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How do I submit/correct lyrics?
To submit new lyrics or corrections to existing lyrics:
  • 1. Login to your account.
  • 2. Open the lyrics page of the song in question.
  • 3. Click the [EDIT] link.
  • 4. Paste the lyrics or make the appropriate corrections to the existing lyrics.
    For new lyrics, please include the URL where you found them, if you did not transliterate/translate them yourself.
  • 5. Click the save button at the bottom.

What is the capitalization standard for the lyrics page?
Foreign words and anything in Katakana should be in all CAPITAL LETTERS, everything else is lowercase. If an English word is used in a Japanese sentence, it is written in uppercase, using Japanese spelling. An entire english sentence or sentence fragment should be written in uppercase, using English spelling. Please notice that you do not capitalize the first letter of a line or sentence as you would in English! Mono-width spaces (the ones used in Kanji) are NOT to be used in Romaji!

What is the formatting standard for the lyrics pages?
If the Kanji lyrics are available, use the same pattern of line breaks for the Romaji and English lyrics. Otherwise, each measure should be on one line, with two line breaks separating sections. For those not musically inclined, it is safe to insert a line break after each pause in the song. If a line of Romaji or English exceeds 80 characters, it is probably too long. Please, do not re-format song lyrics unless there is an important reason to do so! Tabs and double spaces will be converted to spaces, so don't bother typing them. More than one blank line in a row will be converted to only one blank line.

What is the Open Lyrics Project and how does it work?
The Open Lyrics Project is a system which to allows any user to contribute and correct lyrics. The goal is to achieve quick, clean, easy access to lyrics information without relying on external websites (which often go 404). The lyrics may come from any source, and are reproduced under fair use. As a courtesy, the URL of the site where the lyrics were originally found is posted to give credit where due.

Some songs have no vocals, and thus no lyrics page. If you notice a song that has no lyrics, but still have a lyrics page, please let me know here.
All songs with vocals should have a lyrics page. There are 5 sections to every lyrics page:
  • Romaji should contain the original lyrics, even if they aren't in Japanese, with the exception that the lyrics originally in English.
  • Kanji should contain the Japanese text version of the song lyrics, which may be translated into Japanese from the original language.
  • English should contain the English translation of the lyrics, or the original lyrics if they are in English.
  • Discuss should ONLY be used for translation discussion! Do not use the Discuss section to express your personal opinion as unrelated to translation, or to request lyrics be added or completed. When you make a change to the Discuss section, please leave "----" next to your remarks, so your signature can be added.
  • History contains a log of all changes to the lyrics page you are viewing.
Due to the possibility for disagreement, and as with any wiki-like system, lyrics pages can be locked by staff. No changes can be made to a locked lyrics page. If there is an obvious error or missing lyrics on a locked lyrics page, please let me know here.

What is the punctuation standard for the lyrics pages?
Under the Romaji tab, no punctuation is used. Please do not use hyphens, commas, colons, quotation marks, exclamation marks, or any other punctuation symbol. The only visible characters should be Romaji syllables. Under the Kanji tab, regular Japanese punctuation is used. If you don't know how punctuation is supposed to look in Japanese, please leave it alone! Under the English tab, regular English punctuation is used.

What is the Romaji standard for the lyrics pages?
There are 3 major Romaji systems: Revised Hepburn, Kunrei-shiki, and Nihon-shiki. On this website, we use a form of "Toukyou" Revised Hepburn for the lyrics page, because it is easy to read phonetically. Below is list that will help you understand and stick to the way we do Romaji here:
  • Spaces should be put between words, including ALL particles! Verb endings stay attached to the verb.
  • カタカナ (Katakana words) → UPPER CASE
  • っ (small つ at the end of a word) → ~ (a tilde)
  • は (the particle) → wa
  • へ (the particle) → e
  • を (the particle) → o
  • おお → oo
  • おう → ou
  • うう → uu
  • し → shi
  • しゃ → sha
  • しゅ → shu
  • しょ → sho
  • じ → ji
  • じゃ → ja
  • じゅ → ju
  • じょ → jo
  • ち → chi
  • つ → tsu
  • ちゃ → cha
  • ちゅ → chu
  • ちょ → cho
  • ぢ → ji
  • づ → zu
  • ぢゃ → ja
  • ぢゅ → ju
  • ぢょ → jo
  • ふ → fu
  • 行く → iku (never yuku)

Why is there not a tab for lyrics in my language?
The mission of the lyrics system is to provide Kanji, Romaji, and English lyrics to songs in the music database. I understand some people may wish to read translations into other languages, but to allow this would increase the scope of the system to an unmanageable proportion.

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