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[Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-12-16 20:23:48 (edited 2008-07-28 15:00:42)
    Finally, after a long few months the club has finally reached it's second coming!
    Once again, I'm your humble leader, devils-angel (Danchou),
    and welcome to the second Haruhiism Club! /throws confetti everywhere!
    There's really no need for me to explain the rules and whatnot since it can all
    be found on the first post of the first page of the first club thread!
    If you need help finding that place on the foum, please click here.

    Now although the first few months have been nice and whatnot, there has been some flaws.
    Not every member has been active in the club much, or hardly on the forum.
    My guess is due to personal activities, but more likely, school...
    I don't blame anyone for not coming here at least once after joining.
    Although it's disappointing, I wish that can all change here and NOW!
    Hell, even I'm busy with school and that also leads to another problem... the new set.
    Most members here have already been officially registered into my club and are full members.
    Those wanting to be in the club as well, are on what is called, the "Pending List."
    This list is where new members, or future members, get their name added onto a list where
    they'll be included in the next set. An estimated date for that has not been decided yet...

    Now you guys know what the set is and whatnot, since you guys read about it already. /redeyes~
    Due to my personal side of things, I have not been able to created the second set yet.
    I hardly have enough time to just rest on weekdays and weekends these days...
    I've decided that I might launch the second set, during early next year.
    "Why next year!?" you ask? Well, in 2008, the new season of you know what, will be
    launched. The official date for that has not even been decided yet, but I want to
    add some new slots in, as well as MORE slots for the next batch of members.
    I already know there's gonna be new characters in the cast, so I want to wait as long
    as I can until I found out more about them to fully include them into the next set.
    The next set will included mostly the same slots from the first set, if not all of them.
    Of course, I handle this part of the club again, distribute the logos, etc... which is very stressful!

    Other things I've been thinking about is a new logo design for the next set of members.
    I feel that it might be nice to have members being more diverse and different in the club
    but I also fear that that might not be fair and it can cause problems which I must avoid.
    There's also the search for at least two or three club assistants to help me watch over
    the club while I'm doing other outside things.
    Well, it's a club and it's good to have staff members, y'know cause being the leader of
    this many people being active all the time here, is not an easy thing to do.

    Just like the first thread, Haruhiism Club Second will also have news and updates that I will
    explain to you all here, on the first page so check every so often to find out new infomation!
    To wrap it up here, I hope we go strong in the club again, and get more members!
    Hopefully, more people can stop by and make it a more cheerful and fun environment.
    As always, I'll try to come up with more creative ideas to help better this club!
    Only "members" of the club can post here. The only exception is if you want to join the club or
    you're helping out with a question being asked.
    This is not an open-anime thread where anyone can post. This is a club, respectively.
    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Blinking (active), Not-Blinking (not-active).
    The new club thread has launched! Check here for more info, thanks.
First List of Rankings!

Other ranks:
    Danchou (leader): "DA" (devils-angel) as "Suzumiya Haruhi"
Others will soon be added...

Members under Haruhiism!?

Members waiting for the next list:
Affiliated Clubs/other:
    [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second: POLL!
    What are the chances that SHnY: Second are on releasing/creating a Christmas related OVA or Special?

    [0%] Chances seem pretty non-existent to me.
    [10%] Some possibility, but not likely...
    [25%] There's some hope in this one, but not enough unfortunately.
    50%] Hmm, to me it can go either way.
    [75%] Pretty good chances, although I'm not totally sure with these chances...
    [85%] I'm liking how things are turning out so far. I'm feeling good about this one.
    [90%] Most likely, there's no doubt about it. Definitely an OVA or Special.
    [100%] FUMOFFU!


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by on 2007-12-16 20:28:49
Wow, second thread already :D Must've taken a long time to type all that!!!

You misspelled my name under the Members list >_<'

My deviantART!
Link (from LoZ) claimed by me!
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Icons from here

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-12-16 20:37:58
Not really. The time-consuming part is re-reading it a dozen times while writing out the entire thing.
And yeah, I edited that little typo. Sorry about that. Was too lazy before to modify that. >;3

If anyone can, I need some feedback on that body of text as well.
Also... what do guys think a bout the Mikuru welcoming?
I was gonna just say "Welcome!!" before, but I'unno... D:


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by zparticus27 on 2007-12-17 00:12:11
congrats fellow haruhiism members hahaha

haruhiism second...a fitting name since season 2 is comming hahaha

good job DA!

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by Renma on 2007-12-17 00:24:04
Whoa... Second Thread... Cool!! Congratulations everyone ^^ Let's keep this up, people!! I Really like the Welcoming Pict ^^ Great one, DA ^^

@Z *nod* Yeap... It sure fits the name...

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by zparticus27 on 2007-12-17 03:55:00
hahah here's a vid from fellow gendounian rixena

she's the girl in the middle,dancing hare hare yukai hahahaa

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-12-17 03:56:37 (edited 2007-12-17 04:02:13)
Yeah, simple title but means a whole lot, right?
Thanks for the feedback guys. Really helps a lot, y'know.

