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[Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-08-06 21:38:38 (edited 2008-04-26 10:43:31)
Welcome to "Club Haruhiism", also and more commonly known around here as the "Haruhiism Club."
This club represents two simple things: the ideal existence of Suzumiya Haruhi and the powerful movement of Haruhiism.
It's not much of a requirement, but I expect anyone who wishes to join this movement to be familiar with both, or at least Haruhi.

Now just to introduce who runs and operates this small place of, I'm am your humble leader, your Danchou, devils-angel.
I go by many names such as "DA" or "Danchou", for that matter.
If you wish to know a little more basic stuff about me, please visit my profile (no spam please).

When I first created this club, the idea was very original to me since I have not seen any other clubs representing their 'fandom' for Haruhi/Haruhiism over the net.
The main reason why I decided to finally create such a club was simple: my love for Suzumiya Haruhi (as an anime character, but plenty more), grew.
Another reason on how this club came about, was something I decided to add to my signature one day.

Who knew a simple logo to express my love for such a being, would escalate into a huge fan club of one of the most popular anime characters and anime to date!

Now that my little introduction about myself and the club is over with, I'll explain a few of the contents about this club below.

» Dear Danchou, how do I join this club of yours?

Well, this process is very simple. In fact, very simple.
All you need to do is come to this club and create a post stating your request to join this club.
Now, stating "I wish to join your club please", will not make you a member of my club just like that, no!
As you read more along here, there are more requirements in your request that are needed to help you become a full fledged member of this club. Please continue reading...

» Well, what else do we need in our 'request post' than?

Besides the post stating your request to join this club, you will also need to create a short nickname that will later be placed on your logo.
Your logo will be displayed throughout the forum indicating your a part of of this club (like you've seen other clubs do already).
I "personally", will be making each and everyone of my member's logos, so you don't need to stress about that at all.

[note] More information about the "logo", will be stated further down.

Take note about this, I'm extremely lazy most of the time but I will surely make your logo. XD
Also take this to consideration, but I also have my own life and my daily activities to attend to as well.
Making your logo is not near the top of my to-do list, but your request will most likely, not be ignored by me so please be patient and your logo will come.

Depending on how things on my side goes, you'll get your logo via PM.

» So what is this "logo" for? Do we need one or something?

YES! Each and every member is required to have one if they wish to be a part of this club.
Having your logo displayed around the forum indicates to other members around that you're a part of this club, so display it PROUDLY!

Those who are already a part of this club and do not want to display their logo will be banned from this club.
If you've lost the logo, don't know how to display it, etc., please ask me or read more below.

» Where and how to we display our logos? I need help!

First off, you are allowed to display your logos in two areas of the forum, or both if you prefer.
Please be sure you are familiar with the forum rules regarding file size on your signature/avatar for the forums/thread and on your profile.

Now, the two ways you can display your logo are as follows:

  1. You MUST display your logo on the 'right' side of your signature at all times.
    To display them onto your signature, first read the rules on how to display images onto your profile by reading the FAQ!
    After you know about that, you must uL your logo onto a photo image hosting site (Photobucket, ImageShack, etc.) and add the code onto your signature. The code is as follows...

    Code: <div style="float: right;">[insert the image code here]</div>

    Make sure it's the first thing in your signature...
    Now don't trust my HTML knowledge 100%, but I've used this code as well as other members and it DOES work.
    If you still have trouble, ask a member for help; myself included.

  2. 2. The second option are for those who can't display it onto their signatures...
    If you can't display them onto your signatures, you MUST display them onto your profiles.
    Please be respectful about this and display it proudly. I don't want it squeezed somewhere like it's just some "avatar"... (:
» *sigh* Please tell me that's everything... right? O.o`

Sorry to burst your bubble but NO! XP
There is one final thing you guys will need to do.
You guys know about the request post, you know about the nicknames, and now you just read the information about the logos.
The final thing you'll need to do is to draw a "slot."

» What's this "slot" you're talking about?

A slot is what gives a "character" to each and every one of my members.
The slots are based on characters from the anime, and there are usually 20+ slots to choose from.
This info though, will be given out once the lists are created so that's nothing to worry about right now.

