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What Should You Know About Hammerhead Compact Laser Level?

Hammerhead seems to have had some success at home in choosing cheap laser levels. These tools offer most of the basic features you can find at any advanced laser level - all at a significant discount. Catch what? So far, there doesn't seem to be one.

The features are there, people love them, and they have a 3-year limited warranty that looks very similar to that of a well-known tool manufacturer. Hammer's heads are available at different laser levels. However, this test focuses on the self-leveling line laser HLCL01 with the clamping device.


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It has a pair of standard AA batteries powering this compact hammerhead laser level. The laser diode offers as much power and range as you can find in many of the leading cross laser levels today. It is a Class II laser, which means that it is safe for general and public use (always according to the basic guidelines for laser safety).

Are you finding this fresh laser level?

Something you should take note about this laser level

According to Hammerhead, the laser runs continuously on an entirely new battery for 15 hours. Of course, this time depends on the quality and age of the battery used. However, 15 hours is an excellent uptime, and it is not too tricky to find AA batteries if you don't use everything at work.

The body of the Hammerhead Compact Laser Level is made of molded plastic. It does not achieve an IP protection class and may, therefore, be susceptible to dust and moisture. Be careful when using the laser near water or other liquids. If you get wet, you can lose them.

Also, be extremely careful not to drop or shock the laser. Some of the more powerful lasers on the market can withstand a slight drop - but you may not be lucky enough to miss it. Pay attention to the laser - keep it clean and dry and do not drop it - and you will be delighted with its performance in the long run.

NOTE: Hammerhead Compact Laser Level comes with a soft carrying case. If you look at more expensive lasers, you'll find that most come in a hard, padded container. There is a reason for this: the laser level's self-balancing mechanism is a sophisticated device and must be protected. Find a hard box for your laser or take special care not to hit it. You will be reliably rewarded with a long service life.

The range is 30 feet, and there are no compatible receivers or sensors to extend this range. Thirty feet is enough for most home projects, and the field can be effectively increased by moving the laser. Some have asked whether this model is suitable for outdoor use, and our answer is well sorted. It is essential to keep the laser close to the target - under 30 feet when indoors. The red laser identification glasses help, but you need to move the laser closer to the project to see it clearly in daylight.

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You can ignore these guides while choosing a Hammerhead Compact Laser Level

Professional tip

There are different levels of hammerhead lasers called "Compact Laser Levels." This review is discussed explicitly for the Hammerhead # HLCL01 model, often referred to as a "compact self-leveling cross-section laser with clamps."

Do not confuse this with model # HLCL02: "The self-leveling self-leveling laser is compact with a tripod." Although the specifications for the two models are very similar, there are some key differences:

  • The stand of HLCL02 is integrated into the laser body and thus significantly more extensive than that of HLCL01.
  • The tripod mount cannot be removed with HLCL02 - it is integrated into the laser body. The clamp on the HLCL01 can be removed entirely - it is a separate piece.
  • HLCL02 requires 1 AA battery, HLCL01 requires 2 AA batteries

The best choice for you depends on your intended use for the laser. We like HLCL01 because of its flexibility in assembly. Clip Mount is pretty cool! HLCL01 also accepts a standard 1/4 "mounting thread to be mounted on a standard tripod, a single tripod, or a ceiling mount (not HLCL02).

The great feature of this laser level

The surface is smooth and straightforward - just the way we like it! There are a slide switch and a button. The on/off switch controls the self-balancing mechanism - if "on," it tries to take care of itself when "off" does not. The laser mode button on the top of the device controls the laser projection. Click once for a horizontal line, only twice for a vertical line, three times for diagonal projection, and four times to switch the laser off again.

If you leave the slide switch off and turn on the laser mode button, you can use the laser without self-compensation to project user-defined angles and angles. Operation is somewhat intuitive, and most users get very quickly. Overall, we believe the Hammerhead compact laser combines multiple functions with a simple user interface.

Special features

  • Self-leveling to 4 °
  • Pendulum lock function for user-defined inclinations and angles
  • Multi-function clamp
  • Dull button surface for switching between the laser modes
  • Articles are included in the package
  • Compact, flat hammerhead
  • 2 AA alkaline Batteries
  • Clamp attached
  • operating manual

Accessories available

While there are no manufacturer accessories for Hammerhead's compact laser level, some optional elements can improve your experience. We want to suggest red laser identification glasses and possibly a laser tag to make the lines more visible in daylight.

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And if you work on ceilings, cupboards, or painted lines, you can benefit from several mounting options and the supplied clamps. With a 1/4-inch threaded tripod, you can move the laser around the room without adjusting the level. A 1/4-inch threaded tripod is useful for jobs that require you to move quickly. Create rough markings and measures.

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