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Compare These Best Laser Level DW088K And DW089K

Watch DW088K and DW089K and ask yourself the difference between these two types, and should you have the latest and best version?

Should you be spending your hard-earned money on the latest tool or version that does everything you need without regretting it? DeWalt is considered by many industry experts to be one of the best manufacturers of tools and equipment for construction and other manufacturing purposes.

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For this reason, the brand's products are highly recommended worldwide.

Does DeWalt DW088K please all your needs?


DeWalt is no stranger to outdoor devices and construction tools. The company was founded in 1924 almost a hundred years ago. Over the past century, the company has gained a reputation for developing products that have proven very useful for all types of construction projects.

One such product is their laser levels. This handy little tool is widely used by the construction industry, civil engineers, and others to test the surface's extent utilizing a laser.

While DeWalt offers various lasers in its range, here, I will look at the pros and cons of the two most popular laser models - DW088K and DW089K.

Product guarantee

Both products have a three-year guarantee. This guarantee covers all defects and problems that can be attributed to faulty artistry and materials. However, the warranty does not cover defects based on parts caused during normal wear and tear of the device.

3 beam laser DeWalt DW089K

The DW089K is designed to work seamlessly for all professional construction work. It is accurate and reliable for the purpose. Besides, the operation is not delicate since it has a one-button activity and a problem-free control panel. You are not an expert in operating this laser level.

Like its counterpart, DW088K, it also has an extremely durable exterior. Besides, it has a very bright laser diode that can also be used in areas with a lot of ambient light. It is also one of the most accurate laser levels available in the class.

Product features

Some of its key features include a third beam that acts as a second straight line. A right angle is created on the ceiling and floor. It is a useful function if you want to design walls or walls if you're going to assign a room.

Like its counterpart DW088K, the three-beam laser level DW089K is equipped with magnetic shaft brackets to ensure greater flexibility on different metal surfaces, both on the list of proper laser levels—most of me for a reason.

The light point of the 620 diode laser at 690 nm <1.5 mW is twice as bright as that of a standard laser. It means that you can also see it in daylight on an external construction project.

Another feature of this laser level is the one-button operating system and the exceptionally user-friendly control panel. It means that within minutes, users can quickly learn how to operate all device functions to open the device box for the first time.

The device also has an exact micro-adjustment knob. Only a minimal adjustment is required so that you can align the 90-degree transitions.

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DeWalt DW089K has many benefits than you think!

The first difference - size

DeWalt089k is slightly larger than DeWalt 088k. In the comparison table, which I have given below, you will find all differences in size, weight, and everything that goes with it.

But yes, a little bit bigger can be impractical for you if you work on steady jobs. It can take up more space in your toolbox. The DeWalt DW089K shell is slightly larger than the DW088K round. But nothing big.

It is still small and handy. I had no problems using the DW089K laser level. Here is my DW089K Laser Level Review if you want to learn more about this excellent laser tool.

The second difference - weight

Because the larger it is, the weight of the laser level is also affected. Therefore, recheck the following table to see the relevant data.

It's harder to feel it holding both of them in your hand. Fortunately, we don't have to keep laser levels in our hands while we work. So that's the good news.

The bad news is that if you don't secure anything that you want to hang and fall off during your work, breaking the laser level is quite large due to its weight. Just make sure you have your laser set up correctly.

The third difference - Batteries

The DW088K laser level uses 3 AA batteries, while DW089K uses 4 AA batteries. So be prepared to spend a little more money on batteries as these tools use a lot of electricity. A tip would be: switch off the laser level when you are not using it.

Reliable differences - A third laser beam

DeWalt DW089K is a 3-beam laser level. The most significant difference at these two excellent laser levels is that the third DW089K laser beam creates an unusual 90-degree angle. This great feature, and that's why DW089K is currently my favorite laser level.


DeWalt 088K is a great tool. I have used it for many projects. And to be honest, most of my builders are still using DW088K. It's small, accurate, robust, and the best-selling product on Amazon.

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If you are a professional and want to seriously update all tools and utilities in building a business or DIY DIY, I would recommend thinking about upgrading and using your tools Laser DeWalt DW089K. It is one of the great laser tools for construction. This favorite at the laser level is the drywall installation program. Because when you turn on the third laser beam, an excellent 90-degree plan is created. And with that, the work of the person who installs the drywall is easy.

All you have to do is take measurements, mark everything you need, and easily create room extensions and frame walls. One more thing I think is a positive point for DW089K is: The laser line on which DW089K is illuminated is TWICE much brighter than the laser lines DW089K. It makes it more evident at longer distances and in sunny areas.

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