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Now about me........hmm.....Well I'm just your average Anime/ RP/ Manga lover. I is very random and spontanious. I say Gao alot, which I usually say when I am either proven wrong or have gotten hit or don't like something. I love stand-up comedy, LEGOs & Yu-Gi-Oh (I'm weird like that). Scrubs is my favorite TV show, it makes me laugh so much. I also love skateboarding with my longboard. I play an awsome Custom Telecaster (look it up noobs), and I love it. Touch it and you die. PhotobucketPhotobucketlpbomblpbomb<-Last 2 Made by Stel
"In life, unless it costs you something, its not worth anything at all"-Dominic......."A dream to get everything back the way it was? But once you have it, what will you do with your life? The pleasure of a dream is that it's a fantasy. If it happens, it was never a dream"-FMA
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