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Zerg ♥

-Can be mean
-Can be nice
-Will be mean most of the time

Park young Hee
Son Ga in
Hwang Mi Hee

"On this day 3 years ago, the first snow of the season fell on this city too
Why do I remember like it were yesterday, as if time’s stopped
So vividly, when I want to forget
Yes the days flow non-stop, yet here I am clinging to the past
Always find myself searching for a trace of you, where are you?
Powder snow twirls and falls into my hands
That transient and cold goodbye is like the wind
I will never forget the
Tears you shed, your warmth, in this diorama of a city

Oh one day, won’t you tell me again of your dreams
I still can’t come to grips with our goodbye…to us
Powder snow twirls and falls into my hands
I carry that transient and cold goodbye in my heart
See, the world is shining in full color
Overflowing smiles and melodies were, more than usual
Gentle and warm, a cried a little
Thank you, we are, we will
Always be here."

Hiatus. 20/10/2008

Yet another hiatus.


Back again. 11/9/09

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