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About Me: こんにちはみんなさん。私は松奈です。でも、私の本当の名前は加奈です。(Hello everyone, I'm Matsuna. But my real name is Kana). You can call me Matsuna or Kana. Any of the names are fine. 'Matsu' means pine tree, which comes from my surname, 'Matsushita (松下)'. 'Na' means enlightment which comes from my first name 'Kana (加奈)' Nice to meet you all. I'm a student studying catering and hospitality and Japanese. I like learning Japanese, travelling alone to places such as Malaysia, Japan and Singapore and cooking/baking (Though I'm not good at it). I can speak English & Japanese. I don't speak Mandarin (which I'm planning to learn it after Japanese), but I know some Chinese characters. I'm British & I'm part Malaysian/Chinese, part Japanese. Just to be aware that I don't make friends easily, because of my lack of confidence sometimes and shyness. This is me. Speak to you soon. -Credit to Kira who made this avatar.

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