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About Me: heelooo my name is i am not a man,i am a 16 year old girl who loves animes and smexy fave animes.. naruto,bleach d-gray man DB And DBZ AND MANY MORE. i play some guitar and love to listento violinist and other strings. like the cello and the bass. i love anything good to eat. and also like people who aren't too sensitive.(annoying) i watch anime 24/7 mainly popular one. only ones that keep my brain thinking or are just plain cool. allenman- my CANAAN Avy made by Adel allenman-and my Ritsu(k-on) Avy Made by Emily allenman- My smexy Lavi avy Also made by Adel! - my Strawberry panic avy(kanameX momomi) made by Silent!! allenman -- Canaan Avy of Alphard made by Renma~!! allenman -- My Lelouche Avy made by Nare <3 allenman-- my Toshirou avy b Nare also <3 allenman Biri Biri Allen-- and My avy of Railgun allenman--my Entrail Animals avy allenman---k-on avy by GM-Senpai~! allenman --Yo, it's LSP from adventure time by my loved GM~!
Allenman i love RITSU TAINAKA~! the not so President, PRESIDENT(p.s this is not a claim..i just love Ritsu~!)
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