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About Me: Name: Night

Other Name: Xeno Night

Age: 26

Passion: Gendou City

Completed RP:
World of Wolves Chapter 1,2,3
Angelic Demonic Warfare Chapter 1

Current RP:
Immortal Machina
Night of A New Era

Favorite Anime:
All Mecha Anime
Fantasy Anime

About Me: Not much but I'm an RPG gamer freak. I'm also searching old and exotic anime especially mecha anime. It brings me back to my childhood memories. I remember my first mecha anime is Grandizer. About music, I love almost all J-music especially anime music. It really flow in line with my brainwave. However that doesn't mean I don't listen to other music, it just that this is my favorite. Since I don't know how people see me from other perspective, I can't say anything good about myself. If I did anything wrong, just tell me. I'll fix it right away...Hehe. Well there you have it. Later ^^


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