Lyrics for Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't be late from Macross Frontier by May'n (Episode 1 Insert)

juuryoku hanpirei
kazan mitai ni hikaru FEEL
kimi wa shiten no
atashi no beating heart
mousou no GALAXY
suberi ochitara POISON sea
nan oku kounen daitan na KISS de tobikoero
tsugi no SUTEEJI ni ikimashou

motteke ryuusei chirashite DATE
KOKO de keu na FAITO EKUSUTASHII kogashite yo
tondeke kimi no mune ni sweet
motto yukushite ageru AGERU
iteza gogo kuji Don't be late
Don't be late lovely date

yurasarenai no wa
itsuwari no kimi no unmei (hoshi)
bibou to iu na no hakanai kiseki
isshun no romantic toketara sugu ni it regrets
mujuuryoku joutai chi ni ashi mo tsukanai omoide mo
kono uchuu (sora) ippai
kodou narashite ai o agetai

motteke mogitate pretty chance
muri ni kazaranai de sono barrier yabutte yo
tondeke miryokuteki na part
mugen ni hirogaru
heart yurashite ageru AGERU
otomeza umare FASSHINEITO

kizutsuite mo
The future of my love and life is not gonna say good-bye!

motteke ryuusei chirashite DATE
JIKA de keu na FAITO EKUSUTASHII kogashite yo
tondeke omoi todoke speed
mugen ni hirogaru
heart yurashite ageru AGERU

tondeke toki o koeteku
fukasa jibun shidai
heart yurashite ai o ageru
iteza gogo kuji Don't be late
重力反比例 火山みたいに光るfin
君は知ってんの あたしのbeating heart
妄想のギャラクシー 滑り落ちたらポイズンsea
何億光年 大胆なキスで
飛び越えろ ハラペコなの♪

持ってけ 流星散らしてデイト
飛んでけ 君の胸にsweet
もっとよくしてあげる アゲル
射手座☆午後九時Don’t be late
Don’t be late lovely date

赦されないのは 偽りの君の運命
美貌という名の 儚い奇跡
一瞬のromantic 溶けたらすぐに it regrets
無重力状態 地に足もつかない 想いでも
この宇宙いっぱい 鼓動鳴らして愛をあげたい

持ってけ もぎたてpretty chance
そのbarrier 破ってよ
飛んでけ 魅力的なpart
heart 揺らしてあげる アゲル
乙女座生まれ ファッシネイト

The future of my love and life is not gonna say good-bye!

持ってけ 流星散らしてデイト
エクスタシー 焦がしてよ
飛んでけ 想い届けspeed
heart 揺らしてあげる アゲル

飛んでけ 時を越えてcool
heart 揺らして 愛をあげる
射手座☆午後九時Don’t be late

Inversely proportional to gravity
A fin that shines like a volcano
You know
My beating heart
A galaxy of delusions
If you slip off, it's a poison sea
With a bold kiss, fly over millions of light years
I'm starved ♪
Let's go to the next stage

Take it, on a date where comets scatter
A rare fight here scorches the ecstasy
Fly, sweet to your chest
Leave it to me
I'll, I'll make it better
Sagittarius☆9pm Don't be late
Don't be late lovely date

What won't be forgiven
Is your fake destiny
A fleeting miracle known as 'beauty'
A moment of romantic; if it melts, immediately it regrets
In a state of weightlessness, my feet don't touch the ground, not even my thoughts
I want to sound the many heartbeats
In this universe and give them love

Take it, a freshly-picked pretty chance
Don't decorate it ridiculously, break your barrier
Fly, a fascinating part
It spreads infinitely
I'll, I'll shake your heart
Virgo-born fascinate

Even if I'm hurt...
The future of my love and life is not gonna say good-bye!

Take it, on a date where comets scatter
A rare fight nowadays scorches the ecstasy
Fly, a speed that reaches your thoughts
It spreads infinitely
I'll, I'll shake your heart

Fly, surpassing time
It's up to you to decide on the depth
I'll shake your heart and give you love
Sagittarius☆9pm Don't be late

'lovely date' is to say that her date (the person she likes or loves) is lovely.

-- by hepatica at 2010-06-06 17:28:02

lyrics scan

-- by shin at 2009-12-16 09:06:52

Apparently someone made a "correction" by ear and not based on the actual lyrics. Reverted.

I also edited the "o" particle as well; "wo" is generally the proper romanization but if Gendou has a different standard then feel free to change it back.

-- by mewarmor990 at 2009-05-23 01:10:06

Yusaranai? Wtf? LOL, changed.

-- by rubysakura at 2009-04-06 16:58:57

It should be 'every date', instead of 'lovely date'.

-- by fatimmortal at 2008-07-12 11:01:48

V6 now, fixed a minor spelling error. I also forgot to note in the last post that phrasing and spacing has been edited to follow the original lyrics.

I'll get to translating next if someone hasn't done it already.

-- by mewarmor990 at 2008-05-08 03:18:27

I completely transliterated the Romaji section from scratch to comply with site Romaji standards and eliminate many errors that appear to have come from people trying to do it by ear. The romaji lyrics will now follow the original lyrics exactly as they appear on the CD case insert. I am 95% certain that I have done it correctly so please double-check before making any more changes to V5.

May'n sings "yukimashou" in the first stanza, but it is written as "ikimashou" in the lyrics. This is a very common change on the part of the singer as it makes the sounds flow better.

Several phrases in the song are sung differently than they are written, and the lyrics indicate so. For example, as rinzhen noted, "hoshi" is sung where "unmei" is written, and the lyrics indicate so with furigana. In the romaji section I have notated these in parantheses.

-- by mewarmor990 at 2008-05-08 03:16:31

Made two changes, according to the lyrics on the case:

Also took away the "uh" before "傷ついても…".
As for the "Don’t be late the lovely date", it sounds like she sings "Don’t be late lovely date". Changed that.

Please correct the lyrics again if I'm wrong.

-- by shimizu_mai at 2008-05-07 19:10:29

If I'm not wrong, the '運命' is pronounced here as 'hoshi' and not 'unmei'.
It's the lyrics printed on the case, a small fine print on top of the word, on how the pronunciation is.
Recheck again?

-- by rinzhen at 2008-05-05 22:49:10

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