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About Me: Professional Graphic Designer Dynamic and innovative professional with 6+ years of invaluable hands-on experience in handling several simultaneous creative design projects, concept creation, graphic design, animation, grand opening flyer, and visual conceptualization. I got a job after 3 years of my graduation through I saw job fair flyer. when you have a job or a career, you have self-respect, dignity, and self-worth. You are being responsible and making sure that you can take care of yourself. You are creating a solid foundation that you can build on to have a successful future. Equipped with the ability to escalate brand awareness by utilizing skills gained in the creative industry, being able to identify opportunities, overcome objections, build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with vendors, workforce, and clients, establishing a successful and lucrative company. Proud to be part of PhotoADKing domain and explor new venture.

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