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Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-20 10:47:07 (edited 2008-06-30 10:18:41)
Hello there,buds.This is my first RP ever made.Read on for more,buds.

As anyone knows,this RP was based on the Gunslinger Girl anime/manga.Technically,this is a Tactical Team RP that plays almost like most FPS/TPS games,with teamwork(mostly you and your "siblings",sometimes with other players) in mind.You'll be doing a lot of shootings,killings or otherwise taking a break(which would happen once in a while) from the job.Be careful,though,as one wrong move and the mission will be a failure.Good luck!

Story:Set in modern-day Italy,the story follows the exploits of the Social Welfare Agency (often referred to as simply "the Agency"),ostensibly a charitable institution sponsored by the Italian government. While the Agency professes to aid the rehabilitation of the physically injured,it is actually a military organization specializing in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.It comprises two independent branches,Public Safety and Special Ops,with Public Safety being its surveillance and intelligence-gathering arm and Special Ops its anti-terrorist division.[1]Special Ops is itself divided into Sections 1 and 2,[2]the latter of which employs young girls fitted with cybernetic implants as agents. The implants, which consist of synthesized muscles and carbon fiber frames, result in heightened strength and reflexes as well as high resilience to damage and pain. Each girl is paired with a male trainer,or "handler,"and together they are referred to as a fratello(Italian for "siblings").The handler is responsible for the training, welfare and field performance of his charge,and is free to use whatever methods he considers suitable. While these methods vary according to the handler,a common part of each girl's regimen is brainwashing called "conditioning,"which produces a deadly assassin with unquestioning loyalty to her handler.

1.As always,no God Mode.
2.Try not to be a bad sport(though one or two of us may get into a fight,but whatever you buds do,please do not point the gun to each other!).
3.Read the RP Master's guide,as always.
4.The RP's weapons are all based on real-life firearms.For the reference,check this link to get some ideas for your characters(both yourself and your girl).
5.Unless only a few couple of players were left,try not to overpost or post too fast.This will allow other players to catch up with the RP.
6.The RP will follow Script style for convenience,but you can also post them in Novel style,as long it's not too confusing to read.
7.Following rule #4,as they have firearms control system,no powerful weapons are allowed to use unless otherwise stated.Don't want any of us here to wield a .50 caliber(or any other big guns!) and blow the whole thing altogether!The only exception that you can use is the Desert Eagle,a .50 A.E caliber magnum handgun,though I won't recommend using it,since it's quite powerful even on those girls ;P
8.Know your allies and teammates.Each of us have strength and weakness,so try to work together as much as possible to accomplish the mission well.
9.Most importantly,have fun,buds!Those girls and boys are waiting for you.....
10.One more thing:The guns in this RP can be modified,so feel free to attach any accessories you feel need on your weaponries.

Alright.there you have it,buds.It may be a bit boring at first,but there's always have surprises in the store(imagine something that will get your character went OOC XD).

Now for profiles.Unlike many RPs,you're only allowed to have 2 characters max(both you and your girl).Of course,NPCs and passer by are excluded,along with the 5 girls originally in the anime/manga itself.

For yourself:
Name:You know this...
Age:Should be older than your "sibling"
Gender:Should be opposite of your "sibling",though you can be the same as him/her
Pic:A pic or description
Weapon:As a handler,you can only pick one weapon with you,since you'll be spending most of the time giving commands to your "siblings".Use ONLY real-life guns from rule #4.
Bio:The most important.Remember that you're no hero with unknown past and stuffs.Just be yourself.Try including a few things like how you meet your siblings,your relationship with your buddies and so on.

For your "siblings"
Name:You name them,you got it!
Age:Remember that they're child assassins,so don't go further than how old a child can live!
Gender:Same as above
Pic:Same as above
Weapon:Pick a sidearm and a primary weapon.Again,use ONLY real-life guns from rule #4.
Bio:Same as above.Include this:How you were saved in the horrible incident and how you meet your handler for the first time.
Class:Sniper,stealth,assault.....Pick your weapon first before going through this.Think Global Operation or other class-related FPS games.And sorry,buds,no medic this time.

