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About Me:

Basically I find that translating or more accurately Romanizing Kanji to Romaji or vice versa is somewhat kinda fun, thus, I made it a "hobby" thingy.

By the way, I'm an approved lyrics editor and again more accurately, lyrics Romanizer at animelyrics ummm, pretty reliable I guess.

and I studied Japanese for about 5 years already and am exposed to anime/anisong the second I was borned hahaha, ← seriously.

So, yeah, I don't go around the net and copy paste lyrics and I don't use translation machine at all.

P.S: Translation machines can be miles off the original meaning and there will be like 75% that the machine will got the pronunciation wrong.

and yup, I do collect figures. Has spent more than 28,700円 on Figma, and about 5 years studying Japanese and countless hours "romanizing" Kanji to Romaji. (at least 200 songs' lyrics up to now, including other sites')

You can also find me here:
if you're a hater and want to kill me
Nah, just joking :P

Status: Semi-Active, School Started >.>
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