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About Me: I'm the weird one who doesn't know who she is completely but knows what and who she wants to be and with....

~Sweet Angel~
Sweet angel girl of mine
Wonderful to be around
Ever so brilliant
Especially special to me
Through thick and thin together

A miracle from heaven
Never dulled by today's world
Growing way too quickly for me
Elegantly beautiful always
Loving to no end

~Bumble Bee~
Bubbly with constant energy
Under estimated by others
Marvelous through and through
Babble your ear off with any chance
Laughs ever coming from her
Ever precious to her mommy

Beautiful on the outside as much as the inside
Extraordinary person I"m lucky love
Enlightens you when given the opportunity

Dedicated to Maron

~On The Right Side of Things~
When I am finally on the right side of things
Something bad and hurtful happens
To take me back to old pain and experiences
A sadness washes over me as I see the pain
That you are in and how you are handling it
When I finally got myself back on the right
Side of things I'm pulled away with overwhelming
Emotions from not being able to help you get past this
But you refusing to let me help you through
This saddens me that much more because I have seen
The after effects on both sides of what could happen
And I don't want you to go through all of that
I care enough to want you to end up on the right
Side of things and to be happy again
I don't want to see you not care about yourself enough
To see that staying on the road you are taking
Yourself down will only end very badly
I don't want to see you go being so lonely
And so unhappy about life
I will slowly be able to get back to being on the right
Side of things again once I know that you will be okay

~Grasping For Air~
A broken heart crying out
For a love lost in all the hate
Mother/daughter relationship
Crushed into pieces of dust
A heart full of nothing but doubt
And this time its too late
I've already taken the slip
the blood around the knife wants to bust
Through the wound killing
The rest of what's left of me
Left without any care
About anything anymore
I'm no longer willing
To put myself out in the world to be
A person that shows so much sharing
I am breaking down the door
Breaking out of the depression
Becoming part of the completion
The struggle of grasping for air
Finally coming to an end

~Sword In Hand~
My hearts broken
Shredded, torn
To pieces with
No end in sight
Drowning in the
Tears of night
Shadows stricken
Without flight
One love’s token
Passed to the next
Not to come back
Silent screaming pain
Bleeding Everywhere
Leaving me barely sane
Sword in hand
To have myself

~Where I belong~
Is this truly worth it?
If you could measure it
How would you put it on a scale?
The logic in my mind is slipping...
Why does life feel like this?
Am I truly happy if this keeps on surfacing?
All the mistrust and confusion
Taking over my mind
My heart
My soul
Will they truly stand by me?
Hold me up in this time of need?
Or push me away as all have done before?
Life drags me down...
Does my could belong in
Another and time?
Will I truly find peace within myself?
Find where I truly belong?
Will the happy ending I dream of come along?
Or has it already and I’ve
Pushed it away with who I am?
Am I really going to find the purpose I’m here?
I don’t belong in this life...
What’s it all mean anyway?
Is life really about having a purpose?
Being worthy enough to find love?
Why does everything focus around love?
Is there really enough love in me to them happy?
Am I worthy enough of them to have a
Fulfilling life with them?

My heart is broken slowly repairing
I need to heal to find myself
I welcome new love and life in
I am pained by the memories of yesterday
I see my mistake in life and I am sorry for some
I can’t take them back but can only learn
Will life be the way I plan
Will everything really be ok
Time Time Time everything needs time
With time I suppose everything will work out just fine
Until that time I will put this love behind me
And welcome in this new love that has found me

~Love Shining Through~
The smile spreads so easily
Across my face
Laughter comes so easily
Upon my heart
What has come over me
I’ve never felt this happy
When my world is crashing
Down around me as it is
When I’m with you
Everything is perfect
My worries and fears
Disappear into the background
I look forward to the day when
We’re in each other’s arms for always
To share this love that even in
The darkest of times shine through and
Makes me happier than I’ve ever been
I’m thankful everyday that I’ve been
So lucky to be able to love you
And even luckier for being able
To have that love returned in
The way you do, I love you

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