About your "siblings":Once you choose a sidearm and a primary weapon,they'll see them as "good friends",so be careful not to pick a wrong one.For example,pick a Dragunov SVD rifle will make him/her a sniper.Pick a M4 assault rifle and they'll go assault,and so on.The sidearms will be always with them all the time(unless a mission calls for stealth,which you must get them to use other sidearms if they can't be suppressed).

Assault:Basically the frontline "soldier".First to go,last to return home.Main weapons are SMGs,shotguns and assault rifles.
Sniper:The deadly sharpshooter from afar.Kill with range.Main weapons are sniper rifles(and some scoped weapons).
Heavy gunner:Covering fire!!Supports the frontline with extreme firepower.Main weapons are machine guns.
Stealth:Stealth are the key to success.Moves and kills quietly.Main weapons are suppressed weapons(mostly SMGs).
Recon:Intelligence are the most valuable thing to have.Use them well.Main weapons are SMGs(and suppressed sniper rifles for long-range recon use).Also act as the spotter for sniper.

Alright,we got all of us here.We can start the RP anytime!

The Fratello pairs so far:
2.Snake(that's me!):Snake/Alyssa(Assault)
6:KM revolution:Karuzo/Riana(Heavy Gunner)
7.Oda TM:Saika/Ricci(Sniper)
10.Akihiko:Tetsuya/Yuki(Not confirmed)

The list will extend further as more players are joining.

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by Renma on 2008-06-21 00:47:47

Name: Renma Hiyoshi
Age: 25
Gender: Male


CZ-TT Pistol

Bio: Before being Recruited by Social Welfare Agency, He was a Russian Agent being sent to spy The Agency, Fearing the agency is Involved in Terrorism. However, upon being Discovered He was offered a job in the agency and Protection. Knowing that Russia Security Service Will dispose him, once they know that he has been captured, Renma Agreed on the Conditions and now he's working for the agency. He Agreed on doing Plastic Surgery and He changed his Identity. Now, He's Renma Hiyoshi a Handler From Agency Branch in Japan, Currently Working in Italy HQ. He met her "Sibling", Petra (Yeah XD That Girl from Gunslinger Il Teatrino) During A Mission in Florence. With Renma being the Recon Agent, He went alone Only to find a Girl Trapped in a Flamed Building and the Targets have Escaped, Abandoning the Building as There's nobody inside except for her. Renma Saved her life, Though It's clearly obvious that Her body is full of Bruises and Cut, and Half of her body is severely Burnt. After "Submitting" the Girl for the "Treatment" and "Conditioning" Renma Discovered that Her parents are Dead already, and Renma agreed on Being her Fratello after Giving the Preference of the Girl on how Will she look like. "I'm fine.. As long as she's not Red Head with Long hair". Renma Later Found out that the Girl is has a Beautiful Long Red Hair.

