Lyrics for Velonica from Bleach by Aqua Timez (Opening #9)

zasetsu mamire ryuukou ni magire shiawase na furi o shite utau
motto hashire to iikikashite mubou ni mo sotto kazakami e
kita michi o ichibetsu yutori wa gomen shimensoka sansen ni tsugu one game
yama ari tani ari gake ari chiri wa tsumotteku
hateshinai tabi no tochuu de machi no hazure ni tachiyoru
tsukareta ryouashi o sotto nagedashite nekorobu to kurikaesareru asai nemuri
nando mo onaji ano yokogao nando mo onaji ano kotoba o
ikiteru dake de kanashii to omou no wa watashi dake na no to

TABAKO no kemuri ga chuu o uneri utsuro ni kieru

kitto mada chikara naki osanai hi ni
minakute ii kanashimi o mitekita kimi wa ima
koraenakute ii namida o koraete sugoshiteru
honto no koto dake de ikite yukeru hodo
bokura wa tsuyokunai sa tsuyokunakute ii

mochiageta mabuta sekai wa haru da sakurairo no kaze o kakiwakete
haruka kanata e mukau tochuu kono nanohana hatake ni kimi wa ita no ka na
kono sora ni tori no shiroi habataki o boku ga sagasu aida kitto
kimi wa daichi ni mimi o sumashi ari no kuroi ashioto o sagashitandarou na

PIERO no you na kamen o haide taiyou ni wasurerareta oka ni tachi

tsuki no hikari o abite fukaku iki o suu
sara no wareru oto mo donarigoe mo nai sekai
nukumori ga nakutatte ikite wa yukeru sa
dakedo bokura ikiteru dake ja tarinakute

mebuku daichi ya buatsui miki ya kiesaru niji ya sugisaru hibi ya
yozora no SUPIKA shiki no fushigi ga oshiete kureta shinjitsu o sagashitsuzukeru bokura ni

doko made tabi o shite mo inochi no hajimari wa
ikite aisaretai to naita hitori no akago
koko de wa nai doko ka o mezasu riyuu to wa
kokoro de wa nai doko ka ni kotae wa nai to shiru tame
挫折まみれ 流行にまぎれ 幸せな振りをして歌う
もっと走れと言い聞かして 無謀にも そっと風上へ
来た道を一瞥 ゆとりは御免 四面楚歌 参戦に次ぐ one game
「山あり谷あり崖あり」 塵は積もってく
果てしない旅の途中で 街のはずれに立ち寄る
疲れた両足をそっと投げ出して 寝転ぶと 繰り返される浅い眠り
何度も同じあの横顔 何度も同じあの言葉を…

タバコの煙が宙をうねり 虚ろに消える

見なくていい悲しみを 見てきた君は今
こらえなくていい涙を こらえて過ごしてる
ほんとのことだけで 生きてゆけるほど
僕らは強くないさ 強くなくていい

持ち上げた瞼 世界は春だ 桜色の風をかきわけて
遥か彼方へ向かう途中 この菜の花畑に君はいたのかな
この空に鳥の白いはばたきを 僕が探す間きっと
君は大地に耳を澄まし 蟻の黒い足音を探したんだろうな

ピエロのような仮面を剥いで 太陽に忘れられた丘に立ち

月の光を浴びて 深く息を吸う
皿の割れる音も 怒鳴り声もない世界
温もりがなくたって 生きてはゆけるさ

芽吹く大地や 分厚い幹や 消え去る虹や 過ぎ去る日々や
夜空のスピカ 四季の不思議が 教えてくれた 真実を探し続ける僕らに

どこまで旅をしても 命の始まりは
生きて愛されたいと泣いた 一人の赤子
ここではないどこかを 目指す理由とは
心ではないどこかに 答えはないと知るため

Smeared with setbacks, lost in fads
I pretend to be happy as I sing
“Run further” I’m urging myself, thoughtlessly, but softly to where the wind is blowing
I glance back at the road which I came from and feel sorry that I have time to spare
Surrounded on all sides
What comes after a war is one game
“There are mountains, valleys, cliffs”
Dust is piling up
In the middle of my endless journey, I stop by at the edge of a town
I throw down my tired legs softly
If I lie down, I’ll end up repeating my shallow sleep
I’ll see that same profile over and over, hear those same words over and over…
“Am I the only one who thinks just living is sad?”