I'll wait for the other members to discover the new thread.
First thing I want to do in this club now is to get everyone together somehow!
I'm not gonna PM every member though. =.=`

Let's hope they just come on their own free wills. It's getting near Christmas break-holiday time so I hope they stop by for a little bit.
But of course, I can count my "regulars" to visit daily. ^_~` /applauses~

[edit] WOAH~ That's so cool! Did you record this yourself?


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by zparticus27 on 2007-12-17 04:18:30
nope,i just took the video she posted on the kerotz club and placed it here since well ITS HARE HARE YUKAI with a gendou member!hahahahaa

i gotta get my fellow pinoy gendou members to dance hare hare yukai hahahaha

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by XYぬき on 2007-12-17 04:51:29
wow.. already have a 2nd part yahoo!! have a prosperity and long life for the club ^_________^V

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by Dark on 2007-12-17 05:18:49
woot!!! second thread~~~

bzzzzzzzz just passing by :P

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by on 2007-12-17 07:44:28
Is great to have a second thread to go ahead, in this moment, I'll quote my own yesterday words about Anime Fest and other stuff, *still can't get some HTML codes >.<*

"Hey people!!

Matsuri Fest was amazing and even I could get Haruhi Related items, in this moment I have a Figure of Yuki in bunny suit, is great!!! but was way too expensinve, almost spent my last salary on her...XD, also there were some SHNY cosplays, will have pics and vids for next weeks I hope..."

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by bkno9 on 2007-12-17 08:11:42 (edited 2007-12-17 08:55:50)
All hail Danchou~! XD

I really like the Mikuru welcoming pic, and the body text is appropriate for a second thread, no point repeating everything that was already said and is still up on the first thread.

Oh.. Danchou, could you post up the full version of that Mikuru pic? thumbnailed is fine XD

domo arigatou~!

Oh yes, I posted the conversation where Kyon (or so i think) referenced the John Smith incident on the old thread, clickie the link on Danchou's first post above to go there k XD Let me know what you think about it..

EDIT: Hmm..for some weird reason, I noticed my Haruhi club logo was gone, I just re-added it back. Hmmm..

MORE EDIT: I'm watching youtube vids from a comic fiesta that was just held over the last weekend.. I'm proud to say that Haruhi-ism is well and alive in dear ol' Malaysia~! (that's where I'm from XD) woohoo~!

Yeap, one of those is the vid that Zparticus posted XD

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-12-17 12:42:47
That image I used is the full image.
I'm not sure if I have the "full" image of it, but I'll get at it later or something. :3


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by on 2007-12-17 15:51:52
nya~! i'm here~ ^/////^ *ish shy*

nice first post dA~ <3

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by Black Rock Shooter! on 2007-12-17 17:05:28 first post in this club many weeks? I've been too caught up with work that I can't post much (my office even isolated network to the internet T_T), although I do read through the posts once every 2 to 3 days...

Anyways, a new second thread, nice. Really like the intro^^

Find me at Twitter and Google+

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-12-17 19:52:22
Thanks! /high5sKay~

Do you want to be a part of this club, Mizu?
You seem like you'd enjoy it here, and also, the logo would look nice with you since you use red a lot. =>.<=


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by zparticus27 on 2007-12-17 20:05:44
welcome back KAY!hahaha

Da is right your ebilness mizuki! join the Haruhiism club! ^^V

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by on 2007-12-17 22:30:31
hey DA heard of this news

here's the link..just passed by the animenews when I saw this one..
*--its really a shocking news O_O--*


sorry for trespassing here XD

You can visit me there!!

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by sai on 2007-12-18 02:17:19
Yes... 2nd thread ftw! That picture in the first post is totally fitting XD

Congrats for this thread and DA for surviving up till now, with the same excitement as ever. And once the second season kick in, i bet this thread will explode XD
So let's everyone keep your support to Haruhiism simply because it's awesome!

Now that's brilliant! The site's doing something interesting for sure XD
so we can be sure that it'll adapt the 4th novel. People, get ready for awesomeness XD

Right, i read that... And yes, you're right! I forgot about that scene... He IS referring to that incident there! He said it because the mysterique sign incident happens not long after tanabata, if i'm not mistaken.

And indeed the cat talks because as always, haruhi wants it... During the film making Haruhi is really being crazy XD
And if you pay attention to the last scene... It's not mentioned in the anime, but the episode 00 film making takes place in autumn. So why are there blooming sakura trees?? You guess XD

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club Second
Link | by on 2007-12-18 03:33:26

can i? i am usually shy~ tee hee hee~ and i don't usually talk much... ^////^

yesh~ count meh in H.E.R.E~!

oh..i just wanna share his piccie~ (my sister took it)~
This ish from the school's bulletin board under music section~
with the song, last good-bye~!!

haruhism~ ish spreading... nyahahahaa~

gomen~ crappy c~phone piccie~ x_X

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