Slots chosen by members give them "ranks" in my club, but not by signifying that "this" member is better than "that" member. No, no, no!
Besides it given the uniqueness of this club, it can also be a bit fun depending on what slot you chose.
"Role playing" as your slot-character can sometimes be fun, but we don't RP here, so please avoid turning this "club" into an RP. XD

Now, drawing the actual slot is easy.
A list which will have... say for example, 25 slots will be displayed on the first page here.
Each slot will be "Slot 1", "Slot 2", "Slot 3", and so fourth. They will also be blank unless a member has already chosen that slot.
If that happens, you cannot choose that slot anymore since someone else has claimed it before you.

As the list fills out and eventually gets completed with no slots left, a new list of slots will be created for the next set of new members.
The process is very easy, simple, and can repeat itself for a long time to come (unless I decide to change things in the future; I doubt it though).

» Oh wait, can you tell me what the logo will look like?

Well sure! The logo is fairly simple. It's based off the official logo of "Haruhiism", so you can almost see some similarities.
You can simply Google search the logo and find it, so there's no need for me to display it here anyways.
I used this as my base, and later edited a few things to spread the uniqueness that matches the club.

Here's the basics of what will be displayed on your logo, which will be made by me:
  • Your nickname that you've chosen
  • Your membership rank (this assures everyone's logo in being different)
  • The slot-character you've chosen (the character slot you chose will be placed on the white "H")
I made an example to help you guys understand it better:
First List of Rankings!

Other ranks:
    Danchou (leader): "DA" (devils-angel) as "Suzumiya Haruhi"
Others will soon be added...

Members under Haruhiism!?

Members waiting for the next list:
    Please visit the second thread to see the pending list.
The second thread has launched! Please go here!!
All news and updates will follow on the second thread.
But the rules and whatnot will remain here for your convenience. Thank you.


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by zparticus27 on 2007-08-06 21:57:57
cool! i would like to join please...i never thought the story would be thias original i mean i was expecting the usual HS anime with an eccentric herione i love HARUHI!hahaha count me in hahaha

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-08-06 22:14:02
Indeed, I love her as well. :3

Okay bare with me now.
I fixed a bunch of errors from the first post there, and it took forever.
I'm still working on things for it as well, so just give some time for that.
You know the basic idea already so you're good.

Now just think of a short nickname, and I'll make your logo within the next few days.
You'll receive it via PM and you can post it on your sig or in your profile (info stated in the first post).

Lastly... draw your slot.
Just pick any number available.
Obviously Kay's is taken.
I still need Maia-hime to draw as well.

After your logo is made, I'll insert your info on the slot you chose.
Good luck! There's no refunds on slots, either. XD


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by fhfyeodb on 2007-08-06 23:10:23
WOW! It finally came and boy, you sure put a lot of detail into this. Really appreciate it.^^

Now lets see if I can do this right...

I'm requesting to join (obviously =.=).
Logo name will be Jow.
And uh... oh yeah, rank.
Let's just pull a random number out of the air... 6 sounds good.

Sooo... Did I do it right?

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-08-06 23:22:34 (edited 2007-08-06 23:25:23)
LOL! "I'm requesting to join (obviously =.=)."... >;P

You did fine, good job. Not so hard, right!? ^,^`

Now just wait a few days or so (depends on how lazy I get or how other things shows up).
You'll get your logo via PM.
Also, that way, you'll find out what rank you ended up with. :3

Now all I have to do is remember that Zpart will be the fourth member, and you'll be the fifth.

I await his reply for the rest of the info as well.

[edit] Oh snap, I hope someone reads the entire first post.
Excluding me, who's read it like five times! >X3


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by fhfyeodb on 2007-08-06 23:37:07
^-^ Yay! Thanks~
I'll be anticipating it eagerly.

O.o In the meantime, I'll try to think up some topics of discussion/things do here so you won't have to do everything yourself.
*-* Must have more Haruhi!

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by DeG on 2007-08-06 23:51:25 (edited 2007-08-06 23:54:50)

Oh nice thread! A Haruhi Club~ :D
I'm joining for sure.. ;]

Nick:: shin
Random Slot::

Yosh sixth~ :]

*Edited due to posting at the same time with DA x]*


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by shun on 2007-08-07 00:05:55
Hi I would like to join!!!

Nickname: Shun (no I'm not copying the guy before me, Its my real name)
random slot: Uh how about 18

btw for the number thing in the logo underneath the haruhi sign, isn't that the kanji for kazu(number)? If your trying to do number 1, I think its a different kanji.

