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Link | by on 2010-12-06 19:08:08 (edited 2011-08-01 10:46:25)
Hello, everyone!

The singing madness continues!

After a very successful Season 6, I'm glad to announce Gendou Idol Season 7!


For those of you who don't know, Gendou Idol is a singing competition! Judged by the administrator of this site, along with other people knowledgeable in the art of singing!

Sign ups will open on AUGUST 1ST! :)
You can find the sign ups here:

You will also be able to check Season 6, that way if you are new you will get an idea how the competition works.

  • In order to sign up, you must be a member of
  • At sign-ups, you must submit an URL with your song. This doesn't mean the original song, with the original singer. This means...YOUR version of the song, along with your voice.
  • Your song must be a karaoke/instrumental. If you decide to make your own instrumental, then that's fine as long as your voice is heard, and not the original singer.
  • You must be singing for at least 2 minutes. Any RECORDING with less than 2min of singing will be disqualified.
  • Auto-tune is not allowed. You will be disqualified.

  • Remember to balance the volume of your voice with your music. If you don't know much about mixing, you can give your song to someone else to do so. I HIGHLY recommend this. You don't want to lose points because of a poor mixing
  • Don't forget to distance yourself from the microphone when you are doing a high note. Try not to max out your sound.
  • (More tips will be added soon)

Most often asked questions:
  • Can I sing in a language other than Japanese?

  • Can I sing something other than J-pop/J-rock?

    Absolutely. You can submit any song you like. Except the ones that have a bunch of profanities.
  • Can I play my own instrument and sing at the same time?

  • Can I add harmonies to my song?

    Absolutely! I, in particular, love harmonies.
  • What do I get if I win?

    -wink- That will be revealed later.
  • Can I sing a Capella?

    Not for this contest. Sorry.
  • I have a download link, can I submit that?
    No. The judges will not waste their time by downloading a contestant's song. If you submit a download link, then your recording will not be heard.
  • Can I submit a song that I have uploaded to a site previous to the contest? Can I use an old recording?

    Yes. You can submit any songs that you have recorded in the past.
  • How do we know who moves on onto the next round/How does the judging works along with public voting?
    This is the formula to figure out the winners of each round: RANK = (total-judge-score / 20) + (total-votes / maximum-votes).


And I hope to hear many of you sing!


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Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by on 2010-12-06 19:42:17
i know theres youtube, 4share, that we can upload and hear our songs
but places like mediafire and sendspaces ( i think) doesn't have the preview link sound to
the songs, so just to let a few new members know

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Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by Paru on 2010-12-07 15:19:34
Okay, I'm so auditioning! Question though, about the Auto-Tune thing. No Auto-tune at all? Not even on like, echo or backing parts? Cause, you know, certain songs would sound better in such a fashion. :O

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by RayStormX on 2010-12-07 15:26:51
i think the idea is that if it's your voice, it should not be auto-tuned. if it's someone elses voice then maybe. but idk, I'm not using auto-tune for anything lol

Raystormx wooo maplestory

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by on 2010-12-07 20:58:48
Hi Ruscion! I'm glad to know you are auditioning! ^-^
To answer your can add the echo effect (reverb) to your voice if you wish. Don't abuse it though...

When I say auto-tune is not allowed it means that using tools to fix your pitch, correct it, or improve it is not allowed. That would be cheating.
On the other hand if you would like to use such effects like reverb, echo, compressor, equalizer, then go for it!

I will be posting soon how judging works. I suggest you go check the Idol page (season 5) and check some of the judge's comments to understand the basics!

Good luck!

RayStormX: *smiles. Good, don't use auto-tune.

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Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by RayStormX on 2010-12-08 01:47:48
for the grading criteria on song selection, are we going to get less points if we choose a non-japanese english song? what are the factors that come into play?

is production going to be part of the judging this year as well? i saw that one judge last year did not agree with it. I 2nd his opinion, even though I know the concepts behind balancing audio and adding effects.

Raystormx wooo maplestory

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by Kiyumi on 2010-12-08 05:43:57
Each user can only submit one entry right?

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by Karuichan on 2010-12-08 06:42:41
"Any RECORDING with less than 2min of singing will be disqualified."

As in, we are suppose to SING more than 2min is it? Or is the whole track supposed to be more than 2min?

