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About Me:

Hehe, here are some great songs, together with my profile!! i hope ya like it!!!~~

Falling out of games/anime lover... now i'm more like someone who loves all friends xD i like cute thingies, and like to eat fried food, heavily sauced if possible... favourite drink... hmm, my favourite ish my shiny strawberry flavored milk!!~ i'm addicted to it xD i'm also the creator of one greet which many ppl like to steal >.< but whatever xD that'sh my hewoo® :3 bout music types, like mostly anything, like a lot japanese music too =p but too lazy to start adding names >.<

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Underground Empire: yesh! i got an underground empire!~ xD it's full of nice stuff... there are lots of castles and palaces and strawberry milk factories and flowery fields and games/anime rooms and hot springs and little houses and holes as entrances and huge pools and a huge storage and... and... and... @____@ wahh to many things xD

There are some people in here, who have some special stuff =) lemme start...

: for my dear sis Nay there's a huuuuge castle =D full of nicey nicey stuff ^o^ an enormous pile of candies/chocolates of al kinds, a factory to make some more, a "super-duper mega ultra gigantic bed" xDDD very confy and bouncy ^o^ and many many doggies, kittens, monkeys and bunnies!~ well, in short... a zoo! xDDD

: for my dear sis Riiko there's a big big palace~ but i dunno if she remembers when i told her 'bout it xD need to ask 'er what to put in here...

: for my dear sis Raven there's another huge castle, this one has her name on top of it in a flag!~ there's a biiiig big room full of sweet cookies of all kinds there =D and she makes parties there every weekend for her friends too!~

For my dear sis Nadinette there's a vewy nice palace... it has lots of windows and flower gardens (kinda like outside, but in a palace *-*) good-smelling candles light up the place when it's dark... well, they're on all time then, cuz this is underground xDD there's also a fountain with shtwawbewwy milk in it... *wants to jump in like mad... wheeee~ xD* and there also are floor carpets... soft ones there ^o^ *rubs face against them* and surely, sis xD

: weird, yup... but i can't find him >.< he's stuck somewhere in one of the holes xDDDDD

: he has a confy shadowy corner with a hidden private oranje juice dispenser... being in that place changes his font color gray sometimes xD

: need to ask him if he wants to be one of the guards of the place... hm... do ya think a big tasty bone can convince him? >.<

: hm... maia... maybe i'll give 'er a li'l housy over there... but i'm not sure yet xD she may blow it up >.>...

DRAGON NEGRO For Dragon Negro there's a dragon cave!!~ it's deep and huge ._.' and it's all dark... and there's a giant tv at the end of the cave xD looks like a cinema ^o^ the prob ish that i can't see a thing in there >.< so when i go there i carry one or two candles xD

Storage: yup, there's also a little storage here, i use it to save the stuff i got... for now it's kinda empty, but i hope it gets full soon!~

Bag of Red beans: some red beans gave me when i was working at my sis Riiko's restaurant... i still dunno what to do with 'em xD

Reis' Unlazyness Potion®: This is a potion of my invention xD it's kinda weird... i gotta make it better >.< when ya drink it, it makes your lazyness go away completely, and makes ya hyper xD the effect lasts one hour... but it has 2 side effects... >.< 1: after 1h of drinking the potion, the previous lazyness ya had before drinking it comes back and doubles, lasts 1h more. 2: during the active time, ya'll become addict to strawberries like me xD i gotta make it better... >.<

UT's headphones: headphones from Unknown traveler... i got my speakers already, so they're no use for the pc... but maybe i could use them to work as a radio or phone someday xD

Stomach medicine: a tiny bottle with stomach medicine from ... i got it at a day with a stomach burst xD but i still got it... hmm... i'll use it some other day =)

"uber-rare cookie", from gthg... got it at my shoutbox below xD i still dunno it's effects and how it tastes, but my mouth hurts out of too many candies to try atm T.T

"Acchi plushie", something else from Tanakacchi xD kinda looks like a teddy... me loves teddies ^o^ so i put it hewe =p thanks Tana ^o^

Bottled Firefly: this is a bottled firefly i got from ut... well, not exactly xD it appeared when ut fainted... so i caught it in a bottle cuz it was glowing, now it's my new lantern at night ^o^ it also talks... and it's name is Spirit :3 it described itself too: "Spirit: A glowing ball of light which Reis calls a firefly, that escaped from UT's body, and got caught by Reis with a bottle. Spirit likes strawberries" ah, yeah, forgot... that one's an addict to strawberries xD but nevah as much as me :3

Candy treasure chest: a candy chest from my sis ... it's huuuuge, but... nearly empty now xD just the strawberry candies... are... *-* *drools* thanks a lot sis!!!~~ ^o^

Mint Plant: a wild mint plant from ... hm... it's greenish... food for mint jelly monsters... *thinks* ...maybe if i mix it with clovers, orchids and edelweiss flowers, some water and a phial... i can make a healing potion xD wheee~ i'll go to the lab later xP thanks! ^o^

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
that in the pic is (well, was >.< got wiped :/) my char in l2! she's sweet, isn't her? :D

this is Misha!~ my favourite char from my favourite anime ^o^ (pita-ten) we have the same personality =p

and another one from misha! ^o^

this is a funny pic i made... the idea was from a friend, i just made the pic xD it's ed thinking about super mario... if he can become tall with a mushroom like mario does xDDD

hehe... i still got a lot to learn about html... but i promise that i'll try to make it better! (just one thing, i don't know when xD)

Switched light pink for some kinda stronger pink color :3 i loove~~~~~ it! ^o^ and the profile needed a tiny little update also... but dunno if this can even be called a update xD

ookay, and here's a shoutbox!!~ =D pwease leave me a message!~ ^o^

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