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About Me:

oNe aNd oNLy mE. . .

im mikha . . ^_^

a girl who's super kuliT...

a girl who is a computer freak...

a girl who love someone who loves me.. ^_^

a girl who's looking for nobody... but him... ^_~

cUt!!!! !
ilove to play ragnarok!!!! rock on!!! ^_^

i love to play "drum mania 10th mix" at timezone!!

i love to sleep... hehe

i love to go to the malls.. or just mallhoppin' ^_^

i love to play tekken5 at timezone!!!!!!! ^_^

i love KAI RI... hehehehe dba?? heheh... ^_^

oN thE otHersiDe oF the storY...
im childish... hehe...

im boyish.... any problem with it?! hehe.. ^^.

i like to hang with my friends.... ^^,

i love to watch tv.. hehe..^_^

i love my kai ri... (nsbi ku na un dba?! hehe..)

i love to laugh... tawatawatawa.. hehehe


:::heY!!!! im still updating my profile!! so dont worry!!! hehehehe!!!!:::

"promises are ment to be broken, then why promise?"

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