar).
  3. All of the regular Gendou rules apply.
  4. Use your common sense.
  5. And have fun!

How to join?:
To join, just make a post with this information:
  • Username: (Just put your username here)
  • Nickname: (And your current nickname goes here)
  • 5 RP's you have been in: (You must put 5 RP's! This is to show that you are/were an RPer. These RP's can be ones that are active, or they could have ended or died, as long as they are RP's. RP's that are still casting do not count. Also, these must be RP's on Gendou, RP's on other sites do not count.)
  • Quote?: (Optional, this is just your own personal quote.)

I'll try to keep up with avatars for this list if you change it, but if you want to change your quote just make a post with the new one in it. I'll notice it sooner or later.

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Club Icons:

If you want to make an icon for the club, feel free to do so. Just PM your icon to me and I'll put it on this post.

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-13 08:24:57
So Serenity is continuing at a good pace, which is nice to see. Surprised at how many people crawled out of the woodwork to join though. Where are you guys normally? >:(

Anyway, Pokemon has also started moving again from it's complete standstill. I'm still aiming to wrap it up quickly so that it actually gets an ending. The group will be leaving Aster pretty much right away and from there it's only a matter of two more badges and ending the Team Vanguard thing.

The End of the World and After is still going strong as well, which I'm glad to see. That's probably the one I'm most invested in at the moment in terms of characters and stuff. Hoping to see it keep up.


Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-13 09:17:14 (edited 2014-01-13 09:21:41)
@ Jon- Thank you for posting here I have so much to say but no one posted anything until not so I couldn't really do anything about it haha.

Anyway, yes where is everybody who joined Serenity when other RP's come out? I miss seeing all of you around you and seeing so much activity in Gendou City makes me happy, all of you should frequent Gendou City much more often D:

Also, in regards to Pokemon my next post will probably come when all of the gym battles are over. I think the only ones left are Shinji and Fenris (If either of them are still hanging around in the RP, I wouldn't know since I haven't really checked the past posts there since I joined back in). I'm definitely going to keep up with the RP better this next semester (Which starts next week for me so I probably won't be around as much starting then).

And call me crazy but I'm starting to plan another RP (Even though in the past I said I wouldn't create anymore RP's haha). I may or may not go through with it, but in essence I'm kind of making it like Free & Dream in the sense that there won't be a direction with the plot. I wouldn't really do much unless the RP needed a kickstart if it starts to die out. Basically whoever joined would get to create their own plot and act it out, and they could join up with other players (Or not) to develop the story and work on their plot together. The only limits are on the character's powers (Naturally so they won't be over-powered) and on the world's setting (It'll be a Fantasy RP since I feel the most comfortable with the genre haha). It would really be free-form and an experiment if I decide to do it, but as I said it's still up in the air to go through with it or not. My past what, 4 RP's never made it past the 100 post mark (Forces of Nature had 36 posts but then again I kind of had to give up on it because of university, Calling of the Seas had 80 posts, The Branded had 95, and Riding Star Investigators got 78 posts; only Vagabond Survivors made it to 102 posts and Destiny Card Battle had 258 posts) so the only thing I'm really worried about is participation.

If I don't go through with this idea then I might try to restart or reboot one of my past RP's but I'm not sure which one. Personally I'm more partial to Vagabond Survivors (Since I had such a huge story behind it and I would love to see it come to life), but Forces of Nature, The Branded, and Destiny Card Battle would also be good ones to try to restart (Although Destiny Card battle might be more difficult since it's the type of RP where every space counts).

Also, if anyone was wondering the contest is cancelled since there were no entries haha. I'll probably try to do it again this summer and give people more time for it (Since this one was so short notice and the time limit seemed to be what everyone was the most concerned about).

Oh and I'm taking up Emiya's idea and creating an archive for this thread to link it back to some important posts in the past version. I'm on Page 14 so it's slowly but surely coming along!

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-13 09:29:33
@Jonathon: Well I guess a lot of people are more interested it sci-fi? (yay Sci-Fi is my favorite afterall!) Then again, it is been a while I have seen anything like Serenity. But yeah, the Alliance side plot is kind of uhh... slow/not so involved with the crew of Serenity. I guess character interaction actually helped with the pace of the RP?

