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About Me: My birth day is Feb 23, I live in Massachusetts, im Gothic even though I may not dress the part, my heart is dark as they come. If you talk smack I give it back and back it up, I give all who i recently meet respect untell the respect I give is miss used. Over all im a preaty nice guy to be and in vid games ill give you a run for your money, I'm good in shoting, raceing, fighting, or a mix of all 3. Quote of the Mouth: As the waves of time wash over my feet from the sand of time itself. I stare out and sigh for that things, are never forever. As I see this my heart crumbles as I to is crumbling into the waves, forgotten into the waves of time.
As the Dance of Death plays out with the Song of Blood, I do not fear the swift moves of the dancers. For I'm drawn into the hypnotic vibes of the song and of the movement of the dancers, for I too dance to the same song as they.

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