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Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by supernood on 2010-01-26 01:45:38
0.0 15 hours ? whoa that long to me. I work 7 hours a day.

Don't Say Lazy XD (K-ON! ED)

Kind of bored on PS2 , Games will be not made in Ps2 T.T

So now spending some $$ to buy a PSP ^^

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Matsuna on 2010-01-26 07:23:22
@Dean-No, I never watched that show before. I've seen 'Rough Guides'. It showed Japan on the first half. I wish 'Japan Hour' will show in the UK. But I've been to Japan lots of times. Mostly in Japan, I've spend time studying Japanese and meeting new friends.

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-26 08:06:02
tadaima~~~~ yay, somehow, i promised myself not to get angry this semester but har har har, i managed to laugh when i'm angry.. shokku--!!

really? haha, maybe i should do some research more.. XD
boku wa crossplay wa zettai DAME!! maa, riyuu ga arunda.. my head spins just to think of it... @,@
wow, haha.. maybe next time, i should take your photo too.. XP

yo~~ howdy?? haha.. XD
genki? lalalala~ (crazy mode)

psp cost only 600? strange.. the number went down really fast.. last time i checked it was 7 sumting...

haha, i did really want to come with them, but most of them cancel on the last minute, left me with my friend.. and so, i didn't take picture of ourself..
datte, hazukashii wa yo, otoko to onna no ko, futari de... har har har.. XD
upper 6? wow... there's a lot to be read, right? my cousin did that before, so i know just a tiny bit of it.. har har har..

since kira mentioned the title he gave to everyone, i can't read mine.. haha.. i managed to read sensei but the word before that is umm, hard for me to read it.. what is it anyway? XD

sore jaa, mata ne.. XD
lalalalala.. nearly skipped class today.. but the lecturer is soo boring so i ended up chatting with my friend.. and so, at the end of the lecture, he went to collect the attendance list, he pointed at me and said " you are a naughty boy. i have a good memory" (and try to speak it with russian accent, you'll get how it's sound) and there i was like "huh??" (try to speak louder next time, mister) haish... i wonder, why did the university did pick him as lecturer, look fresh to me.. and still a loooong way to become my school teacher with that teaching (omg, i'm blabbering).. hope he's not into anime or forum.. i'm dead if he knew i post it here =.="..
anyway, that line of his really made me laugh all day (chotto, shinpai nai de?? =o=")but again, i really wish he could made his voice louder next time..
oops, haha.. okay then.. tata~~~

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by mjia on 2010-01-26 10:27:54
Hi everyone!!!Once again,i'm MIA again.>.<
First of!!!

Name: Mjia/Mchia
Gender: ......
Age: Always same as kira nii.XD
State: Rainy State.i guess everyone know d,right?XD
Extra:...nothing much to say...i'll only online here once a while...T.T...having too busy life...**I'm a manga and anime addicter.XD**And i like ARASHI(the band)!!!

Kay,that's all.

....and CONGRATS!!!the 5th version!!!**feel proud*XD

Recently,started to watch soul eater's good.
Today suddenly wana to watch Japanese Drama...and search and search....finally found one...the title is "Smile"'s storyline is so sad.....T.T....i already cry while watching first episode....maybe i'll be crying for the rest of the episodes?=>.<=

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-27 20:56:22 (edited 2010-01-27 20:58:13)
Test,assignment,presentation..wonder why they like to do these togather at a same time..T.T
The school should really stop wasting paper../rofl


access still denied huh..?
well,how's about this..? (place many bombs around kira's system n run..)

zzz..anyway, u know any good game going to be released on xbox360??
i too lazy to search for it..

english patch for FM5?i think i'll pass since i ad played d japanese version..
battle system for magnacarta2..? well,it looks like an online style system,but it is much easier to master compare to ps2 magna carta..

yugiOh..?well,i mostly play NDS 1,cant wait for the new 1 that going to be released next month..i oso would like to play in wii,the game for wii keeps getting better,is it?

yeah..the pc 1 is boring and too easy..since the number of cards are too limited..can't contruct much deck with good strategy.

o_O..u wanna join in too..?
/shake hand..let's cooperate,XD...
/grin with ebil smile..^^


Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-28 03:37:34
Minna!! Chinese New Year is Coming..
*the fact is I'm more to waiting for the holidays.. XD


Arigato!! its so nice of you..*the card is beautiful..I'm gonna make it my private possession*XD
sorry i didn't happen to reply your message..out of credit here.x.x

All gendounians ya..but not all in m’sian thread..
umm,i can sum up that the among of men and girl is equal..XD..holkee-san is so cute :3
thanks..anyway,yup,your right..well,I won’t let my guard down..xp..lorzz
hmm,I have a pc though..just that I didn’t have a net..
for now,my mum won’t be able to afford with the increasing amount of bills...x.o

