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About Me: Whoa dude. Who are these people on your profile?
The Fifth Paen. A group of four-ish people living in S-a-c-h-i-e-l's
head that made characters on his Rock Band - with permission,
of course. You're talking to Moby, by the way.

So, like, what are you people?
We're like what you'd get if you put your personality into a blen-
der and strained out different aspects of your personality, then
cultivated each one until it had its own personality. And voice.

I sort of see... I guess. If I have a question, where do I ask it?
First, glance out our little bios down there and see if it helps.
Odds are it won't.
True, but check it out anyway. Afterwards, should your question
still be in need of an answer, that's what shoutboxes are for.

Ask it there. If it's a bad question, I'll roast you over an open fire.
I apologize for her behavior, really. I'll answer it the best I can.
Thanks, I guess. I'll post down there whenever I have something
to say, then. See you around!
Sw33t! Drop me your gamertag on the way out!

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