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♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-11 20:25:22 (edited 2008-09-07 01:29:39)

(Official thread for discussion about Mina Radio™)
Please do NOT make requests on this thread!!

Playlist updated on: September 7, 2008!!

Currently under construction
waaaow @w@;; Please be patient~ this thread is slowly being updated x___x;;

MinaRadio™ Banner
for you to put in forum signature if you like! ^^

click here for the code

-About Mina Radio™
-About the cohosts
-Boost your Minanese and music vocab
-Types of music
-Blacklisted songs
-Suggestions for improvements
-Station name ideas
-Station IDs
-Disliked songs
-Liked songs


Mina Radio™ was created around May '07 after gendou granted me radio privileges >w<

Asking questions:
Unless stated in the radio title, you can ask questions to be answered live on radio!! :D To do it, all you have to do it type your question into gendou chat in pink~
Here's an example of how to do it!

cohosts are an important part of radio~

Tio is prone to random outbursts of questionable content, and therefore sometimes needs to be interuppted by playing the next song in queue xD;; Tio often phails at speaking english, but his interesting Belgiumnese accent makes up for that :3

Gendou is a special cohost who seems to pop in at random times when Tio is cohosting @w@;; those two are very good at Bevis and Butthead impressions!

also known as "Hey you!!" Kiran is usually unaware he is cohosting when he's pulled into a skype call >:D

Emi hasn't been able to cohost for a while, but whenever she does it's hot heavy and heated on radio xD;; Emi has a great voice for radio, and she sings also~!! >w<

Link has cohosted twice. His voice "sounds like a sexy macho man from the early 80's in a sort of Freddy Mercury way. 80~~~~~~" -Edo


raruku: L'Arc~en~Ciel
ajikan: Asian Kung-fu Generation
cohost: someone to stall while Mina goes afk, and Mina makes this person read Japanese song titles >:3

music ♬
to have an idea of what kind of music Mina Radio™ has~

Notice: if available, the TV size of these songs are ok to request

-Lucky Star, "Motteke Sailor Fuku"
-Rie fu, "Life is like a boat"
-Aqua Timez, ALONES
-Dir en grey


List of useful suggestions by listeners~


Mina Radio™ needs ideas for station names!! @w@;; This one name gets boring sometimes, so please post your ideas~

- Penpen Radio, Inx
- Fap Radio, Inx
- Mikuanimate Radio, Inx
- Minachiibo Radios, Edo
- Mina~nyaa~♥♥!! Radio, Empo

submit your clips and they will be played on radio!!

Please create them in mp3 form if possible, at the highest kbps you can >w<

List of songs majority of people do not like.

List of songs majority of people do like.


Q. "Is there a specific schedule for Mina Radio?"
A. No, there is not. Sorry for the inconveniences that this may cause, but because my life's schedule is so unpredictable and because radio is shared by many many DJs, it is impossible to set a certain time of day to do radio.

Q. "Can I request music that is not from anime?"
A. Yes~!! Most definitely :3 anything from my playlist is ok to request, whether it's american music, J-pop, J-rock, anything that isn't blacklisted >w<

Q. "Why is _______ song blacklisted? How come I cannot request it?"
A. Songs may be blacklisted for the following reasons: (1)it is overplayed (2)it is annoying to listen to (3)the content of the song has offended someone. The songs are placed as "blacklisted" only because of my preferences as a DJ not to play it on air. Other DJs may not feel the same way, and if you really would like it to be played on air, you may request it during the run of a different radio show.

Q. "I really like the song you've just played~ Where can I find the song to download?"
A. If it was anime music, please check the gendou music database. If not, google is always an option :3 Sorry but I do not distribute my music.

Q. "May I cohost with you?? Please I wanna cohost with you!!"
A. If you have not been invited to cohost, then most likely we don't know each other very well, and it isn't an efficient use of air time to be having an introductory conversation @w@;; Please do not continually iterate your desire to cohost in chat, either! Saying it many times will not make it the truth x____x;;

Q. "How do I find the song I want in your playlist?"
A. Click here for a walk-through in the Firefox browser. Sorry, I don't have one for IE or Opera yet ;w;

Q. "The song I wanted is not in the playlist!! Will you download it and then play it???"
A. The answer to this really depends on the situation. If there are a lot of requests going on and/or a lot of questions that need to be answered on air, fulfilling these kinds of requests is really impossible. Also depending on how you ask, I may or may not download the song for you x___x;; spamming chat will not get a good outcome! Please use your own judgment for whether or not you ask me to download the song.