For your "siblings"
Name: Petrushka Petra
Age: 14
Gender: Female


Taurus PT92

Spectre M4

Bio: Once, a Girl named Patricia Luandro. She was a Fine young Girl, Different from how she is now. She had a Short Blond hair and Emerald Eyes. A Daughter of a Baker Couple. Living in the Outskirt of Florence. One day, Her Dad fell ill and The Bakery they owned have to be closed. Poorer by the moment, The Heartless Couple Decided to sell their own Daughter to Mafia. Shocked by the Truth, when the Mafia Come and Take her. Crushed by the fact that The most people She ever loved in this world sold her, Her Heart fell to a state where She can no longer Feel any emotion at all. Later, She discovered that the Mafia is a Snuff Film Mafia, and She's the "Actress" of it. She was Brutally Tortured, Before one of the mafia Accidentally Dropped a Lighter on a Gasoline that will be later Used to Burn her alive. But she's lucky and all the Mafia Left the Building leaving her on the floor, Tired and Soaked with blood. Few minutes later, a Guy came, Kicking the Door Open and Pointing a Gun on her. Knowing that The guy will shoot her, She's Lying there on the floor, motionlessly. But, The Guy Lift her and Flee the apartment instead of Shooting her. Then Everything went Black and the moment She Wakes up, She Recognize the Person that Saved her, Even everything about him. "You're awake?" The Guy is Smiling Faintly To her. Full of Confusion and amazement, She nod. "Good.. Now.. I Assume you already know this place?" Full of Satisfaction, He smiles again. Nodding, The Girl Replied "Section 2, Conditioning and Treatment Center of Social Welfare Agency". "Very nice.. Well done" Without changing his Emotion, He Clap his hand Softly "Then, Who am I?". "You sir.. are.. My Handler, Mr. Renma Hiyoshi, Age 25 Ex Russian Agent, now Working for Special Ops Division of Social Welfare Agency"

Class: Stealth

Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-21 10:26:47 (edited 2008-06-21 10:27:59)
@Renma:Seems as though you have done your homework well.I'm impressed.You must have read and/or watch Gunslinger Girl,yes?By the way,can her weapons be suppressed?'Cause in stealth,you need to kill enemies as quietly as possible.You can say,in ninja way ;D Other than that,it's a good profile.

Alright,here's my profile:

Name:Snake Valentine
Pic:Medium long black hair;long enough to cover his left eye.Wears casual clothings(he hates suit due to their tightness).Has a pair of beautiful blue eyes.
Weapon:HK Mk.23(.45 ACP)

Bio:A military soldier before joining the Social Welfare Agency/SWA.He's forced to retire from the military after a mission failure that cost him his whole team.Jobless,he wanders about in Italy until he met a dying girl on a road.Without hesitating,he took the girl to the SWA and managed to save the girl(though at that time,that girl was severely injured).As the "reward",he was given a job at SWA,only to do something he never done before:To (literally) take care of the girl he saved like his own little sister!But having no choice,he accepted the job.

His "sibling":

Name:Alyssa Valentine(I'm crazy XD)
Pic:Long blonde hair;a real beauty.Follows Snake's clothing style(as Snake said,freedom to wear any clothes as long you feel comfortable with it).Has a pair of light brown eyes.
Weapons:HK USP Tactical Model(.45 ACP)

M4A1 with M203(5.56mm+40mm)

Bio:Once a girl whose future are bright.On her way home,she was knocked down by a reckless driver who runs away thereafter.Fate has it,when she's about to lose her hope to live,a man happens to pass by and quickly saves her life.Everything went black and by the time she wakes up,she was there,on the operating bed at SWA."Did I wake you up?" the man said,as he smiled at her.She shakes her head and said,"Are you the one who saved me?".The man nods and said,"Everything's OK now...",and pats her thereafter.

This Fratello pair use exclusively Heckler and Koch(H&K) firearms(both use a .45 handgun from H&K).

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by Renma on 2008-06-21 21:42:06
@Snake ^^;; Well,, I have been a Fan of Gunslinger Girl, I must say because of the series I Learned a Lot of Firearms XDD Whoa, HK Pair.. And, For the silenced part =/ Let's just say that the Silencer is separated... (I Cant find any decent pict of silenced Taurus PT 92 -.-;; nor the Spectre M4..)

Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by Sagara on 2008-06-23 02:14:21
@Snake: Can my 'sibling' be a boy? It would be different having a boy 'sibling'.

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-23 19:36:12 (edited 2008-06-24 08:16:01)
@Renma:I guess so...I did a bit of research on that handgun.Somehow,it was like a Berreta M92F,so I guess it can be suppressed.

@Sagara:Be my guest ;) It's all written in the first post.