As for TEW, yeah, I'm looking forward to it too since we're finally moving to Zone Purple.

@Toyumi: Oh, I actually wanted to join your contest but since Serenity hit the forums, I was too focused with it until I realized the contest but it was too late @_@ Plus, college life was catching up real quick (5th semester, oh projects x.x)

Hmm, another fantasy RP eh? IMO, I like The Branded. Nice mix-match of conflicts and possible character developments plus dramas. I actually felt a little disappointed when I didn't have the chance to join it XD Maybe you consider a small cast at first, with the focus not entirely on a character, so that if one of us got tied up with real life events, it does not bog down the pace. At least, the others who have much more spare time can carry on the scene, and if needed, temporarily control over characters.

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by inaby on 2014-01-13 17:24:14 (edited 2014-01-13 17:25:02)
I would have NEVER guess that Serenity would even Start, let alone be a sub topic of a conversation, I'm glad i decided to pass by here and read, all the comments have be a learning advice for me. @ Emiya: Sorry that The Alliance Side plot is Meh, I was counting on My cousin ( Kuroshi ) But she came out short, So Im having trouble getting it stating again.. I'm sorry, But Ill try my best!! :)

Thanks Again for Joining Emiya and Jonathon, anyways and Toyumi Let me know if any of You're Rp's are coming soon, I would love to join.

Mistress ♥

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-15 14:40:42
@Mistress - No problem.

@Toyumi - I'm probably just going to edit my post to wrap up the gym battles. I have no idea when Shinji or Fenris will post and I don't want to leave things at a stand still for too long, so I'll likely edit my post in a minute and just finish it up.


Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by karuzo on 2014-01-17 03:36:13
Hi guys sorry for not posting lately... school and other stuff yeah...

@Mistress- sorry for not starting immediately, i will still take my part in Serenity

as for the Camelia University, i am still on it just I am brainstorming much since this is not my specialty but I am willing to take part of it


Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-17 10:51:15
Before I forget, I'd like to say that the archive is done! It's smaller than I thought it would be haha, if there's anything else from the old thread that you think should be added to the archive then just PM me with the link to the post and I'll probably add it in (As long as it doesn't repeat the information in a post already in the archive).

@Emiya- Well actually, I'd rather want to have a larger cast, so people can continue to post even if one person is held up. And if someone is held up, then other people could just move on without them since there is no plot and thus no restriction to back-and-forth character interactions as a method to move the RP forward, if that makes sense. And I don't think it would be entirely on a character, I'm thinking of it as more like, a personal quest that the characters have. I might put in some elements to tie the characters together in the beginning if there's a group/general plot that they want to be involved with, and make it easier for the characters to interact with one another, but that would be the extent of it (For example, the RP is going to have monsters so one group might be involved with traveling around to fight against these monsters, but in addition to that they would have a personal goal behind all of it that their character would focus on in the RP).

The RP is still very much in the planning phase, so we'll see how it goes. I'll post any progress I have on the RP here, although I don't plan on starting it until at least another couple of weeks (I want to finish Breaking Bad first XD). I think that if this RP doesn't work out, then after that I'll consider bringing back one of my old RP's. I've talked to some other people about it and most people want The Branded to be brought back, while I'd personally rather have Calling of the Seas or Vagabond Survivors brought back, maybe Forces of Nature but I think it's too soon to bring that one back just yet.

@Mistress- I might start my new RP in a couple of weeks, I'll definitely post here about it to let everyone know about it when it's out!

@Jon- Posted in the Pokemon RP responding to your edit, and also as a heads up I'm starting the semester this Tuesday. Like I've said before I'll do a better job at keeping up with the RP this semester as opposed to last semester, but I thought you might want to know. If you post before Tuesday then I'll definitely be able to make a post in the RP before the new semester starts, if you want to move the RP a bit faster.

Also while I was going through the old thread to make the archive I saw quite a few posts about Knights for the Night. I remembered how much I miss that RP haha, it really had an interesting concept. Too bad it slowed down during that one battle.