Q. "How come some of the songs in your playlist are weird characters? I can't read it!!" Example: #1734. ì’� ”üK - 15. ‹� ‘ò‚̉J (4:26)
A. The winamp HTML playlist generator is able to recognize most asian characters, but some still do not show up. Also, sometimes when I import music into iTunes the encoding also gets messed up... fixing song titles by hand is very time-consuming so unfortunately I don't get to all of them @w@;;

Q. "Will songs on the blacklist ever be put on/taken off?"
A. Yes they will be; the blacklist will be periodically updated when needed. Songs may be taken off if they haven't been played in a while and songs may be added if they are becoming overplayed.

Please tune in sometime >w< ♥

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-11 20:27:52



Ohai. I HAZ RETURN AS OF 18-APR-2020!

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by κιяαη∞ on 2007-12-11 20:29:14 (edited 2007-12-18 22:11:42)
IM your* #1 FAN

*MinaEdit test

*stop messin with my post

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by hikarinohikky on 2007-12-11 20:30:09 (edited 2008-03-20 18:48:46)
omg 3rd fan :>

[edit] I need a daily dose of Mina's voice, it's like antibiotic for insanity .. ='D

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-11 20:40:26
heheh I'm the 4th fan XD

Tales of FC

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-11 22:17:58
5th fan.. xP thats what i am..lolz

チィャン 施昌吉

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by freyadragon on 2007-12-11 22:21:41
wow I love your radio Mina XD
I must be the 6th fan then :D

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-11 23:20:01
errrr you guys xD

lol this is turning into a fanclub thread? x____x;;

haha... ermmm anyway >w< thanks for your support everyone~ be looking at the 1st post for updates and whatnot :3

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by Erkun on 2007-12-11 23:47:52 (edited 2007-12-11 23:48:16)
Lucky number... 7th fan XDD

Anyways, is there a specific schedule for Mina Radio?
I've only catched it once. T_T
Hmm I'll wait for the updates on this thread then.

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by Amar on 2007-12-12 01:10:02
I love Mina Radio!!
I am the 8th fan!!

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by ribbitribbit froggy says buy it! on 2007-12-12 14:03:29

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-13 08:26:56
Woot! an official thread!
I'm...10th? XD
I never knew Gendou co-hosted
Anyways I'll support you Mina!

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by zenard on 2007-12-15 16:03:05
wow so i am the 11th go mina!!! sexxyyyyyyyyy voice XD

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-15 16:31:48
I guess I'm the 12 th biggest fan now.

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by empoleon on 2007-12-17 06:35:02
then Im yours 13th fan xD oh my favourite number.

motteke ish blacklisted xD

i can't wait for the update >.<

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-17 11:58:29 (edited 2007-12-19 09:37:20)
@Kira: yea Tio and Gendou periodically cohost @w@;; it was like Bevis and Butthead hour omg xDDDD

@Zenard: waaaah wth that's not true ><;;

@empo: yea a lot of people have been disappointed by that .___.;; but the TV size is always ok >w< !!

Well the first post is mainly put together, like an outline for everything! Remember that Mina Radio isn't possible without listeners, and to expand and improve, definitely need listener input~ Please read the top of the page and see if you can help contribute in any way~ :3

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by ribbitribbit froggy says buy it! on 2007-12-19 02:09:45

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by latino on 2007-12-20 18:47:15
Wheee this radio PWNz my socks

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-28 17:41:09 (edited 2007-12-28 17:42:39)
Question about the blacklist: Will songs be put on or taken off?
I guess I'm fan #14! or at least the one to take the title...


Avatar/Sig Sets and Singles
requests are OPEN!
Stop by my Profile for details!
Satisfied? then

Re: ♥ Îœiηα RαdiØ™
Link | by on 2007-12-29 19:40:47
Thanks for your continuing support, everyone~ >w< radio will definitely being improving with everyone's input!! ♥

Good question, Quack! I've added it to the FAQ :3

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