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by Sagara on 2008-06-24 02:28:55 (edited 2008-06-26 04:19:15)

Name: Kazuya Sagara
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Pic: Photobucket(With reddish brown eyes.). Wears a dark grey shirt with a black coat over it.


Beretta 92FS Elite


Bio: A Black Ops soldier before his current job at the Social Welfare Agency/SWA. He was forced to retire from the military after failing to complete a extremely difficult mission and losing most of his team. Jobless, he went to to Italy for unknown reasons until he was approached by the SWA with a job offer. After some convincing, he took the job in the SWA and managed to help save a boy who's family was murdered by a ruthless gang. He brought the boy, who was unconscious at the time, to the SWA. Skilled at CQC with a knife.


Name: Deryk Kalinus
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Pic: Photobucket. Wears dark grey jacket, white shirt and black pants. Grown into a good-looking boy


FN 5-7 Tactical(Silenced)


SAR 21 P Rail

(Unmodified version)Photobucket

Bio: His family was brutally murdered by a gang several years ago and he managed to escape after being tortured by them when the SWA, who had been monitoring the gang's activities, came in time to save only him. It was too late for his family however. He lost consciousness when he was found after his captors were dealt with. He was brought to the SWA and met his handler when he regained consciousness, who he recognized before passing out. Can use perform hand to hand combat.
Class: Assault

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-24 05:24:24 (edited 2008-06-25 06:41:32)
is dual wealding okay?

Name: Shinta Emiya

Age: 20

gender: male

Pic: See below

Weapon: Two colt single action army revolvers(i know it's way old but still can be used right)

Bio: a ex marrine from japan. he retired after a ambush in his current military base in which only he survived. hewen't to ittaly to take a break and have a taste of peace but it din't last long as he was offred a job by the SWA. he gladly acepted being bored of all the peace as his longing for combat re emerged. he found his "sibling" when he was strolling around later that night. when he brough her to the agency they told him he has to take care of her. he din't hesitate and agreed to it.

For your "siblings"
Name: Symeria Shadowsong
Age: 11
Gender: female
Pic: see below
Weapon: dual weilds 2 mps navy Sub machine guns

A ruger GP-100 revolver

Bio: Daughter of a mafia boss. her home was assulted by other mafia gangs who had a grudge againts her father. both of her parents were killed in front of her and she wen't thru a lot of horrible stuff under their hands(if I ever posted them I might get banned so...) she mannaged to get away from her home as a desperate act when the other mafia gangs tried to burn her with her house. shinta found her, a bloody, wounded, mentaly and physicaly exhausted mess, and rescued her. the last thing she remembers before passing out was shinta carring her to the agency.

class: recon(wanted to go assult but we already got 2)

Pic of both:

please do tell if anything needs chaging

Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-24 07:21:37 (edited 2008-06-24 07:40:56)
@Sagara:Quite good.Hmm,using the older cousin of M4A1 assault rifle,eh?As for the Arcus-94 over there,I checked it out at the site and find that it cannot be suppressed.You must have done a modification to fit a suppressor on it,yes?I have seen one on the M1911A1 in MGS3 game.But be mindful that as the M16A1 rifle was somewhat old,so it won't accept further modification,especially when it comes to accuracy(though I heard it can accept laser sight),due to the lack of Picatinny rails M4A1 have.

Xero>OMG,I just saw a Ocelot reincarnation! XD Let me see.....Dual wielding SAAs is OK.I have seen Ocelot done it before.But keep in mind that SAA is a single-action revolver;you can't fire both gun simultaneously without recocking them for the next shot very quickly.As for your "sibling's",I don't see anything wrong about dual-wielding MP5s(you know,I have seen these girls in action.I even heard they can even take up a heavy object by bare hands without a problem!).But accuracy-wise,you're best use one gun at the time before using another one.Don't want any unwanted stray shots(especially when other "siblings" and players are present around you) flying here and there(and hit a target that is NOT supposed to hit)!!And you forgot to issue a sidearm for your "sibling".And it looks like we got the first recon pair this time.Counting on you two,bud!

