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Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Matsuna on 2010-02-28 00:49:06
@Kamatari-Welcome to Malaysian thread. Make yourself at home.
Have fun and enjoy.

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by meyrinkay on 2010-02-28 11:27:33
Thx. It's finally settled down here.
I mean it's so quiet again after all the Pai Tee Khong & Chap Goh Mei firecrackers exploded non stop like there's WWIII.

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Desmond on 2010-02-28 16:40:56 (edited 2010-02-28 16:41:14)
woah..congratulations for achieving the Version 5 of the malaysians thread!

Anyway, i'm updating my membership for version 5....

Name : Kai
Age : 22
State : Sarawak
Extra : Currently studying in Australia, studying Business degree and will be graduating this december..

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-02-28 20:04:34
i watched it before
it was funny haha
Singaporean radio o.o

so you have not recieved ID card
/marks MCHIA and Dean
good ds emu o.o
what did you find?
tell me ;x

aww..i am so happy you like and precious your things so much ;o

becoming old ladies...
/heart brick'ed
/doodle in the corner..

+_+ no problem with the biscuits~

selamat datang ~
ingat kena baca sini dan buat profile untuk anda..
ok :o?

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-02-28 23:25:37 (edited 2010-03-01 22:18:31)
tadaima~~ i back, everyone!!

did anyone enjoy their CNY this year?? i hope so...
too bad it already 'officially' ended yesterday..

so,catch u guys schedule is getting more and more packed right now..T.T

and the reply..mayb i should write...
nahh..mayb i save it for next time..^^ bye..


Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-03-01 04:46:40
Bonjour ~
im busy busy busy busy with homework homework homework...stupid homework...
geeezzz......hate it.............

hehe...hello Jo :D
(remain silent.....)

hello XD thats ur shortcut name isnt it?
aizz...wadever.. :D
welcome...^.^ yoroshiku ~~
having fun :D

okaeri ~ ^.^
i not really tht enjoy CNY though....
well..the truth is...i keep on 'give away' my money la...wuuuT.T
u wont need to reply, juz save it to next or next next or mayb next and next and next time...LOL:D
by the way...i like ur siggy..nice :)

tata~ im goin in my dreams now ♥


Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-03-01 06:18:24
Back from my hiatus.
It's been so long since I last posted here. Oh, well. :3


Maybe I should post more often.
Urgh, I would have done that if only I was not too engrossed in watching anime. LOL.

@ New Malaysian Gendounians
Hello, hello. Welcome to the thread!
Looking forward to knowing you guys.
Sorry I don't know you all though :P

@ Everyone else
I'm at a loss of what to say. T_T
See you guys soon enough. Hopefully my mental block will get better by then. :3

Well then, I'll be going off.
I guess I'll go read a book. :)


Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by meyrinkay on 2010-03-01 08:14:43
Ya lol, lupa pulak. Ok, then i shall introduce myself again here:

Name:KaZuMi (Shortened from my name. Tho i changed the S to Z, since it looked nicer)
Age: 21
State: KL
Extra:Lately i've been spending so much time sleeping only, that i seldom have time to do other things.

CNY was nothing. I ended up stayin in my room all the time, watching Kara no Kyoukai the whole CNY time, don't have the mood, really.

I guess my name was too long, but it's too late to change it since i alredy made my banner.
So, my short name's kinda kawaii, ne?

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by supernood on 2010-03-01 22:05:45
->Kazumi or Kazami ? XD-<
Welcome to Malaysian Thread

also meet my partner XD : Moe Chan

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Matsuna on 2010-03-02 07:17:52
Sorry guys I haven't been replying here very much. I now have Japanese lesson from the morning starting today. So I'm now very busy with lessons and other stuff. So sorry about that.

@Kazumi-Welcome back to Malaysian thread.
Have fun and enjoy.

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-03-02 08:30:07 (edited 2010-03-02 08:32:10)







lol,look and see...

on june or july I in KL soon!

yup!I become member of JPAM..

@kana-chan otosidama?same in look my pitcure on previous page.this picture is red packet or angpau for chinese new year.for malay and indian have their packet.

oh I see,batter you have study group than study alone...


selamat datang!kami mengalu-alukan kedatangan anda,buatlah macam laman sendiri...

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-03-02 16:24:31

Hello? Just passing by... I'm not a Malaysian though...


ag CarRoT

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-03-03 03:58:40
=.=" grAtZ! i have stomachache theseeeeeee dayzzz...
well, wad the hell is going on with ME.... bla...i don't know either...

