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Singer Fashion Mate 3333 Sewing Machine Review

No matter if you are a learner or already in a profession, things can be pretty hard for you if the sewing machine is not in a good condition or not capable of sewing. Most of the top sewing machines for beginners come up with some features that are attractive, useful and friendly for user to make them successful sewer in the future. Today we are talking about one of those sewing machines.

We have got one amazing and incredible sewing machine for you from a well-know brand Singer. Today we are talking about Singer fashion matte 3333 which is just not suitable for home sewers but fashion designers as well. Let’s get you into the details.

Built-in Stitches: 

Singer fashion matte 3333 is the kind of model that has come up with 23 built-in stitches including decorating, basic, fashion and many more. It has also additional 4-step buttonhole which can make your task easy and fully professional. For the selection of stitches, you need to turn the dial and your desired stitch will get selected. This is not a complicated machine to get started.

Top Drop-in Bobbin: 

The top drop-in bobbin system in this sewing machine is easy to use as well as convenient to keep an eye on. Bobbin has a clear cover so you can always keep an eye when the machine is running out of thread. You can always monitor the thread and keep winding bobbin in spare to fix it inside the sewing machine.


Free-arm is an important and attractive feature in this sewing machine for beginners who are looking for some ease in work. If you want to reach difficult parts of the garment, you can go for free-arm sewing. There is also a storage compartment located in the sewing machine and when you will remove the arm from it, the storage compartment will be visible to you.

LED Light:

This sewing machine fashion mate 3333 has LED light to help you in viewing stitching area. Led light is powerful enough to illuminate the whole area and you have the privilege to look at needlework with much clarity without any strain on eyes.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame:

In some of the sewing machines, you can see how machine start skipping stitches, can’t stand stable on the desk or vibrate a lot. All these problems may happen due to the irregularity and weakness of the frame. Singer fashion mate 3333 is an amazing sewing machine that has come up with a heavy-duty metal frame to increase the life span of the sewing machine and to make it stable on desk.

Built-in Needle Threading System: 

Sewing machines often consume a lot of time of user in the threading process. This can be hectic and annoying for the user who is new and knows nothing about the sewing machine. Modern sewing machines are smart and efficient and now brands are focusing on saving the time of sewers instead of giving them long processes of stitching and threading to complete.

Singer fashion mate 3333 sewing machine has a built-in needle threading system that can snap thread and go through a needle in just a matter of seconds. This will save your time and you can work right away. The effortless process of needle threading will make your sewing work faster and easier as compared to old models before.

Selection and Adjustment: 

Some of the top sewing machines for beginners have come up with features that are advanced but drawbacks are that there are no adjustment and selection knobs. This can be frustrating for you because if you are sewing project after project then you need to change settings in a few minutes with the help of knobs.

This model has a selection knob through which you can select the desired stitch for sewing. This sewing machine has also come up with an adjustment knob that can increase or decrease the length and width of the thread. You can always adjust thread according to the requirement of the project and you will be able to see quality stitches on fabric.


Accessories that are with Singer fashion mate 3333 are zipper foot, buttonhole foot, all-purpose foot, button sewing foot, bobbins, darning plate, pack of needles, lint brush, auxiliary spool pin, an edge guide, thread spool cap and much more. All these accessories will make your work easier and fast in no time. If original accessories are lost then don’t use duplicate accessories in different material.  These duplicate accessories can make your work way too difficult and sewing machine will start jamming.


Singer fashion mate 3333 has come up with 90 days warranty for adjustments, rings, bulbs, and belts. It is providing 2 years limited warranty for light assembly, wire, motor, electronic components, and speed control. 25 years warranty is available for sewing machine head in case of any broken part of a technical fault. This sewing machine can work on difficult and intermediate projects for a long time without spending your money on repairs after a short period of use.


The other features of this sewing machine include the light-weight feature, 4-step buttonhole, sewing assistant app, micro storage place and much more. The compact design of this sewing machine doesn’t occupy too much space and it can stay stable on desk. This sewing machine has strong features to help you in moving forward professionally like needle threading, adjustment options, easy bobbin winding and much more.


You can also read Latest Reviews of Top Singer Sewing Machine For Beginners You Should Buy Today to elevate sewing game. It’s extremely important to have the right sewing machine on your table and to make sure that features of the sewing machine are working for the kind of projects you are attempting. In a few cases, people end up with wrong sewing machines and it can cause them trouble in between the work.

Singer fashion mate 3333 is the perfect stitching machine when you are looking for something simple yet affordable to polish your skills. You can cover up almost any kind of project through this sewing machine and its skip-free stitching quality will make you satisfied from its performance.

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