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by silentmushrooms on 2010-12-08 07:09:32
um, around how many people will be allowed to sign up?
because I'll be travelling at the time, and I'm not sure when I'll have internet connection.
I hope I can enter! ><''

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by on 2010-12-08 11:09:41
RayStormX: As I said in the rules, you are allowed to sing any song, J-pop, J-rock, Ballads, Rock, Classic Rock, whatever suits you. Points will not be taken away if you pick a non-Japanese english song :)

Karuichan: The reason why I say 2 minutes of singing, is because I have had people who submit a song of more than 2 minutes but only sing for one. So I want to make sure that your recording is for more than 2 minutes and you sing for more than 2 minutes as well.

Silentmushrooms: That really depends. I believe the number might be 100 contestants. I hope you can enter :)

The grading criteria is as follows:

*Song Selection: Like the names says it. This criteria is all about the selection of the song. Does the song chosen is suited for you? Does it match your range? Does it show off your voice? For example, a male contestant picks a song sung by a female. Some people might be able to pull it off. If not, then points will be taken away in song selection.

*Technique: This is all about the voice. How well does the contestant uses his/her voice? Intonation, Falsetto, vibrato, head voice, chest voice, etc. All of these are judged.

*Interpretation: Energy, feelings, emotions that the contestant makes the judges get when listening to their entry. For example, If it is a happy song, then is the energy up to it? Do I get bored when listening to an entry? (That should never happen, by the way)

Production: When it comes to production we judge the recording process. The levels of volume, the balance between the voice and the BGM, use or overuse of effects. For example, a contestant might have the best voice but if I can barely hear his/her voice in the recording, then it will affect her/his score in production. But don't worry, if you have any questions regarding recording, I will be happy to assist you ^-^

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Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by annie_avalon705 on 2010-12-08 20:19:51
Umm if I audition do i have to show my face?

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by on 2010-12-08 21:16:01 (edited 2010-12-08 21:16:25)
No you don't have to show your face, all is require is your voice and the song
that your singing to make sure it doesn't have the actual voice you can
however use the music instrument or the karaoke version.

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Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by on 2010-12-09 00:58:10
let's say the actual note of the song is too high for me,so i changed the pitch of the instrumental song to suit my pitch.will i be disqualified?

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by RayStormX on 2010-12-09 01:19:56
I dont think it matters if you change the key of the song, as long as it's not too dramatic that it changes the feel of the song

Raystormx wooo maplestory

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by Kiyumi on 2010-12-09 02:05:19
can a pair sing the song and enter the contest together? or can one person submit various entries?

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by Ahzri on 2010-12-09 08:18:24
I always keep missing the signups for this, but I've been wanting to do it for a while. I have a few questions though.

So I have a crappy webcam that I use as my mic, and unfortunately there tends to be a (sometimes loud) buzzing accompanying whatever I record. Would that count against me in the Production category, even if you can clearly hear me over it? Can it be something I've previously uploaded to my youtube? For some of the songs I'd like to do/have done, finding an instrumental version is hard, and during recording the singer's voice may slip into the background....even if it's softly, is that still not allowed?

Thanks for the help! =)

"Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!"

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by gendou on 2010-12-09 09:48:12 (edited 2010-12-09 12:16:03)
Bluey, good question. I'll have to ask Pame-chan what she thinks about this.
Personally, I have no problem with it, so long as you don't sound like Alvin and The Chipmunks.
I hate them.

Ahzi, of course any loud sound will count against you. It's not fun to listen to.
People who have better equipment have an advantage, just like people who are better at singing!

You will be disqualified if you sing over the original singer.
You must find an instrumental/karaoke version of the song.
If none exists, pick a different song!

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by archdevil4 on 2010-12-09 10:32:53
if this is a rock or pop song, then i changed it to a mellow song.
can i??


Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by Hitomi on 2010-12-09 12:11:43 (edited 2010-12-09 17:31:38)
Ahoy, former judge here~

About songs with no instrumentals:
you can try ripping vocals. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The original song of one of my better covers had no instrumental but I really wanted to sing it. So I ripped the vocals, and it turned out alright. (Listen here for what I mean by "alright"; you can't hear the original singer, but the bass is completely gone)
Point is, don't sing over the original singer.

About Kiyumi's question:
I'm pretty sure you can enter in duets, but only one person may submit the entry. You will not be allowed to submit various entries for a single round. There will be 3 rounds so you'll be submitting 3 songs, one for each round.

About Archdevil's question:
Different interpretation is always welcome. Do it however you like, as long as your recording isn't a cappela (ie. no instrumentals) and isn't done over the original singer.

I won't be judging this season cause I'm terribly preoccupied with school, but I shall drop in and see how things are going. Good luck to everyone! :3

Re: GENDOU IDOL Season 6
Link | by gendou on 2010-12-09 12:16:30
Yes, you can enter in duets, but like Hitomi says, only one person submits the entry.

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