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About Me:

MiCHiYo's BLoG
updated [10.08.07]
peanut butter's all good. XD

This blog will be updated as much as time will spare me. Because I
cannot manage to drop by here as often as before (and that goes
along with the other sites and forums I am a memeber of), I
decided to splurge everything in one page to keep things a tad bit
simpler for me. I'll be back, I promise. This is temporary... or, I can
keep the blog forever. lorlz~!

michiyo is half-back!
still no messengers, but you can
definitely catch her mostly on the weekends
here on gendou and probably through e-mail.
don't forget to check her blog for updates!

i am a student disc jockey (DJ) in campus radio 97.1 wls-fm. if you've got infopop questions or requests, email me at
i would LOVE to help you out. my show is every saturday at 4:00pm. you could also text me during that time at

radio [space] greetlsfm [space] your message

and send it to 2311 for globe
350 for smart

to strike all that kinda hurt... i had to because campus radio has been reformatted. ergo, no more campus radio. *cry*

i am the one person you'll ever know with about a million names to begin with.
i love watching anime... i get hooked: i can't stop. i normally watch it on the net.
i used to be an ice skater for the philippine team.
i love to dance, especially jazz and hiphop.
i love to bake.
i am the youngest DJ in LSFM history.
i am a strong believer in and of God.
i am the 'youngest' Gendounian moderator, gendou-age-wise.

i want to be remembered...
...not for what i was, but for who i was.
...not for the projects i have done, but for the results and the outcomes.
...not for the achievements, but for the success.
...not because i made a difference, but because i touched lives.

aim :: djOriO
skype :: michiyo.yoshikuni
gmail ::
hotmail ::
yahoomail ::
got a question? need to chat? look up! it's right there!
(now, now... be clever. >_<)
if i'm not online, leave me a message. i'll get back to you as soon as i could.


WE are the hot and cool moderators of GENDOU.COM. Go ahead and get to know us! XD

to all those who has requested for yui's albums, i apologise for the long wait. i had many many
things to take care of, especially now that my final IB exams are coming in a month. it looks
like i would be not around for a longer period of time. but if you have any questions, all you guys
got to do is look up, because my emails are there! feel free to bogger me when you know you need to,
or just when you have the urge to do so. i will do my best to reply as soon as i could. you can also
send me private messages through here, and i will try to get back to you as soon as i could.
anyhowz~ here are the two albums. YES! TWO albums. a newly released album is now here for you to grab.
have fun!

Yui - From Me To You                      Yui - Can't Buy Me Love

i took the links down because it is against the rules to post full albums in public.
let alone the fact that i'm a mod, and supposed to be a good example... -_-"
what i can do is put a list of the albums and songs i have here, and if you want them,
i can pm the links to you. ^^

profile to be updated soon.

beware. the QueeN oF SiGGieS is here. kill that mr. scrolly or your siggy goes BAI BAI.
it's solidarity month! let's be united!
+[-- GeNDouNiaNS: i am half-back! visit my blog by clicking on the siggie banner! updated: 12.07.07 --]+

~*..:: i'm never going to give up... if i do, then it wasn't worth trying. ::..*~  
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