Silent Destruction
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About Me: Hello to all who take the time to read this. :) My name is Matt or Nakamura (anime name) :P I idolize anime, and all of its glory. Few things you should know about me. 1. I'm a nice guy who loves making new friends. 2. I hate people who are rude for no reason, they grind my gears >.> 3. I will talk your ear off about anime xD giant robots are awesome. 4. I love to write anime fanfics and novels, my latest novel in working is Blade Of A Necromancer. If you have an account on The Otaku you may have stumbled across my site. 5. I am a photoshop nOoB. I'm currently trying to better myself in it day by day. 6. I love video games, Final Fantasy, Dynasty Warriors, etc. 7. I want to learn how to draw :( teach meh? 8. I like all music from jpop to jrock, to little metal, alternative, and hip hop. 9. I idolize Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho),Ichigo and Hitsugaya (Bleach), L and Lite (Death Note), Naruto and Shikamaru (Naruto). 10. I love life :O shockingly. Anyway, it was nice posting this. xD

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