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About Me:

Welcome to my Profile =D

It's still the boringest thing you'll ever see! XD


Once upon a very recent time
in a land very close to you,
there lived a girl who was incapable        
of anything more productive
than staring at the computer screen
and at a page of a book.
She detested homework,
enjoyed wasting her time,
and loved to type in third person.
Name: Hikari or Tsume
Gender: Female
Age: Between 6 and 1000  
DOB: 25th of May
Location: Close Close By

Clubs and Such =D

Haruhiism Club
Karaoke Club
Pame and Suzaku's Fan Club
Teh Fruits Club
Roxas belongs to me...! At least, he does on Gendou XD;
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My Obsessions~ ♥

Top 3
1. Wiz - DNAngel
2. Zuru - ???
3. Mokona - Magic Knight Rayearth
Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man
Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist
Haku - Naruto
Haku - Spirited Away [my first love~ XD]
Hitachiin Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club    
Hitsugaya Toushirou - Bleach
Hiwatari Satoushi - DNAngel
Ichijou Takuma - Vampire Knight
Ishida Uryuu - Bleach
Kanda Yuu - D.Gray-Man
Kevin McDougall - Black Cat
Kiryuu Ichiru - Vampire Knight
Koizumi Itsuki - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
L Lawliet - Death Note
Lavi - D.Gray-Man
Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion   
Li Xingke - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Lin Shaolee - Black Cat
Ootori Kyouya - Ouran High School Host Club
Shirou Kamui - X
Roxas - Kingdom Hearts II
Sora - Kingdom Hearts
Souma Hatsuharu - Fruits Basket
Train Heartnet - Black Cat

I'm really boring XD But if you're interested in being friends, I love new friends ^o^ Feel free to drop me a message or something XD
Have a nice day~

Warning! I am prone to flares of jealously followed by flares of self-pity, followed by bouts of depression XDDD -_-; not the best personality, I have.

[Shoutbox went away XD I never checked and few (almost none) used]
Roxas is Mine =D
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