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About Me: I love anime, j-pop, amvs, youtube,, school, english, japan, books, movies, the hunger games, the twilight saga, harry potter series, hush hush series, fallen series, baka and test, inuyasha, durarara, black butler, angelic layer, bleach, howl's moving castle, naruto, spirited away, panyo, blood+, clannad and clannad after story, deadman wonderland, cassherin sins, hellsing, trinity blood, d-grayman, death note, loveless, gravation, and vampire knight! ~BreXIzaya
^_^ I stand under the moonlight with my hand out and my eyes closed, feeling a hand clasping mine. I smile without opening my eyes, until I feel warm lips pressed against mine. I open my eyes. "Shizu-kun..." Shizuo nods and hugs me tightly against his chest. "Don't ever leave me, Bre-chan." I blushed and nod. "Sure, whatever you say." ~From BreXIzaya's mind

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