:D haloo....
eufonius...i like this artist's song :D nice haha~~~~
especially this song -> Apocrypha
and Fate is pleasure to meet u ^.^

yah....u right , is kawaii since u can shortcut it and form it as Kazumi ^.^
nice idea...! haha
im juz a Fate :D haha
u see... im Fat & Ate alot [its true] it becames Fate...hehehe xD

dont mind me calling u nee-chan , juz got the feeling that u like a big sis for me haha :P
>.< i so admire u that u can learn japanese now...i'll hav to wait for 2 more years....awwww...
well...i did some study in japanese language, but its too hard for me to understanding it ... *sigh*
Gambate ~ ~

Happy belated Birthday XD
haha~~yesterday also my friend's b'day and we celebrate her b'day at sch canteen :D
they bought her 2 cakes from Secret good...>.<
too bad my b'day aready past...its on Jan >.<
hahaha~~having great time :D

o.o erm....hi to u too XD

Times Up, needa go...Ja-Ne
Mina san Zutto O-Genki yo Ne ~ ❤❤


Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-03-03 05:18:01 (edited 2010-03-03 05:21:02)
anybody heard EVANGELION 2.0 will premier in cineleisure damansara and tgv sunway pyramid tomorrow?

konbanwa! genki da neh?

FF13 international ver is out, heard torrent already available for xbox360 lol, pirate rulezz~!

hmm, the super clumsy and sickly moe-ness kira hasnt show up for quite long...

when will May'n concert in malaysia again?

ha~ not just SO4, already play Ace Combat6 3 playthrough(normal, hard, expert) and Project Sylpheed 2 playthrough(normal, hard).

till then, jaa neh!

loneliness = freedom!!!!

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-03-03 05:28:31
Reply time!

If you're looking for Kira, he's struggling with his net... Hope he'll be back soon...

happy birthday, my friend, hope you have a good future...

As for me....
Money goes in by tomorrow... *sob* T_T

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Matsuna on 2010-03-03 06:19:04
@Azwan-Happy Belated Birthday my friend. Hope you have a nice day. You have a point about studying in a group rather studying alone. But there's no one in my school is in the same level as I am. I was disappointed of that. And I did look at the picture on the previous page.

@Fate-I wouldn't mind calling you 'Nee chan'. When you start learning Japanese for the first time, it gets difficult. But in a few days or about a week or 2 later, you'll get used to it. I'm now an intermediate level of Japanese at the moment. I've studied learning it since 16. Till then, I can speak Japanese well. But I'm also concentrating on translation as well.

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by meyrinkay on 2010-03-03 07:37:41
Hah, kejap panas kejap sejuk. The heat wave comes & go, then suddenly it's raining cats and dogs. Got me on my nerve,lol.


I heard it, saw it in the Sun Star last week. Too bad 4 me. I just finish watching the original EVA movies during CNY, bought the 1.0 DVD but haven watch yet. Maybe till the 2.0 DVD comes out.

I think May'N should be here this month.


Anyway ur name is cool. Well, maybe like Fate from Nanoha Strikers, though. Anyway, since i like FAte/Stay Night, so that makes it more fuwa fuwa .

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by supernood on 2010-03-04 02:36:22
-> just passing tired nothing to do now >.>

-> Looking for work >.>

-> What a boring days i had >.>

-> XD

-> Sad....

-> still hlping translate Touhou Dota from Mandarin to English :D

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by on 2010-03-04 04:40:38






hi!if you want to learn about malay language.we can teach you!(if you want).


thank you...

wah,cake form Secret Recipe...

my birthday last year,my mom buy my birthday cake from Secret Recipe...

and this year,I celebrate at Kuala Secret Recipe at there...sad...

but never mind,my mom,my relative grandparents give me a money...


thank you!thank you!may god bless you...


domo arigatou!well,study group is batter.we can share the information and so on.don't be upset,keep try it!even you are senior or junior.they can help advice is keep trying and never give up!


sekarang ini cuaca tak menentu sangat...btw,belajar kat mana?

Re: The Malaysians Thread V5
Link | by Matsuna on 2010-03-04 07:06:54
@Azwan-Thank you for your advice. I always keep trying and don't give up. This is my 3rd/4th year studying Japanese in my Japanese school. So far, it's been fun. I have a speech tomorrow about Malaysia. I did it last year, but I'm gonna change the speech a little. A new student came there. I was hoping my friend is gonna be in the same class as I am. But I have to wait and see.

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