OMG!! FSN got OVA's..mind me asking how many OVA's is there for FSN right now?
i didn't happen to see any,or maybe i should say its kinda hard for me to find..
(T.T)<- wanting to see it so much..100% :(

Haruhi family?? kawaii des :3 *mind me the stubborn one*
rinrin-sama can't deny the fact of kawaiiness..
and i gonna make sure i have the chance to see you without a wig..*a wonderful bargain*ahaha XD
umm,free.. I'm practically free during weekends and school holidays*except if there is a school or church event*..
*i feel bad if you all senpai's have to arrange to follow my time*lolz..
maybe you all can arrange and inform me the day of the meet-up..then if I'm free,i will join in.
*definitely there will be once where i be free,how can i be more busier than the 3 musketeers..* x.0
speaking of Sunway,i be going there this Saturday..*it will be my 2nd time going to Sunway*xp

That’s too bad..anyway,hope to see you next time around.
Lolol,I don’t understand Japanese..if only I have a chance to learn..x.x
Hmm,I guess just by doing my homework,I won’t have time to revise..jeezz..
You can just imagine how lazy I’m..

...........end of story..^.^

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-28 03:43:20
I'd say the colour quality is not as good as the new animes but I still ♥ oldies xD

Welcome back~
Tadaima Okaerinasai~
Well it's in your name...MCHIA remove the CH it turns to MIA xDDD

Well Kobato's a good manga...I read it in mangafox but sadly it's not complete yet xD
Good luck on learning Japanese, I see you're quite active here learning Japanese and enjoy your Japanese dramas =D

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-28 20:43:12
you threw her to me
no wonder..
i had nightmares all day long about her,and her name is haunting me..(thanks to you i guess..i am near is nearly a week might not able to see me anymore..i might be killed by her.. sayonara...T.T...)

*hug gently*
so..where are you studying now ;x?

i think the game is 'E' and suitable for everyone (Luna online)
so do not feel bad about it haha..

oh sorry..
it was supposed to be 'Nihonjin Sensei'
something like you are our Japanese teacher? T_T sorry that i did not make the word visible to read...m(_ _)m

that means the drama is good
it is alright that you cry for the rest of the episodes
crying does make some people feel better though haha ;x

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Thank you Kuroga :D on 2010-01-29 02:43:29

Name: Holkers
Age: 16
Gender: Babun you figure out
State: Kuala Lumpur

[thread 4]
[page 48]

Kira: lol.. jangan risau. Lalat malas datang hentam jer.
Lama-lama biasa la dengan study xD!

Dean: DEAN! Hehe. Nak jadi rajin kena lupa pasal internet >.>

Meep: lupa pasal saya D:

[page 49]
Dt: Lol xD Then do whatever you want :x
And the more essay-like the more i'm lazy to read :x! xD

Eufo: Thank you very much!
I shall rajin rajin belajar :x!
And ingat. Simpan duit, lama-lama jadi bukit! POMP! KAYA RAYA!

Liwen: Target lagi tinggi dapat yang tak teringin.
Maksudnya. Target 10A kemungkinan dapat 7A :x
So i'm targeting straight A. BUT. Jangan harap i'm going to get A for Chinese. >.>



I claimed someone that I can't remember because photobucket is ended.

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-29 05:45:10








hi,I'm busy.just now I got 2 assignment I must is done and submit.and I got new assignment.and next week got quiz...and more sadness,I got JPA 3 camp during cny,during cny I should go to my friend house,but the camp ruin my "catatan harian".


-bukak almari korek tabung...ting,ting,ting....tinggal RM 1.20-

nah ini angpau kau.duit aku tak masuk lagi!!!!harap maaf ye...


your welcome,I hope you like...its ok...

btw,cny almost coming,where is my angpau?


so hows your mandrin language?is batter?

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Matsuna on 2010-01-29 12:40:25
@Azwan-Oh, I haven't done any Mandarin yet. However, I still like to learn the language. I'm still learning bit by bit while I'm in London.

@Jo-Yeah I know. Chinese New Year is coming.

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-29 20:49:35 (edited 2010-01-29 21:23:39)
hello guys....

oo.... that such a long story... thank for telling me!..:)... admin/moderator? do you mean this person that keep the forum as it should be and alive?
and do this admin always keep their eyes on the forum 24h?..?_?
i never heard bout the first v thread... anyway what is that serious major issues?
also what is the need to revive those nearly dead forum?...
cured?.. you mean you no longer active in doing those?... it seems like addiction to forum just same like any addiction that related to internet.. it just wont end as long as you live!!!... downloading, online games, chatting...
MMoprg? woo...hye what kind of mmorpg do you play? tell me!...XD
yup i will ask many thing from you...can i?..XD

yup you rite... i'm sure you done play the available game on ps2 now...
anyway had you own any new console?