@All:I'll do a little update on the class,like the equipment they can carry and how they do their things.Now we need only one more to go before we can start the RP.We need a sniper or heavy gunner here!By the way,if possible,try to make yourself a little special,like the firearms you used.Mine for example,a pair of HK-exclusive firearm user.

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-24 17:53:00
@snake: well I did borrow some ideas from MGS, dino crissis and a hole lot of games.... as for the acuracy and SAA's.. I'll keep those in mind... also gave my sibling a sidearm... took your advice too... mine is a revolver weilding pair hahaha...

Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by Sagara on 2008-06-24 18:34:17
@Snake: Didn't find any nice looking pistols or didn't which one to choose. Any suggestions on a pistol and better rifle?

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-24 22:24:18 (edited 2008-06-29 19:56:54)

Handler Appearance:

Name: Omi Hojikami | (was born in "Japan")

Age: 18

Gender: Female


• Boberg XR-9 pistol


Caring towards Aigis, she acts more like a sister then a mother
to her. She has a slight temper but can get over it quickly, though it only happens if
people misjudge her "Handler" skills. She can gather great information and can
finish a job clean.


As a child she was praised mostly on how smart and talented she was, they all
told her she will have a successful career. As she grew up and graduated collage early,
she soon became a detective in the police force. Her family always objected her decision
on choosing this job; they always told her that she will just bring sorrow to her life. Things
were all great for her; she became a famous crime solver. That was till she was handed the case
about the "Social Welfare Agency". Since the force believed that they we a group of serial
killers or some out of control tugs. As she was working on the case, she found more about
it them she should. She was going to be a target, but them they offered her to join them.
Since they saw how organized and special her skills of gathering and finishing cases. She
knew that if she didn't accept they will likely have her killed. Few years after she joined, she
was assigned a special job. She is to be a "Handler", a handler for a "Fratello" (Italian for
"siblings"). Then she was taken to a hospital to see her "Sibling", a young girl no more a
preteen. She soon later learned of her horrid past, so sad and cruel. They told her after her
treatment she will be ready for her work. They asked what she would want to name her,
she replied "Aigis". After a few days, her "Sibling" was finally introduced to her. "Nice to meet
you, Aigis." was the first thing Aigis heard from her "Handler".

Sibling Appearance:

Name: Aigis | (was born in "Italy")

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Class: Sniper


• Smith & Wesson Mod. 622 semi-auto
• Ruger M77 Mark II .338 Winchester Magnum


Has a sister complex with Omi, she can never stop to worry
about her. She can be really caring toward allies and friends, but can be deadly
towards enemies. She is sometimes a shy young lady.


She was before named Alice, a youngest daughter of seven in the Lombardi family.
Her parents were known to be the "Mafia's Guns", due to the sells of top notch gun to
Mafia families. They sold many guns and weapons to great families, all very powerful and
rich. Over all her parents were blinded by the money they have earned through their
business, they never knew what it would affect in the future. Soon all the Mafia families
found out the Lombardi family have been betraying them by selling to enemy bosses, so
they all agreed to take matters into their own hands. On the night of Alice's birthday their
house was raided by the Mafia gangs, Alice watched as her parents were brutally tortured
and murdered. Then started at how each and every one of her sisters where tormented
and toyed with, then killed. As she was the last one she tried her best to flee, but was
captured and then was facing the same pain as her family. Fortunately officers have arrived,
cause neighbors noticed something was wrong with unknown vans that came by the
Lombardi home. She was the only survivor of the cruel killing, but was in life treating condition.
The "Social Welfare Agency" has heard of the case and offered to pay for high quality
treatments for her, and in return she was to be handed to the Agency. After all the long
treatments and brainwashing, she was to meet her "Handler". She watched the door opened
as a young woman came in; the woman looked at her and said "Nice to meet you, Aigis." She
began to have new memories.

