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:3 And these are the avies that I received~ ( >w< I like asking ppl that I like a lot to make avy for me~~~)

from choco ♥

from rei ♥

from my mommy lacus kerotz <3! ♥ Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketmy choco banana cake avy! ♥♥♥ :3 karin~~~ the eyes blink!!! >w< ♥♥♥ mah stellar avy!!! :3 gsd familia!!! <333

from my grandmamh miyu <3 ♥my 1st animated avy!!!

from my mica wifey/sissshhh ♥♥♥

from my choyuki sissshhh♥ >w< our sisters avy!!!

from kira~kira~♥

from shan <3♥

from mina <3♥

from aki <3♥ For Blur by akizeroFor Blur By AkizeroFor Blur by Akizero yay!!! >w< 3 animated avies!!! <333♥ ♥ ♥ aki!!!

from kei♥ :3 kyaaa!!! the eye blinks!!! n_<

from achi♥♥♥ :333 shuurei!!!

from baby rainie♥♥♥ hello kitty invasion!! XD

from kitty~chan ♥ <3kawaii kitty!!!

from mizu ♥ teh ~ness avy!!! <333

from mah emi daughter♥♥♥ :3 kawaii!!!

from inx aunty x3♥♥♥ my chibi avy!!!

from wani♥♥♥

from amiko

from bebeh sayuwii♥♥♥

from hubbeh♥♥♥

from df♥♥♥

the fans club that i joined :33

The Lacus a.k.a Kerotz Faction

the misha fans club >w<

Free shoutbox @ ShoutMix

most recent made avies =D

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