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About Me: um. i dont i'll give it my best shot. likes: cooking,sewing,reading,acting like a idiot,getting sugar highs,watching anime,reading manga dislikes:step faimly and my mom,as for my littel step sisters i wish they would DROP DEAD!!!!and as for my real dad he can be torterd as a matter of fact.AND i hope he is!!!!!!!!! reasons why i hate what i hate:step faimly: they act like kids ,step dad:he is annoying ,mom:for making me related to them ,real dad:for beating me and my brother ,littel step sisters(THESE ONES TAKE THE UNHOLY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!)THEY TAKE MY STUFF GO INTO MY ROOM WITHOUT PEARMISSION THEY WONT LEAVE ME ALONE AND MY MOM LETS ONE OF THEM SLEEP IN MY ROOM WHEN IM NOT THERE NOMATTER WHAT I SAY(THATS ANOTHER REASON WHY I HATE MY MOM)AND THEY ACT LIKE TOTTILE BRATS AND THEN CALL ME NAMES LIKE F'ING BITCH!!!!!!!!the worst part of it is me and the oldest littel step-sis used to be friends thats how my mom and step-dad met but now i wish we were never friends.but step-father and mum arent married yet but the weding is coming up and i wish they werent getting married.
life is good and bad you have to learn to take what is givin to other words, suck it up and if u cant give'm the middle finger and say "bite me!"

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