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Re: Front Page Discussion
Link | by inuyasha on 2015-05-16 23:47:43 (edited 2015-05-16 23:50:17)

To quote myself: It's because I've been super busy with my life lately. I am currently in the fourth week of moving states, and just started my new job today. As soon as I get my own place and internet, music uploads will continue to a daily, or at least almost daily, process.

Re: Front Page Discussion
Link | by AnimeCanuck on 2015-05-18 12:36:59
I just want to thank you, Inuyasha, for making the bold attempt to continue to add new songs to this excellent resource. It has always been there when I needed it most (I perform in an anime-themed improv group, among just being a more casual fan these days). Thank you! :D

Re: Front Page Discussion
Link | by sins on 2015-05-27 03:02:12
Please update the web with new song. it's so out-dated. ;_;

Re: Front Page Discussion
Link | by inuyasha on 2015-05-28 04:43:29 (edited 2015-05-28 04:49:07)
I move into my own place on the 13th. Please just wait a little longer. I promise updates will come shortly after then! I plan on taking my first day off after I move in to just update and update and update!

The only reason I can't right now is because my computer doesn't have internet. I've been writing these on the computer at work.

Re: Front Page Discussion
Link | by kazuki on 2015-06-01 04:14:41
Ah, and i was afraid that this site had died or something. I've always came to gendou for good J-music. Hopefully, the situations on your side will sort out as quickly and peacefully as possible.

shikimori kazuki chan

Re: Front Page Discussion
Link | by fein on 2015-10-13 02:15:51
Any news about some updates in new anime songs? after the LAST and ONLY new song from Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties being added? which was about 1-2 months ago?
from the post timeline above mine here till now, only barely see about 10+ to 20 songs in total being added to the site, and now it's.....back to LONG HIATUS again...

Although I can understand about being busy with real life and work, but still..., this kind of blank waiting is just insane... *sigh*
(I think most people in here already know WHY there's no new updates most of the time, but once again..., any new reasons that have pop up again and we don't know yet? would you mind telling us what happen, Inu?)

Re: Front Page Discussion
Link | by Rezajckim on 2018-02-14 18:25:26 (edited 2018-02-14 18:26:34)
Hello there.. If anyone visits, do please leave a message or two in the forum. I don't know. I came back after a year of inactivity here and thought I am so much thankful that this site still is alive, when other sites out there keeps on dying. Kudos!

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