oo... travel and studies... that's worth your time ... so chinese new incoming.. where you family gonna celebrate it?
anyway did you still study in college or any universities?

hmm.. i think i there is some mistakes in my reply to you before...
nevermind i think i gonna check it later...
lalalala...(crazy mode follow keiyoshi movement...)..XD

pass?!..nooo...T__T.... lucky you to understand japanese... anyway i heard sakura wars english ver gonna be released in ps2... i wonder if i could grab some last jrpg here... just read it in gamespot...
yup... but i prefer ps3 for my target cause i think ps3 gonna hold many interesting game to be played... to bad still no pirated game for it...
anyway i saw wii had pirated dvd.. do you ever buy one?

oh... halo there... when i gonna see you again here.. XD

ooo... and they are nice people?...hmm...
holker cute?... hmm holkers is male rite?...?_?

oldies..XD... so how bout typemoon product? which anime from them do you like most?

of course it E...XD..
coz there to many chibi-ness element in there!!... my friend always say that my face look scary or soldier ...
anyway do you play that to adel?

biasa ar tu... tapi lagi baik kalau kau pandai bahagi masa... 80% untuk internet etc.. 20% untuk rilek... (eh bile nak belajar?)... wopsss... jgn ikut aaa........XD

same la kat sini... PTPT-pu... pun tak masuk...really broke.....

k see ya reply soon guys...!!!

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-29 21:50:53
Oops...sorry, I missed your Type-Moon question...
Well what made me love Type-Moon would be entirely on Fate/Stay Night. In fact I only watched Fate/Stay Night before and played Fate/Unlimited Codes only once =P
but the main thing that drives my love for Fate/Stay Night would be the artist who drew the illustrations for the Fate series...Takeshi Takeuchi =)

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-30 01:00:05
Tadaima ~♥
wow...5th thread le XD
here the new report ~~~
Name: Fate Photobucket
Gender:guess guess~~
Age: erm..well...SPM yrs
State: Perak
Extra:Recently busy with many things...especially tuition tuition tuition........
My condition now -> Half Dead
but I'm still...
PhotobucketAnime Lover
PhotobucketJ-pop songs Listener

Even though..i have many Homeworks,ujian lisan,moral do...
yet i am still watching,reading,listening...hahaha~~

Currently watch (Anime):
PhotobucketYumeiro Patissiere
PhotobucketShugo Chara! / Doki
Currently read (Manga):
PhotobucketSkip Beat
PhotobucketD.Gray Man

Besides,im now learning Drum and also Guitar ~~~ ^.^
and im a stupid learner LOL

PS: *sigh* i'll not around here(forum) for many days...month....sry o...


Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Photobucket on 2010-01-30 08:45:58
And I replies, because I need to destress before I go back to work.
I have a bazaar sale this Monday at my college: It's all going to our whole senior batch exhibition in March. I'm dying. Literally.
Just finished baking 200 cookies, and then I have to go make accessories to sell XD

Anyway, just replying to all, I hope I didn't miss anyone >_<

First and foremost!
D: !!! AMPUN TUANKU!! I haven't heard from you in ages.
Heard you went CF but you were busy getting critiques from the masters. So, how was it? XD
I read that you are also going to be away a lot : <
Do work hard : D We should make a gathering soon again : D

Yes, you shall! If I can learn how to make epics armor from my group mates, I may get to do Valkyrie Profile photoshoot by this year.
Research more on the chara that you can fit or think you want to try :) It works.
Crossplay is fun. I know guys who went as Princess Princess cosplays and had men trying to 'mengurat' them. Imagine that <_<
But most importantly, cosplay the character that fits you and the one that you can enjoy being in!
HAHAHA, maybe we can take a photo next time ;D

Mchia as in Mjia from the first thread? ;o;

FSN has two OVA. I have yet to get them but according to my leech, she said that it's like the entire FSN TV anime crammed into two episodes. Not cool yo :<
No worries, it just got released I think earlier last year or this month :) I hope there will be an ep 3 :<

Jo, I officially make you the Tsuruya of the family, therefore I shall call you CHURUYA~<3
We'll try arranging something though. BK-Haruhi plans to meet up with me and DT Yuki soon, but I've yet to get a confirmation. Coffee, as usual.
Let's see how it works out : D LOL, everyone's busy to their own extent : )
I got your SMS but I'm so busy rushing for my bazaar preparation on Monday that I'm at the end of my wits here :<
SIGH I pray it'll work out somewhat T_T