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by DeG on 2007-08-07 00:22:01

Ooi shun..nihonjin desu ka?

Haha I was gonna choose 18 too...what a coincidence. :p

I hope more people will join by tomorrow.


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by on 2007-08-07 00:26:27
i would like to join :P
nickname: r
slot number: 2

i've been really waiting for this!

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by Lady Maia on 2007-08-07 01:14:52
hey~ i thought was already in this. T_____T *sniffles* TT__________TT

and i got dibs on Haruhi!!! XP

*insert epic picture here*

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-08-07 02:48:26 (edited 2007-08-07 03:39:19)
Dang that's like 4-5 requests already! O.o`

» Jow, thanks for the help ^.^;

» Shinta, great to see you're here.
Not sure what the edited part was about though. ;P

And about more people, surely that will happen.
The real question is, will you get your logo before Christmas time... I wonder. XD (ahem, yes!)

» shun, if you have proof, then show me so I can correct it ASAP!
I got "numbers" from Wiki. Searched "numbers", then translated it in Japanese.
There are other symbols to display it as well, I think. :3
"Kazu" means of (quantity), as reading it here in my J-Dictionary.

I used the kanji with "1" in front of it, and searched it on Google, too and got some results in Japanese.
But I saw stuff like "Volume "1" then the kanji symbol.

It could be inaccurate, but after seeing it before I decided to use it.

» r, glad to see a new face... as well.
Such a short name, too.
You might be lucky and get a larger font size then some of the others. >X3

» Maia-hime, yeah, yeah...
I gotta send you the new copy of your logo though.
I missed you on MSN, too. Such a shame... T-T`

Also, until you get the new logo, take out the logo I gave you before hand...

I'm kind of tired right now to make anything, even these simple logos.
I haven't slept yet either... might be gettin' sick soon.

Expect PMs from me within the rest of the week or so.
I'll try to get 'em done after I wake up... or something...
Until someone proves the kanji in the "H" for "#" is wrong, then it'll remain that way since I found it on Wiki that way.
My Japanese sucks so I use Wiki a lot. (:


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by on 2007-08-07 03:46:38
ZOMG! I wanna join too!

rank: errr.. 9.. :)

/hail Haruhi-ism....

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by devils-angel on 2007-08-07 03:53:10 (edited 2007-08-07 04:38:10)
Okay, 7-8 members so far.
Might make another list on the first post.
Things might get complicated sooner then I thought. ^.^;

Glad to see ya wanna join, "DK"~ XD

So, uh, yeah I'll get started with the first half of member's logo, then the second half, after I sleep... right now...


[edit] I've added a short list to help me remember the people waiting their membership to the club so far.
It's easier for me then it is for you. >XDXD

[edit] Membership listing, added!


Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by on 2007-08-07 05:09:25 (edited 2007-08-07 05:13:38)
yea~~ a haruhi group ^^
count me in

nick : yuki
slot : 4

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by shun on 2007-08-07 10:39:25
@Shinta Yeah I'm Japanese but I live in America now. I would type in Japanese but I just reseted my computer so I have to wait for the language install disk.

@DA for number one I think it would be 一番目.

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by Dani on 2007-08-07 10:54:59
yay! a haruhi group!
may i join?
nickname: dani
slot: uh...lets try 15? my favorite number was already taken ^_^

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by Huy on 2007-08-07 11:52:47 (edited 2007-08-07 17:15:30)
YAY lemme join da Haruhi-ism!

Nick: Huy
Slot: 7 --Ah Gendou is right: Primes are sexy! XP

Let's pray to our god. ^^

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by on 2007-08-07 12:01:26 (edited 2007-08-07 12:04:19)
Ok I'll like to join too!

Nick: Kei
Slot: 21, I like that number

@Dangel-san: you already know what I think of Haruhi... Viva el Haruhi~ism!

Kei-kun's space for stupid comments: Everything changes... we all have to move on

Re: [Haruhiism] ハルヒ主義 Club
Link | by on 2007-08-07 12:16:08 too!!!

Nick: Pame
Slot:9, hopefully not taken

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting CHECK MY YOUTUBE!!! Subscribe yes? PAME'S YOUTUBE * Ohh Pame has a sounclick! pame's songs!

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