Tobacco smoke floats in the air and disappears into emptiness

On a day where we’re surely still powerless and young
You witness sadness that you didn’t have to see
Now you’re spending your time holding in tears that don’t have to be held in
We’re not strong enough to keep living on just completely truthful things
We don’t have to be strong

My lifted-up eyelids see the world in spring
I push through the cherry blossom-coloured wind
On the way to the destination of the far away other side, I wonder if you were in this rapeseed field
I search for the white flapping of a bird in this sky
Surely you’ll be listening carefully to the ground and searching for the black ant’s footsteps at the same time, right?

Tearing off a disguise like a clown’s, standing on a forgotten hill, in the sun

Basking in the light of the moon, taking a deep breath
In a world where there’s no yelling voice or sound of the plates breaking
Without sharing warmth, we can keep living
However, just living is not enough for us

The budding ground, the thick trees, the disappearing rainbow, the passing days,
The night sky’s Spica, the four season’s mystery, they taught us who continue searching for the truth

No matter how far we travel, at the start of life
We were lonely babies who cried out to want to live and be loved
Our reason for aiming for somewhere that isn’t here
Is because we have to in order to know that there is no answer anywhere other than in the heart

yes, that's mognet's way of translating katakana words

"speaker" is not correct. i've talked with the translator and he admitted that it was spica and he just assumed it was speaker without looking at a dictionary because it looks a lot like it.

-- by metz at 2009-06-18 19:33:51

I agree with you, but "Night sky's speaker" makes no sense compared to "Night Sky's Spica" especially the word Speaker was put in by Riiyachan in Romaji, although it clearly was an english, the kanji showed no english words, save for one game.

-- by maakuni at 2009-06-17 13:53:43

well there's a lot of different ways you can translate a song, but i've spent hours and hours perfecting my translation so i put it back to that...

-- by metz at 2009-06-08 13:37:23

I'm not sure if the changes made recently are correct, but i'm feeling that they're not. Whoever made these changes changed meaning completely. Could someone see if they're correct?

-- by maakuni at 2009-05-25 14:18:10

I'd say Black ant's footsteps because the ant can vary in color, black ants being a species of ants. As for footsteps, there's no way to color them unless you put something under your feet. So Black footsteps would just sound odd.

-- by maakuni at 2009-05-08 14:01:47

And is it 'black ant's footsteps' or 'ant's black footsteps'?

-- by shiindara at 2009-05-06 17:59:17

I lined the lyrics according to song sequence... no change to meaning or whatsoever, but I felt its easier to follow when you're listening to the song.

-- by shiindara at 2009-05-06 17:56:09

Coloured is considered to be wrong in America. Over there they spell it Colored.

-- by maakuni at 2009-04-15 12:15:21


what do you mean? I don't think I had any spelling mistakes, unless you consider coloured to be wrong

-- by metz at 2009-04-14 15:46:10

Even if the English translations do portray the correct meanings, the spelling requires correction.

-- by wolfisticq at 2009-04-13 13:55:06

To farez, please READ the RULES before editing.
There should be NO quotation marks under the Romaji tab.

-- by boonwei_29 at 2009-01-18 20:59:04

yeah, zasetsu.
saa setsu is dattebayo version.

-- by andy_s at 2009-01-18 04:31:08

The previous version of the Kanji lyrics look more like the official version.
Will romanize the previous version.
'zasetsu' is correct. It means 'setbacks'.

-- by boonwei_29 at 2009-01-18 04:24:56

We should wait for a better lyrics of this song; or anyone can Romanize the v1 Kanji lyrics I put there.
It's pretty much better aligned than the last I posted. Anyways, feel free to edit it for corrections.

-- by shin at 2009-01-17 22:50:14

zasetsu mamire ? or saa setsu mamire ?

-- by andy_s at 2009-01-17 21:21:35

The Romaji lyrics are following the lines of the Kanji lyrics.
It looks off because the Kanji lyrics have very few words per line.
They should be the actual lyrics.

-- by boonwei_29 at 2009-01-17 01:57:32

Is it just me, or do the Romaji lyrics seem quite off? I'm not sure if it's the actual lyrics, or just the way they're lined up.

-- by maakuni at 2009-01-16 14:40:04

I hope.

-- by shin at 2009-01-16 11:04:46

another version of velonica lyrics, but i hope these true.

-- by hisshoushiburaikenryuu at 2009-01-15 05:21:41

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