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About Me:

While I watch a fair amount of anime, I prefer manga. You can usually find me reading psychological, horror, sports, and assorted shounen manga. The manga I'm currently following are Kokou no Hito and Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup), though I check back on quite a few others several months at a time.

The vast majority of my iTunes collection consists of Japanese visual kei, foreign pop/rock, electronic, industrial, and indie music. Furthermore, I have the most songs by artists such as Arcade Fire, Buck-Tick, Fun., Muse, Mutemath, Rentrer en Soi, SID, and X-Japan.

My regular haunts:

YouTube [username: KageBakemono2398]
The Spectrum Nexus
Manga Traders
MSN Live Messenger


I was a person back then. I could smile and laugh and... feel. All the colors... all the hurt... all the laughing... it all went away. All of them.

They used words like brain damage... and cerebral trauma. But even then I understood. I was safe... safe from the bad thing.

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