Hahaha, I'm a grandma, I tell looooooooooong stories ;) And yes, Admin/Mod. I help run and look after the place :)
Not all admins keep their eyes on the forums, they have mods to do that for them. Some Admins do. Some Admins can't really be bothered, which leads to a very disheartening forum disband when it happens, especially if it's a big forum. Happened to two forums I was in and I, as a regular poster, felt very sad that it had to happen.
Oh, the issues were very racist, if I must put it. I'll just end the topic here. What's bygones are bygones. :)
The need to revive a dead forum is to just post often and communicate and make the forum come alive? XD Sometimes it works, sometimes they don't. So far I've gone to three forums and they come back alive, and then I leave XD;; Happens a lot. I'm here on this forum on random occasions because some of the people here that I talk to aren't online so it's hard to communicate.
LOL, I'm cured from my addiction in forumming. I don't forum as much as I do. I used to at least post 30-100 relevant posts in the entire forum. Keep it alive. That's what forums are for. You're suppose to talk some issue out or give your thoughts/opinions and discuss with members, and that keeps the forum alive, so I believe. Sometimes, it's just plain random nonsense spouts but those can only last for so long. People get bored eventually and leave. I know that for sure.
I'm currently back to playing RO, as DT knows and has read in my previous posts. Unofficial server, mind you. I play Red Cliff 6 months ago with a friend, but the quest got tedious and I quit. I'm also playing League of Legends, one of the spawns from the makers of DOTA. That game is kinda much more fun in a sense that everything's in real time. I still check on Granado Espada from time to time because I love GE: It's so engaging (Well, duh, the creator of RO made it). I played a heck lot of MMORPGs which I eventually left because they were either very WOWish or very ROish. In the end, I end up playing back 2D sprites of epic cuteness. Nothing beats RO :3
Oh sure, ask as much as you like! The replies may be late though :) But I try to accommodate as much as I can :D

FATE AS IN NANOHA'S FATE-CHAN?! If yes, I like you.
But you already read D.Gray-man, listen to a lot of J-Pop, and haz Nanoha on your Signature! I like you loads already.
Good luck in your year. Maybe we can talk more on J-Music when you're back. I'm dying to talk to someone about J-Music. :D

To everyone else who did say something (or didn't) but I have yet to reply:
The Meep sends her love to all of you.

And Meeping off now.


Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-31 07:35:17
tomorrow is a public holiday to the Wilayah's..
Selamat Hari Wilayah Persekutuan!!

......reply time..

umm,I'm still studying my form 6 in Smk Cochrane..lolol
anyway,what have you been doing lately? *earning an income*o.x

im still single and available..ahahaha
lol,what is that??!
so,if holkee want an angpau..wait till im married..XD

like it to my fullest..
eeekk..another one..sadly i can't give you an angpau
^.^ you can get the reasons from my reply to holkee-san.

:D where will you be during the upcoming chinese new year?

o.O,they are all super nice and awesome :3
holkee is genderless..ahaha*forgivemeholkee*
holkee ish a male and is too cute for a male..*i wonder*lolol~i'm so ebil~

Welcome back!!

has two already..
owh..if thats the case,wouldn't it be just the same as the FSN TV anime..just that it is shortened..hmm..
still,i gonna try getting it too..*must watch list*XD
awww..ep3,hopefully.. x.x*waiting patiently*

:3 ~tsuruya~officially in..a family(T.T)*touched to the bottom of my heart*
hmm..i've been inform that you all are having a meetup..
however since i'm unable to join..*sadly :( *hopefully next time though..
its been awhile since i met BK-sama..send my regards. O.x
enjoy the meetup..i guess its the 1st of the new year right.XD

how is the Bazaar sale going?hopefully it's going well..

...............the end..

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by dt-chan on 2010-01-31 07:49:09
Name: deathent (can be addressed as DT, deTea..or jz my real name for those who know it..) X3
Gender: MALE - dont be deceived by my uber cute avy/siggy.. XD
Age: born in '87 (count it urself la..) XD
State: KL.. at t'ganu @ pahang during long holiday..
Status: Still Single & Jobless(imma still a student..) O_o
Extra: nothing i guess.. jz ur regular otaku.. & hardcore gamers..

well.. im finally back from being MIA - my uber long slumber cos of catching a cold.. lol
im 90% fine now.. still got the cough tough..

and anyway.. back to the replies..
... ... ... ...
too many.. imma think im going to need over 2 hour to finish typing the replies..
so.. i guess ill be posting the replies next time la.. XD

anyway.. take care & hav fun ya guys(& girls).. X3

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by supernood on 2010-01-31 13:52:07
ya cost only 600

Kinda of bored on Ps2

new console ? nah haven't buy still spent money

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-01-31 15:16:33
~yawn~ January's over, it's now Feb.

Chinese New Year is coming, any plans for it??

I was hoping to get back home and getting a good rest and some to-do list. Maybe..

1 - Find a new mouse (Absolutely, because my old few years old mouse had died last sunday.)

2 - Finish some unfinish stuff. (We'll see about that.)

That's all for now. See you all later. /run

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-02-01 10:17:29
Chinese New Year's coming. Finally, some holidays. -_-


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