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About Me: In order to be able to integrate into life in Korea, it is certain that you must know Korean or in other words, have participated in Korean language classes or self-study. The Korean government allows students to work part-time, however, you need to make sure that your study will not be affected. With smartphones, you can install sims in Korea and connect to the network, Amec recommends that you find out more about this issue at mobile phone stores in Vietnam or buy a phone in Korea after getting an Alien Card. Residence for foreigners) and over 21 years old (Korean age). A TOPIK 4 tape is often a common condition for university admissions. Are you going to study in Korea or are planning to study in Korea in the near future but do not know what to prepare and how to prepare, which luggage is needed and which luggage should be prioritized? With the addition and amendment of the Immigration Control Law, South Korea will not allow its fiancée / fiancée to report domestic violence to invite their spouse to enter the country for the purpose. get married, no matter how long their sentences are over. According to the Ministry of Justice's announcement on October 7, the prohibition enactment is part of the government's next measures to improve the immigration marriage system and prevent violence against immigrants. settle on the road to marriage. South Korea prepares to enact laws banning domestic criminals from domestic violence from marrying foreign brides after a man beat up his Vietnamese wife after the incident. During 3 hours of shocking public opinion, Yonhap quoted the Ministry of Justice of Korea as saying on 10/10. Followers of a research course, before entering Korea, must have a permit from one of the agencies such as the Korea Research Institute, the university or the relevant Korean agency. Korean Government Scholarship: The Ministry of Education provides a scholarship program for international students from countries where Korea has bilateral cultural treaties. On average, an international student is allowed to work over 28 hours / week during the course and 8 hours / day on holidays. (Korean students) Thanks to the enthusiastic help of SOFL teachers, I was fully capable and confident to use Korean in daily communication and daily activities in Kim Chi country. See more : khóa học tiếng hàn giao tiếp tại đà nẵng

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