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by karuzo on 2014-01-18 18:51:34
@All Serenity Players-

Please be advised that my second character Heidemarie, is a support character for the Main Character Agustus Mori, since Agustus Mori is stationed there, i gave Mistress the restrictions and conditions of the Heidemairie's Fleet as part of the Personal Plot Purpose and Character Development and Character Purpose, when that conditions and restrictions are met, Heidermarie wont be used for a longer time


Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by temporaryfornow on 2014-01-19 16:50:49
I'm still in EotW, just waiting like last time.

@Emiya: Lol, I like how you corrected Jonathon on Kei --> Kai, but made the same mistake yourself (Kei's Fishing Boat, top of page 17). Seems like near everyone is making that mistake although it's to be expected seeing how similar their names are.

@Toyumi: Not sure if you noticed, but the old Gendou RPer's thread is locked. I thought it would continue until it hit 1000? If you knew about it already, then that's fine. Just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-22 11:37:22
@ Jon- Didn't manage to get a post out in the Pokemon RP before going back to school, sorry time just flew between moving back to the campus and running around doing stuff for the first week of university. I'll make a post this weekend though.

@ Temp- I noticed. I created a new thread and redirected people to talk here after I made the post there about the contest (Which was cancelled anyway), it's better to close the thread a few posts early (It was less than a page away to 1000 posts) then to have it go over 1000 in my opinion. The forums used to be really strict about not going over the 1000 post mark when I first joined, the habit has still stuck with me even though everyone seems to be more relaxed about that policy now.

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-22 14:33:56
@Jon: Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm going to be out of commission for a while, most likely until mid-February. I didn't expect for this to happen, but I go in tomorrow morning for surgery which kind of came out of no where. Once I'm done recovering, I'll be getting ready to head back to New York. I know that you really don't mind the absence, but I felt like I should at least let you know.

Tales of FC

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-23 19:58:49
Hi All. Checking into the new thread since now seems as good as ever.

Anyway, it's real nice to see how Serenity has been going by. Keep on trucking along everyone! I think there have been weeks where Gendou City was the most active of the Thread categories because of it. If we keep going at it, I think more new people may consider jumping on another new RP whenever it comes by. That was the sort of mindset I had when I started End of the World!

End of the World: And so begins the Obligatory Ghost Ship Arc. Though It'll be a little unique since I'm giving a bit more focus on the Cameo Spirit Characters this time around.

Serenity: Also still here. Apologies to the Alliance side for not looking like I'm participating much to help. Though do keep in mind that the Shenanigans on my side aren't just world building, but also potentially setting up Mid to Late game plot devices and conflicts. I've been talking with Mistress about where those things could go for the Serenity and Alliance Side.

Things have gotten a bit hairy with the events of the ship breaking down. I would personally say don't be afraid to break posting cycle for the sake of keeping up the momentum of the RP. No offense to those who can't post all the time, but really, an RP losing it's momentum is like a death sentence for it. :(

@ Temp: Sorry about the intentional distraction before arriving at Zone Purple. It was important I gave more screen time to a certain character because spoiler reasons. If you want to change what we had planned in regards to Norman reappearing you can PM me.

@ Toyumi: Aw I guess you are right that people where probably too busy when the RP Contest first came out. Hopefully it'll really take off this summer! I held back my urge to enter since it would've been a bit unfair with me already running an active RP. ^^'

@ Haseo: You probably won't read this till you get back but let it be known that I'm hoping you have a speedy recovery so you can add into the GC's active population again!

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-23 20:57:19
I'm with Ugo on the posting speed thing. Apologies to the people that don't post often, but when the plot/events slow the RP dies within a few days. If you can add to the progress then it's best not to wait on everyone else to post before you go ahead, unless there's someone who the post relies on.

@Haseo - Hope you recover quickly. And like you said, I don't mind the absence. Chances are by the time you are back to posting, Toyumi will have made a post and I'll have the group in Dahlia City. You won't miss much if that happens.

@Toyumi - No big deal. As long as it moves eventually it's all good.

@Ugo - So I assumed that the part in TEW with the Restoration dudes requesting Unification back up was a signal for Cecilia, right? Let me know if I misread that, because the phone call she had the last time I had her in a post was alluding to that part of your post.


Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-23 21:07:57
@Temp: Oh, copy-paste mistake. Sometimes I tend to copy-paste locales rather than writing. I noticed it at my second proof-read, but I decided to shrug it off anyway (lol).

@Ugo: Ghost Ship Arc eh... Hmm, bummer, Ionia is still stuck without her summoning abilities, so I think I wouldn't have much to create on XD

As for Kongou's Flip-Knight System squadron, I'll post an explanation on my first profile page, so you'll get more info to work on.

@Haseo: Good luck. Get well soon :x

Yeah, I like the current pace. It feels just like the old times, with at least a post for a day. I'm glad that I'm still able to catch up for the time being though XD

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-01-23 21:34:51 (edited 2014-01-23 21:35:25)
@ Jon: Yes. I planned to start moving things forward on the antagonist side after in my next post. They'll conveniently be gathered together and have time be familiarized with one another before their first major confrontation with the party.

@ Emiya: ....Derp. Kind of forgot about that detail. Probably because it seemed like Ionia was able to get her spirits out in the Skit. I suppose that gives you room to focus on the Antagonist side mentioned above presuming you're going to Keep Ionia's Spirit Summoning that way for this chapter.

My next post in Serenity will have the Joint Service Task force Flagship Detailed, and more will follow after that. It's fun pumping them out because I really enjoy writing the 'history' sections for all of the equipment. For that same reason it also takes a bit of time to write. I've got other ships, fighters, Alliance Squads down the rope, so that should keep me occupied with writing practice until then >.>

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by karuzo on 2014-01-24 04:29:02 (edited 2014-01-24 04:43:07)
Serenity RP

@Ugo- do you need the full stats of Heidemarie's Fleet?

@All- sorry for lagging much, I am also waiting for others replies, since one of my characters (Agustus Mori) is inside the Serenity, well i can fast forward but i do need the permission to use Noah so that we could move forward

@Mistress- do you have a questions regarding about my characters?

@All again- Well i am thinking of having a map on the RP so that we wont get "lost" XD


Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by inaby on 2014-01-24 11:46:04


@ Everyone: Hey, Guys here is the link of the Serenity Logo, If you want to add it to you're Profile, If you're a Member. Hope you guys like it ♥ Sorry that I've been Blah a little on my posting, I was sick, Even Jonathan Kicked me out of Chat, because I was so persistent Xp.

I want to take this chance to add, Please Like Ugo has done and so did Jonathan. If anyone has opinions, Suggestions or Ideas to add to the RP with out caring it away from my original plan. Please Do not Hesitate To tell me about it :D | I just want for everyone to enjoy them selves and Make Serenity one of the Best Rp's around Gendou that actually ends >.<

Alright! lol



@ KM: No I don't have, You explained them very well in you're PM when I asked you about them. ^.^/

Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by karuzo on 2014-01-27 03:12:22 (edited 2014-01-27 03:33:37)

@Mistress: Is there a possibility that we can encounter alien lifeforms in the RP?

Just asking though.... since we are interplanetary stuff and travels...

And also... I might introduce another fleet, but this fleet is only for mention just to emphasis how big is the Spacefleet of the ALLIANCE!!!


Re: Gendou RPer's United~! (Part II)
Link | by on 2014-02-03 16:56:30 (edited 2014-02-03 17:00:16)
Yaay! I was so exited when I saw Aoi resurrecting their two rps. Now I'm frustrated because I keep on checking Exiled Ixilis expecting them to have already edited something in >.>

It's pretty ambitious to bring two RP's back. I'm sot sure what Aoi's intentions are aside from the superficial bringing them back. So I'll just be quiet about it now.

@ Karuzo: Sure. If you got the free time, I'm sure everyone would appreciate having details on the ships of your fleet. I kind of have a mental repository of Alliance Naval Tech Progress, so if you want to have the profiles and be to scale with the ships I have, we can talk about it over PM.

End of the World
-The Ghost ship arc was just cut short due the resolution of that last scene. Since there is not going to be any of that story-side explanation, the whole 'boarding the haunted ship' is effectively skipped over. Don't think that choice only made the story fast forward though. That would be much too generous... and we certainly can't have that.

-Business as usual.

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