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About Me: an otaku (i guess...) and if you want me to list what i am/had watching/watched/reading/read, pls feel free to look here: (i think u have to be a user 1st...)
my previous avatar: clk222 clk222 clk222 clk222 clk222

Thank you Inx for making the cards!! Now I am wondering how to make our club alive! clk222

England's such a tsundere, clk222
Well, I actually 1st thought of just having the eyebrows will do, but I also like his emerald eyes.

Just claimed a singer! He's from NEWS and his smile is like mine! clk222 :D
I like Hetalia a lot.. My OTP: clk222[Done by my friend Korome]
clk222 This will be the first and last time I'm going to make an icon..
I shall spread the word too!:

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