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Welcome to the Community!
Link | by psoplayer on 2006-08-10 07:30:12 (edited 2009-04-11 04:31:01)
Welcome newcomer! I'm psoplayer, and I'm one of the mods here in the forums. This page is here to help introduce you to what's going on here, and how to fit in right away.
First, a few words from your admin and mods:

Your Admin


The creator of this site and sole Admin. Wrote the code for this site all by hand and handles all of the music for the site. His favorite color is black and He enjoys long walks over the tattered remains of His fallen enemies (hotlinkers).

Your Mods


That's me. Along with the other mods I help people with questions, move and lock threads as needed, and just help keep the peace around the place. I also have written several guides on various things for users of the forum, which you'll find further down in this intro.


Quite possibly the coolest guy in all of (and the dude with the largest ego anyone's ever seen -.-;). I have a shoutbox in my profile, so if you want to say something to me you can check there and leave a post.


The mod that has been around forever. Casually walks into the forum from time to time to help, post or whatever. Hangs around somewhere in Belgium.


(Yet to introduce themselves here)


Hello. :) I'm a regular in chat, though lately I haven't been on and helping around enough as I've liked. However, I do continue to assist those in need of help in all aspects from drama with another user and chat problems. If you have been zapped by me, you would have received a PM with the reason why you have been zapped, as there is always a reason for that. If you're just looking for someone to share the burden of troubles, feel free to IM me on AIM or email me-- my contact information is in my profile. :3 Don't be hesitant, I don't bite. ♥

(Yet to introduce themselves here)

More Mods!:

latino, link, miko, shin

Before you wander off into the forums, please, PLEASE take the time to actually read the rules and the FAQ for both the forum and the music section. They are the last two links under the dropdown for the two sections. Also, when you post in the forums, please take the common courtesy to write in semi-proper english (except for the specific language threads). Capitalization and punctuation aren't all that much of an issue, but using real dictionary words is. If you need a little help on the subject, read Michiyo's A Little Insight on TXT Language.

There are some guides that I've written to get you started in the forum with posting, adding images and colors, fonts and such. And makeing an avatar or signature picture. You can see them here.

To get started in the forum, you can introduce yourself in the same section that this thread is in. Just click the back link above or below this post, create a new thread and give yourself an introduction. You'll quickly be warmly welcomed. I promise!
Don't bother trying to reply to this thread, it has been locked, and there is no link to reply. Thus, the Locked icon appearing next to its name in the "Introduce Yourself" section. Also keep an eye out for the yellow exclamation mark icons next to them (as this thread has also). That represents a 'sticky' thread that holds some special importance. It will stay at the top of its section in the forum, even when it doesn't contain the latest post.

And here's a few long lasting popular threads you might like to start off posting in:

Post a screenshot of your desktop (I suggest reading my guide on HTML to learn how to post images first)

Where are you from?

What is your nickname from?

The Happiness Thread

The Depression Thread

Your very first anime?

Your favorite song (pick just one)

Below you'll find some more interesting guides created by regular forum users like you, so be sure to scroll down and check them out too.

Edit from riceboks:
Just want to tell the newbies that when you start a new thread, MAKE SURE IT HASN'T BEEN CREATED BEFORE! :D If you see your 'new' thread locked, or you can't see it at all, then I (or another mod) have deleted/locked your thread because it already exists. Please use search before making a new thread! Please, please, please! It'll make me one happy rice dispenser. XD

Re: Welcome to the Community!
Link | by on 2007-01-03 14:32:19 (edited 2009-07-30 03:21:21)

Greetings new member! Welcome to You should already have the basics down, such as the rules and conduct for the site. If you don't, then look up to Psoplayer's post for the info on Rules and Regulations.

I'm here to guide you through the forum itself, so let's get started.


The Help section is where you go to ask questions regarding the site. If you are having any problems at all, ask them here. DO NOT ask for help finding songs or ask about why songs are ot available, that can get you in trouble. This is just a place for you to come with problems you might be having on
Threads you might like: Q/A, all about
Posting with HTML


The Anime section. Come here to discuss all things Anime or Manga related. Simple enough, right?
Threads you might like: You Draw! (Artist Corner)


The thread devoted to Video Games. From PC to Playstation, it's the area of choice if you're a gamer. A few points of interest: The flames of fanboys may be spreading across the internet more so than ever this generation, but it isn't welcome here. Trolling, flaming, fanboyism, whatever you want to call it, won't be tolerated here. (Well, flaming in general isn't welcome on, but this is a slightly different case) So please don't bring the console wars here, you are free to voice your opinion on the consoles, but try and do so in a dignified and well thought out way.
Threads you might like: Gendou Gamers Club


The Music thread, the place for all your music related questions. Please note once again, that this is not the place to request songs either, you can find that under the Music tab in the Navigation Menu. You are allowed to ask for help identifying a song however. If you have a clip of a song or know where it is heard but can't find the name to it, then you can ask for help from the other forum members. It's also a great section if you yourself are a singer, since the Karaoke thread I have linked to below is the perfect place to share your talent with the site.
Threads you might like: Share your Karaoke
Latino Radio Fan Club


The Report Problems thread is simply put, a place to report problems concerning the music database or site. If there is a link missing or broken, incorrect title or song name, or anything at all wrong with something on, then you can report it here.


