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A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by MiCHiYo μ on 2006-08-23 23:59:02 (edited 2006-08-24 07:12:31)
To the Gendounian Community,

It's me, Michiyo.

Notice how I type formally (meaning complete with captialisation and all... just for this thread, at the least) for you guys? Well, shortly to come after my greetings is a little essay regarding one problem that the whole human race is facing. It's not huge, and I'd bet you'd say that, but read on first... and you’ll realise what a problem this is. You see, habits can be changed, but if not changed, it will be passed on generation to generation, and the next thing we all know, we've ignored the proper ways of life (just like courtship... ^_^). So before this affects the entire education system for the 30th century, might as well voice it out, eh?

If ever you have any comments, feel free to do so. This is, after all, my personal opinion, and it would help if you commented on it. It IS for everyone's benefit, after all. >_<

           I'm generally a nice, patient, understandable person, and a few things truly irk me. You're probably wondering what I'm talking about, huh? Well then, let’s get on with it.

           Text language is that little habit that most mobile users get used to, and ends up making a habit out of it. It is the use of abbreviated words or shortcuts to type electronic mails, instant messages, and the like. It's a widespread practice that has become socially acceptable since the SMS boom years ago.

           Blame it on my upbringing, personality, environment, or even on my zodiac sign (I’m a Gemini, by the way), but I dislike it. It’s not only me, probably... about half of the Gendounian population probably do not even understand the language! It’s a sign of laziness; it's more often than not painfully grammatically incorrect --- it's not THAT pretty to look at either.

           Keyboards were created with the exact range of letters that we need --- consonants AND vowels --- for a reason: to use them. Besides, I don't think the limit on a Yahoo! Instant Message is 160 characters, let alone the Quick Reply here in Gendou. What more on mobiles with a character capacity of 500 and more?

           "It saves time," so people say. I challenge someone who is guilty of the aforementioned crime to convince me that I am saving time just trying to decipher what in the world you are trying to say.

           I haven't even started on the words that are used. "Wer u?" is as bad as "Il slip nw."



           Oh, sleep! Haha, sorry, I was thinking you fell down the stairs and you were telling your mom or something. I didn't think you were telling one of your peers that you were going to get a little forty winks. You REALLY must forgive me and my momentary failures... errr... slips. The message was SO clear, after all.

           ”O hw annyng! M nt clir?! Wats so wrng wid wat m doin??”

           Do you really want me to tell you?

           Okiedowkie. No problem.

           Wat ur doin is rily annyng cuz u kip typng d way u txt. Hu lyks d way u txt nyway? Ts knda hard 2 rid. It tkes 4evr to undrstnd. 2 mny cnsnnts & nt enuf vwls, so 1 wrd cn b cnfzd wid anodr.

           We, as a generation, are fond of shortcuts. So much, in fact, that we are willing to sacrifice quality for a tad bit more time spent doing nothing. It's bitterly ironic how the little things we think benefit us are really hurting us in the long run. We live in a world of fast food that makes us fat, which makes us turn to crash dieting. We've forgotten how to spell. We've forgotten how to speak.

           I personally dislike text language not because of the mutated Taglish (here in my country, Taglish is a mixture of Tagalog, our national language, and English all in one sentence. I never thought I would live to see mutated, broken languages, but alas, I have been proven wrong.) that we have and misspelled, misused, mutilated words of even MORE languages (ah, yes... text language has butchered even Romance languages), but because of the repercussions on our society and capabilities as literate human beings.

           ...Ah, who am I kidding?

           Random_Gendounian: is so much fun!
           Michiyo: ei, gtg nw. C u l8r! =D

And, so, there you have it! Like I've said above, feel free to reply. Opinions are open, as long as you follow the rules and be careful and watch the language your fingertips are keying in. ^_^

You can leave me a personal comment in my message box in my profile.

Loves to you all,


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Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by i_want_to_flirt_with_drunk_sango on 2006-08-24 00:14:01 (edited 2006-08-24 00:17:29)
(I'm a gemini too! GO twins!)

I agree that using shortcut words like you=u and are=r is very lazy and annoying at any time, ESPECIALLY in everyday internet language, but in casual internet chat, LOL, IMO, and of course WTF are like completly new forms of words or expressions, internet slang if you will. (I use them in imformal chat only, I would never use it if I was serious.)

Slang language doesn't destroyed the English language, it's the accepting of it in intellectual society that does. So, I agree these shortcut words suck, in any case because it corrupts the language, but the abreviations and the occassional shortcut word are nothing but slang and are not going to hurt anything as long as they don't become the norm. No one uses internet slang in the internet business world, at least not where it matters!

Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by Ming-Chan on 2006-08-24 00:26:56 (edited 2006-08-24 00:33:40)
I hate using text too, but sometimes for words like By The Way, I write BTW instead. But I strongly detests using text like this : "U r rite, m on9 2nite & 2molo." This is SOO annoying, sometimes I have problems figuring out whats' going.

But, I admit, nothing beats rojak. Ever heard of it? Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, sometimes Tamil, and English together. Instead of "Saya hendak pergi ke tandas, adakah kamu mahu ikut?"(I want to go to the toilet, do you want to follow?), you get "I nak pergi toilet, lu mau ikut?" So annoying and irritating!!! BTW (see, I only use text like this) I'm a Scorpio.

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Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by Jomunga on 2006-08-24 00:27:52
17 |v|µ$7 |>1$$ `/0µ 0/=/= |-|4\/1|\|6 70 |234|) 7|-|3 1337.

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Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by MiCHiYo μ on 2006-08-24 00:46:08 (edited 2006-08-24 00:46:36)

hallelujah, jomunga... haha! nothing beats THAT!!!


here in the philipines, we have one that's a mix of english, tagalog, spanish ALL AT THE SAME TIME. they butcher every single language we've got, sometimes including bisaya (the second most used dialect in the philippines). for example, “pwde b hnay2 lng u? bka u gt tplok n u wil hit d slya. u tka cre f urslf, criño!” which actually means, “could you please slow down? you might trip over and hit the chair. take care of yourself, love!”

using abbreviations like BTW and OMG are fine, especially when there’s profanity involved. but to take the vowels out and replace numbers for some words and give readers a hard time, it think it’s just wrong... ^_^


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Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by Ming-Chan on 2006-08-24 03:19:58

Jomunga, what did you write? I can't understand it AT ALL!!

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Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by angelyuki on 2006-08-24 03:32:33
lol, what do zodiacs get to do with those?

@ming-chan, thats the 1337 language. its kinda easy once you get use to it ^_~

anyways, people use txt language in text messages because they want to save space and time, and typing on the phone isnt as easy as with keyboards. so, im okay with people who use it in phones only.

and yeah, people who use it in emails or threads are so annoying. they say it saves time, but it wastes some time when we try to read it and try to get the right meaning of the message.

the only abbreviations i can stand are those like BTW, BRB, gtg etc etc

Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by zenkyorex on 2006-08-24 03:36:31
Well, in this world we have lots of lauguages. And when they clashes(as in multi-racial country), they get mixed up. Ever seen or heard Singlish?(Singaporeon english)
It sounds so funny they deliberately use it in their movie!(and the audience especially kids love it)
So it keeps happening down every generation.


50 years later students will get to learn 'web-chatting shortcuts' and Hawaiian
in school!


Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by sai on 2006-08-24 05:50:23
Uhm... I guess if they use the txt language while chatting or smsing, then it's ok. But using it in forums are... Wrong... You type in txt language to give a fast reply. But you don't really need to hurry or anything to reply in a forum, it's not a chat after all.

As for the language mixing problem... Everything seems to be mixed up with english! Well, there's no helping it since english is a global language after all... Sometimes when people speak in Bahasa Indonesia they also use english words inserted here and there. That's because the english word sounds more simple and 'modern' than the original word. But geez, whenever someone overuse it i feel like i wanna slap them for even speaking... Instead of sounding cool by inserting english words excessively, they sound more like a failed american wannabe... If they try to be cool, then at least speak english completely...

So, my conclusion: Speaking with mixed language is ok as long as people understand you. But using it too much... Will have me feed you with poo. I mean stupid...

Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by koori-chanJUPPONGATANA on 2006-08-24 06:20:04 (edited 2006-08-24 06:21:09)
I'm okay with shortcuts as long as I understand it. Though I have to admit "txt language" gets on my nerves. I usually ask my classmates to send me a message so I won't forget anything the next day. Unfortunely giving my number away wasn't a very good choice, a few of my classmates send me messages late at night, ruining my sleep just to tell me this, "eLow,,, mSta 2log nyO?!? iNgatz kYo sA mGa gaGaWiN nYo nGaYoN,,, eHe,,,"

They texted me at 2 o'clock in the morning just to say, "Hi, how's your sleep? Be careful on what you're going to do now. Ehe."


Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by on 2006-08-24 17:12:02
Yes...I agree! Sometimes it's too hard to interpret what the person is saying, and it feels like you're speaking a different language!!

The only ones i use are yeah = ya, want to = wanna, and going to = gonna. ^^" I don't think those are considered very hard to understand, though...

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Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by hoheshii on 2006-08-25 10:18:19 (edited 2006-08-25 10:19:13)
@ Michiyo and Lord Shishio: (Hahaha, that rhymes) I'm a gemini too!

Just one thing, I believe its spelled "okie-dokie" not "okiedowkie"

But ya, I agree completely.

