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About Me:

let's see if i get this right

name: it obviously in my email
gender: male
birthday: 23 november 1988 (so ras, don't call me om, kidding^^)
origin: indonesia
fave anime: hm.... nothing in particular, but school rumble is the only one that i watched over 3 times, so, well the fave goes to school rumble, hehe

what else...., what else...

oh yea, you can often see me in gendou city but not very active by now.....

my current active Rp that need replies are:
MANA DRIVE: Memories of Campus Constania
Point: LUNA (The Saturn Catastrophe)
Project : Outbreak
G.E.A.R.S.-an orig. MANGA turned RP
Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)

Made In Freya By ilustt
Warring Nations: Destiny of the Wolf (open) By Criticgundam
Lost Love By Chrissy006
sheltered By ilustt
Valkyrja-End of TBoD and AotHB(season 1 and 2 end) By Bloodymoon
Valkyrja:Moments of Truths(Director:and...ACTION!) By Bloodymoon
FoF: Fate Of Flaevefreine (PM me to join) By Eon_clyde
Gendou Kung-fu generation(Budo-KAi) By little_black
Tales of Arcania I : Neverending Fate By Kyohibiki
Cat Eye Cafe By Karu_99
Portal War RP (Started, but PM me to join in) By mithrilshotgun
war of the Sun and Moon (started but you may join) By Wings_of_night
Final Fantasy~ the begining of the end~ Started!! By berrouet
War of Time RP (Started, PM me to join) By inx
Sea of Stars RP (Started. Free to join in) By moggle
.hack//sign G.U R;2 By raitoyagami13
Wrath of The Frost: Fate of Azeroth(ch3) By kabluam
Kyousei High School RP By sia0326
MUGEN! RP (Started, But Casting Still Open) By shinjirui
BLEACH RP (will never close /to public... XP) By shinigami_021
Michiguy hunting: Chapter 3: Alman'lu War (join) By dragon_negro
Yuki & Kira Rp in work By risuna
Postnuclear RP (Started, but you still may join) By moggle
AWP 2: Tales of Sumeria 1st Disc (Done) By ugopetamia
Gundam Seed Valentine War By tanisverkaros
Legend of Dragoon By darksamurai777
Atelier Iris RP By darksamurai777
Melodies of life and death(CHAPTER 1 Cast open(1)) By kemg
The world of Bleach!~! (All are Welcomed) By mrtakeiteasy
Defend the City Forum RPG (Sign up now!) By funsch
The Unapproachable East (Pink Paragon Edition) By pinkparagon
Kingdom Hearts III RP By gackt_girl_13
Wolf's Rain - The Next Generation! By impdj
The Insane World By sakura-hime137
Genso Suikoden *READ THE 1st POST!* By impdj
War Zone ~gunslinging samurai~ By berrouet
Gendou City ~ home of champions~ By berrouet
The Night Of Three...... By rokru
~~~~~~~~Alice Gakuen RPG Teacher Needed!!!!!!!!!! By sanzo234
Eternal Wisdom Library By koori-chan
Log In Store! Log into The World (.hack//) By mesomad
Nihon Sake BAR- irreshimase!! dozo~ By seijiakira
AURORA HEAVEN: ANIME SPEED DATING PALACE By i_want_to_flirt_with_drunk_sango
Where Legends and Myths Starts Again ~ Eragon By camaron
Ren-chan's Ramen Place By rokru
Akuma: Genisis By Berrouet


Eternal Wisdom Library BY KOORI

Akuma: Genisis BY RYU
Sea of Stars RP (Started. Free to join in) BY MOOGLE


oh and you can surely find me in indonesian threads

by jaydel ^^
By Eria

Free shoutbox @ ShoutMix

and for the last i give you my quote, this quote has accompanied all my sig, but recently i'm not putting it..
whom who knows the limits, learn the unlimited

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