The Japanese thread. The language, not the country. Come here to learn anything you might need to know about the Japanese language, or if you have mastered the language, maybe answer a few questions for others.
Threads you might like: Want a translation? Need help? Ask here!


Now here's the thread for the country. Talk about all things related to Japan here, places to go, things to see, the food, the lifestyle, history, people, whatever your little otaku heart wants.
Threads you might like: Get your name translated to Japanese!!


Good old philosophical discussion. The Philosophy thread is where you go to ponder the meaning of life, society, the world or the universe. A great place to ask for peoples opinions on pressing or current matters involving our world or way of life.


Gendou City is where the residents of hang out for a little Role-Playing. You can start your very own or join one that's already underway. Just remember that all forum rules still apply despite the fantasy/fanfiction nature of the thread.
Threads you might like: The RP Masters Guide to RP'ing(Q/A, Tips and Basics)


General warning: The Physics thread here is one place in the forum where it's almost a requirement to know everything about the subject matter. (Get it? Matter? Matter is a. . nevermind) The main reason for this is because Gendou himself will often personally answer your questions, or rip apart your statements, unless you know exactly what you are talking about and can back it up. In other words, don't enter this section of thinking you're hot stuff when it comes to science, unless your name happens to be Stephen Hawking.


Go-to thread for all you need to know regarding Computers. You don't have to be a computer whiz, this is a thread for people who can code a whole website to people who don't know their bits from their bytes.


You. . . well. . waste your time here. This is where you go when you have nothing better to do than play obscure forum games. No thought, no structure, no reason, just come on over and kill some time.
Threads you might like: Depends on what you're into! There's something for everyone.


The place to put anything that doesn't fit the category of the other threads. It's something like the Waste of Time section, except not as random or pointless. When you are looking to make a thread and it doesn't quite fit in the sections above, then this is your place. You can even sit down to watch a little Gendou TV! That's right, Gendou has a little tv channel complete with chat to communicate with other Gendou members currently watching.
Threads you might like: Gendou TV!

Members of Interest

This is a list of members to be on the lookout for. Some have defined themselves through actions while others have simply been a big part of the forum and are recognized within the Gendou community from simply being apart of the site. There are many members of the site of course, and just because you don't see them below doesn't mean they don't have some street cred. These are just the members of Gendou who are seen often and in many parts of the forum, or have become known for their talents.

Photobucket: This is the main man. He created from scratch and is the sole owner. He handles everything from the music database, to fixing problems, to banning users for bad behavior. Think of him as the lovable dictator of the Gendou nation, a good guy who offers protection and music to those who play by the rules he has laid down. Of course for those who do not obey these rules he crushes them under his mighty boot. Democracy this is not, so don't expect a vote or Judge Judy trial, because Gendou's word is the only thing that matters.

Photobucket: This is DA, DAngel, Devils Angel, whatever you want to call him he's been a long time active user of the forum which is shown through his 16,000+ posts. He tends to hang around the chat, Other and Waste of Time sections.

Photobucket: This is me of course. I used to be a creator of contest threads and new ideas as well as a massive RP fiend (I created the concept and main bulk of the RP Masters Guide). I used to be much more active in the forums, being the second person on Gendou to hit the 10,000th post mark (DA now leads that pack while myself and Bloodymoon have dropped off), but since the forum has died down a bit and the Waste of Time Section isn't my cup of sake as it were I'm not as active as I once was(College, work and a relationship have/will also cut into my activity). I'm currently attempting to get something rolling on Gendou TV, so look out for that.

Photobucket: Ah yes. Pame. She's basically's pop idol. She's won awards both on (Hottest member and Best personality) as well as outside of the site (Like the 2008 Anime Expo Idol contest). She's cute and a very talented singer, so head over to her profile by clicking on the picture there and get a taste of our very own songstress. (Sorry guys, I don't know if she's single or not, guess you're on your own with that.)

: One of our resident artists as well as a guy who really likes Sailor Moon. Do you like Hentai, H-Games, Visual Novels, Dating-sims and Harem's? Then he's your guy! You can typically find him in the Game and Anime sections having a (friendly) disagreement with me over why Fllay Allstar in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed is more human than any other character (among other hard hitting topics of discussion).

Well there you have it. This should start you off here on new one, hope to see you around. More members to look out for will be added as time goes on (and whenever my tendency to procrastinate is overcome).


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