Handler Appearance:

Name: Christ Russo | (was born in "Italy")

Age: 21

Gender: Male


• Ruger Mark II Target, .22 LR


His more of a bad guy person, but can really understand other's
feelings. He takes them to heart. He can really be nice once you age to know him
better, and can get over protective of Leon since he is like a son to him.


Before joining the "Social Welfare Agency", he was working for the
military for a few years. His skill was developed to become a great solider for his
country, but an event happened that changed his path. As he was working else where
his parents were robbed and killed in their home, no one was brought down to justice.
He was blinded by his anger and grief that he vision of a perfect country disappeared.
Soon after the dropped out of the military force and went to live his life as a street thug,
he continued to do more crimes. One day a member of the "Social Welfare Agency" saw
him in action out in the streets, they asked him to join them. At first he refused, but after
a while he went ahead and joined. As two years have passed he was promote to be
come a "Handler" for a special force, he gladly accepted. Not knowing what it was in for
him, he was led into a room where a young boy was standing with no reaction what so
ever. The boy looked up to him and said, "Good morning Mr. Russo, I'll be your
assistant from now on." And so their bond grew.

Sibling Appearance:

Name: Leon | (was born in "Germany")

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Class: Stealth


• KJW Beretta M9 Elite Full Metal (detachable silencer)
• B&T MP9 (Silenced)


Wild and energetic, he loves to hand out with a new
crowd. He is mostly known as a miss behaved "Sibling" due to his wild
attitude. But can behave when Christ wants him to, (Likes music).


Walter Herrmann was what he was used to his name. A boy who was the
son of a great German millionaire, who always visited Italy for business affairs. But his
last trip with his father turned out to be his last. One night on the roof of the hotel, him
and his father were having a conversation until some strangers came and raided the place.
They were after his father's fortunes, and they will kill anyone in their way. As they killed
his father slowly they were now after him, the only thing he did to escape was to jump.
And so he did so, falling on top of a car. As he was taken to the hospital the doctor didn't
know if he would life or not, and since his father died he had no family left. He was now
all alone. He was in desperate need of better medical attention but they can not provide
since he had nothing left. And so the "Social Welfare Agency" came in and made a
deal with the doctors, they said they will pay all expenses as long as they get to have the
boy. Then it was done, he was recovering and receiving more of the brain washing treatment.
Then he was taken to a room where he meet someone that will be important to him, someone
he was asked to study before he arrived. As stranger came closer, he spoke "Good morning
Mr. Russo, I'll be your assistant from now on."

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as you possibly can. Find me on Skype,
life is keeping me busy.

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by karuzo on 2008-06-25 00:45:44 (edited 2008-06-27 01:39:27)
i want to join the profile was a prototype it will be edited later


Name: Karuzo Zweihander

Codename: Fabrique Intercepta aka Death sight

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Weapon: Dual FN P90


Bio: A Former Specialized SAS soldier with cunning knowledge in the battlefield and camouflaged, Living alone as he moved to Italy, he joined the SWA accidentally but he did not regretted it, known to be serious but calm. Karuzo found his sibling on one cold and hopeless night, nearing to death's door, without hesitation he took her to the agency and became his child

The difference is their bond was different from his fellow handlers. Currently they lived in his house, acting Riana's guardian

A lolicon that has deep relationship and trust with his sibling


Name: Riana Itzuki

Codename: Sprial Trick

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Class: Heavy Gunner



Primary weapon: FN Minimi SWP -Vr. KZ-


Secondary weapon: CZ 100

Bio: A girl with painful past. She was abandoned by her family and orphaned by a gang leader and became a slave, she went intense suffering that nearly killed her, she managed to escape from the leader, but she was followed by the gang and went another series of intense torture, giving up knowing that she will die she cried, but she was surprised that someone saved her, but due to the pain she suffered she passed out. Later she woke up on a very nice room and lying on a bed, then she heard footsteps and a figure appeared from the balcony

"I am glad that you are awake"

She realized the person, it was the one who saved her, without any word she jumped out to the bed, he hugged her protector and cried.

