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About Me: alice Pictures, Images and Photos Hello guys (: Maika here! A brief intro about myself Name :Maika Age : 15 Gender : Female Country : Tiny Singapore Height : 164 Weight :50 Favourite word : LOOL Hobbies : Singing, drawing, acting, dancing etc. Favourite quote : Everything will be alright. Okay (: apart from the info above, I also have a little YouTube account where i make fandubs, duets, drawing tutorials and just normal drawing, MMVs and others (: If you want to check it out, just type in KHWARNYO and you should be there ^^ apart from that, i also aspire to create my own manga and my drawing style is some what similar to Arina Tanemura!~ i LOVE her works and i want to be able to draw just like her when i grow up. so thats all for now (: Bye bii! pink music Pictures, Images and Photos
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