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About Me: My name will go down in gendou history! The Alpha wolf Isis, one of the legendary wolves of A wolf to remember. Wolf Legand of Isis! A wolf with attitude. i'm in gryffindor!
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Name: Isis Age: 22 (154 wolf years) Height: 5"4" Born March 31, 1987 My wonderful children in birth order are:Tai (Shinji), and Fenir(made up character). Tai and Fenir are twins, Rukia, and Sasuke. I love everything anime! I have a wonderful love Ryan who is my future hubby. We are soulmates no doubt! We are expecting a little very soon!!! I am so happy. I am an adventures person who loves the outdoors. I love weapons of all kinds especially guns and swords. I hope to start my own collection soon. Description: White female arctic alpha wolf,blue eyes, and a soul that can kill Powers: Fire, water, electric, moving things with the mind, identity tranformer, built in AK47, magic, undetectable invisibility, mind reader. The rest is a mystery to all. Friends join the Ronin and Isis Fan Club!! Email me at or, or talk with me on AOL. MY aim screenname is Kawai lobita. My ym is My Skype is Kawailobita or Isis...i my msn is, and my Skype is kawailobita. That's all for now i guess..hehe! Smell ya later! Critic Frestyle Arena: [Victories:3 Lost:3 Ties:0] I beat Critic!! Avvy made by dbt11 Avvy made by Kurluu V Avvy made by hakuro1231 Avvy made by Inuyasha Avatar and siggy made by Suzaku Avatar made by my wonderful sister Lacus

I LOVE THIS ANIME!!! It is awesome in so many ways !Wolfs Rain rocks.
My anime husband Jin rocks!!
This song is soo funny. It cheers me up and makes me laugh.
Look deep within your soul and you will find the spirit of the wolf.
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