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About Me:

Currently listening to:
j dilla, jamiroquai, mos def, pete rock,
little brother, miles davis, the beach boys,
the roots, gang starr, dj screw, tokyo jihen,
stereolab, ahmad jamal, common, d'angelo
and 60s and 70s slowjams

My favorite animals:
all chubby cats in general,
bunnies, owls, baby ostrich,
especially these:
Maru the cat ♥, Shiro Neko Shiro ♥, fluffy malamutes
I also like to read, but have no discipline in finishing books.
So when I give you my currently reading list, it'll look like I want to show off,
but I really read like 1 chapter or paragraph or something and then continue with another book.
and go for some days without reading anything.

I mainly read books from this guy Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and like to reread them,
think about his concepts.
I generally also read literary books about psychology and neurology.
Not a fan of papers.

I also have an unhealthy obsession with Metal Gear Solid.
if you couldn't tell by now, i like this too:
adventure time
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