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Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by devils-angel on 2006-08-25 22:08:03
I also type in all corrected form. I was IMing with this girl a while back in my old city, and I used to type, not completely using the "internet-chat-type" talk, but a bit along the lines of it. She couldn't understand me (cause she wanted me to type like her. XD), so I did and then I started to see how a better of an idea that really was, so now I doit all the time. I do have some occasions where I have my own abreviations and stuff like saying "Hi" and "Bye".

Now with situation involving Cell Phones, people can either just tpye that way beacuse of what you said, they're more used to doing so, or they're just simply...lazy...dead on! ^_^


Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by on 2006-08-29 17:55:22
@Michiyo -

I love you. Seriously. I have no idea how people can assume that text-language saves time, when you have think about what letters to drop, what gets replaced with numbers, changing over what to what, etc. (Although I can surmise, with practice, it would become quicker, once someone becomes used to it...) And reading it takes even longer! I always assumed that the acceptable times to abbreviate words were to avoid use of profanity, or when there's a set precedent for it (abbreviation of latin terms comes to mind, as well as R&D, IMHO, and so on.)

Then again, as an aspiring writer, I feel it's important for me to use standard english when I write; I'll never get published if I pepper my writings with textisms.

Or it may be that I'm another Gemini who nit-picks, whatever. Or I'm just showing my age... I get a headache trying to read all those numbers and such. Get off of my lawn, you dang kids!

Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by MiCHiYo μ on 2006-08-29 18:09:17 (edited 2006-08-29 18:11:50)
LOL!!! >_<

i love you too! heehee... =D

hold on. what's R&D and IMHO...?

okay. it's obvious i'm not used to it. AT ALL.


maybe someone should make a dictionary of shortcuts here in gendou...

or, maybe not. scrap that. i'm contradicting myself if i make that suggestion come to life. can't have dAngel go around telling me i'm contradicting myself... heehee! >_<


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Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by Nosebleed Rey on 2006-09-02 09:40:08

i think its normal for people 2 use some shortcuts..ill give u some examples:

remember the 1st day u saw a keyboard and how much u are amazed on it..especially if the letters u push/tab/etc began appearing on the monitor..normally it would take days for a avarage kid to memorize the letters on the keyboard..then they would just say this :


people people..try 2 understand that maybe some of our users have a problem on their speech or maybe some people are used to it..^____^ tnx to CELLPHONE ADDICTION OR TEXT ADDICTION!

applause applause!! ^____^ i think my english in this post are better than the other threads..hehhee!

Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by #2 on 2006-09-02 21:43:45 (edited 2006-09-02 21:45:13)
17 |v|µ$7 |>1$$ `/0µ 0/=/= |-|4/1||6 70 |234|) 7|-|3 1337.

I'm not very good with the language but after several minutes of chin rubbing I think it says "It must piss you off having to read the leet."

In anycase, I agree with the notion that frequent use of programs such as instant messengers have a negative effect on spelling and punctuation once it becomes a habit. However, I also believe that since I'm just "chatting" with a friend through a program on a computer, I don't feel perfect spelling is necessary as long as he or she knows what I am saying. All my pals never use capitals or apostrophies. I prefer to use full sentences on forums and I encourage others to do the same (it is enforced on the forums I moderate too!) When it comes to actually have a conversation in person, you are not going to hear me say "el oh el!" or "be be el" though I imagine some would. I think it's all up to the individual to decide where the limits will be. I mean, how would you say that sentence at the top differently in person to make it sound "leet" and is there even a way of doing it?

Text language used as shortcuts do have benefits as in examples already described but also for note taking during lectures. They are your notes and since you can read them, why not. But of course, when it comes to writing your essays, reports, or even resumés, text language will be heavily frowned upon. I use text language frequently but can still maintain accuracy in spelling and grammar where it counts. My belief, use it when necessary but not to the point where it replaces your vocabulary.

Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by imppy on 2006-09-02 23:26:17
Eh, I'm not exactly used on making shortcuts whenever it comes to forums, it's just...wrong \(O_x)/ but I AM addicted to making shortcuts when it comes to tagalog chat, [eh, because I use dialect on texting].

so, I sgest we use cmplete wrds 2 mke ourslves undrstnd..k? [Send Message? Message Sent.]

Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by on 2006-09-04 12:13:11
R&D - Research & Development
IMHO - in my humble opinion

There are others, I guess... "IMHO" doesn't bother me, but "g2g" (got to go) does... I have no idea why.

I'm in favor of complete words. Also, grammar is underrated...

Re: A Little Insight on Txt Lnguage
Link | by on 2006-09-21 17:35:35
(damn it, free period's over!)
i can't read the whole essay yet, but i so agree!! text language is a bad habit.

err.. gotta go!

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