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About Me: Male name A.J.ward, i live in PA chat on gendou when baby siting or when just want to. mostly bored, i have mood swings between hyperactive and a kind of depression when i just don't care about much but still not really depressed, i only like to make mech avatars but will make people avys for first timers or friends, when i go afk i am usually just looking at another website or watching anime so im always watching chat. im probably the best person to trust and cant stand liars.... Fixed for techx2006 deathcharge for yuli becase she did somthing for me: deathcharge for haseo: deathcharge for Star ninja: deathcharge deathcharge deathcharge for kuniyuka: deathcharge
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my other avys deathcharge deathcharge deathcharge deathcharge
All by me: My sig i made it blurry i added grit made it darker it made it look old you know: deathcharge deathchargedeathchargedeathchargedeathchargedeathchargedeathchargedeathchargedeathchargedeathchargedeathcharge

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