"Thank you, thank you very much for saving me, I, Riana Itzuki promises that I will give my best for you as my payment in my debt"

From that day the two became the best in terms of anti- infantry assaults, and somewhat the girl show traces of calmness and strategical thinking just like her handler

Riana looked him as a father or a brother than a serious handler

Currently she is staying with Karuzo, attending schooling and working on a orphanage part time when no sortie

A loli that has unwielding love and devotion to her handler


Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-25 06:19:58
@Xero:Ah,so I see.I guess the dual MP5s is from Dino Crisis 2,I presume?But the game use MP5Ks for them.Ah,a pair of revolver handgun-exclusive user.Nice!

@Sagara:Check the link I post on rule #4.You may have to go a little browsing,though.

@Inx:To make it short,you'll need a pair of a handler(which is you yourself) and a child(no older than a child could live),boy or girl.Take some time reading infos about Gunslinger Girl to understand more(don't have to watch anime or read manga,but it'll help a lot).And remember,this RP's weapons involves real-life firearms,so no fictional weapons!

@KM Revolution:Finally,a heavy gunner for us!!Will be looking forward to your profile.

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by karuzo on 2008-06-25 23:34:29 (edited 2008-06-26 01:06:07)
@Snake- The profile was done please check so i can edit them

just tell me

the pictures gave me a headache.....

@Snake-i havent seen the anime and manga of this anime so bare with be

by the way i know there are questions that popped on your mind while checking my profile heheheheheh


Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-26 01:18:24
@snake: I finished it, just now xDDDD

Tell me if anything needs to be changed.

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-26 02:50:59
@snake: yup.. dino crisiss 2... MP5K.. they looked like Mp5 navey's to me... ah well.. im sticking to the Mp5 navys...

@Inx: LOL winry and maya natsume... tooke me a while before I noticed... no wonder they seem familiar....

@kazuro: 10 LOL and I though I hit the lowest age...

Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by Sagara on 2008-06-26 04:21:31 (edited 2008-06-26 04:21:50)
@Snake: Modified my weapons, are they okay?

@All: ^^Inx has the lowest age difference between handler and sibling.

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-26 12:16:25
@Xero: Really? I really don't know who they are, I just got them
at random. But the sibling image I used I have seen before.

@Sagara: You think its a bad thing to have a low age difference? xD

@All: I noticed theres only one male sibling~ *points at sagara*

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Re: Gunslinger Girl/Boy RP(Started!!)
Link | by on 2008-06-26 18:36:09 (edited 2008-06-26 19:26:44)
I guess that's about everything we need to start the RP.....Let's go through one more time,shall we?

@KM Revolution:Not bad......But remember that as a handler,we don't have much chance to fire our guns.But dang,that's a really nice P90 SMG screenshot there.I should save it.......Again,accuracy-wise,use one gun at the time to avoid unwanted stray shots.Uh,did I remember saying no .50 caliber weapons are allowed?That MG you got there WAS one of them!!It's a .50 BMG caliber MG from Singapore.

@Inx:A sniper,finally!!You have passed,bud.You may proceed.A .338,huh......Use it well.They're one of the beauties among sniper rifles out there....

@Sagara:Yup,they're OK and ready to go.

@Xero:And MP5A3s.MP5K have short barrel and no stock;you can tell it out from other MP5s out there.But man,it's really hard to tell which MP5s is it,since both the MP5N and MP5A3 have retractable stock.....If you look carefully at the first post's picture,one of the girls are holding a MP5k.

@All:Speaking of which,Inx's pair was the first pair to be all female......Well,if there's no problem,I'll start the RP soon.I'll need some time for the RP intro,though.......

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