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Inflation Theory by Alan Guth
Link | by ramzaruglia on 2009-04-21 10:36:45

This theory is a masterpiece, on paper though. It just fascinates me that, the uniformity of the temperature of the universe is well distributed as the WMAP shows before.

So far the physicists says that we only see 5% of our known universe. If this theory is right, in the near future we can surely see that the left over heat from this "Big Bang" is going to be uniform across the universe or should I say "Multiverse".


Re: Inflation Theory by Alan Guth
Link | by Newton Scholar on 2013-08-13 14:50:46 (edited 2013-10-08 11:11:48)
Guth's Inflationary theory is indeed a masterstroke. Alan's Spectacular relization has captivated me since High School. I do however think the Model requires alot of irononing out. The theory stands, rather like a tall spring board. Testiment to the versatiliy and simplicity of a super theory. We need it..Don't forget the vacuum (scala fields). The truth behind the Big Bang lie's with the vacuum..

EHS (Energy Hot Spots)

My Prediction for the reason why the Universe is expanding? (HOT SPOTS) The truth is. Much like a pan of hot water. The temperature of the Universe is not precisely uniform in all directions. Try this simple experiment. Boil a pan of garlic (approx: 20 gloves) over a wood burner. Squash the garlic gloves to mush with the broad side of a folk. Stand over the boiling pan and observe the behavior of the mushy flakes of garlic (galaxys) in the pan of water. They all accelarate uniformley in all directions to the edge of the pan. At a pace that appears to fit. In keeping with Humble's Law. Despite an almost black body (all round uniform temperature) look closer still and you will observe slightly hotter areas ie (HOT SPOTS) They appear to be the cause, driving force. A relization of my own. Perhaps! Who knows?

PS: Check out Andrei Linde Multiverse B/W football analogy. (BRILLIANT) works
in accordance with Relativity in a closed expanding Universe.

It appears that only a small increase in temperature change is needed. Required to cause accelerated expansion in all directions. The powerful mysterious properties of Garlic are still unclear. Even too my pigeons. Perhaps garlic can provide a remedie (answer) for the Universe expanding.



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