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About Me: Loves Anime___ Mostly listens to Japanese music___ Fav. Anime:___ Naruto_ Bleach_ Death Note_ Yu-Gi-Oh!_ Yu-Gi-Oh! GX_ Blood+_ Full Metal Alchemist_ Code Geass___ Fav. Characters__ Zane Truesdale_ Toshiro Hitsugaya_ Heero Yuy_ Edward Elric_ Roy Mustang_ Ryoma Echizen_ Killua Zaodyeck_ Sasuke Uchiha_ Duo Maxwell___ Fav. Bands__ L'arc~en~ciel_ UVERworld_ Psychic Lover_ Asian Kung-Fu Generation_ Garnet Crow_ Jinn_ BOWL-------Friend Code on Pokemon Diamond---3351 4049 4192...Anyone have Diamond or Pearl?
Everyone's crazy......what, You're not? with it. ^_^ Nan Kuro Nai Sa!

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