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~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by Terror on 2009-02-22 00:57:36 (edited 2009-04-11 13:21:54)
Right, apparently my 3rd (1st real) show was a real hit so I'm gonna start one of these threads too. :o I'll jazz/fix/style it up later, but for now, lemme put some basic info. (EDIT: Looks like Lat beat to it, lol. Oh well, thanks to Lat ntl. :3)

~Random more or less, but I do have limits in when I can do radio. Namely, I can only do it on certain non-school nights or when I'm here alone. (You don't want to hear my little brother right? :D)

~I don't have many song currently since I'm on a new computer and I've yet to transfer/organize anything. If I do do a request show, it would have to be Gendou music only or songs you know I have, so listen to a show with my random songs and write down your favs.

Suggest ANIME SONGS for me to add. They must be available here on Gendou.
Don't post comments in the Shoutbox, reply to the thread for that.
Please put both the song title and anime.

Other Aspects:

~Tarot: I'm getting into Tarot readings, so I can do those over radio too. If you have a concern you've like some insight on (and you have Skype and mic), watch out for my "Tarot Mode".

What my "tarot sessions" consists of:
1. I use a miniature version of the Rider-Waite deck.

2. I do readings via Skype. You don't absolutely require a mic to get a reading, but I do prefer it because I do ask questions during the reading.

3. You need a "query" or "concern" you want some insight on in terms of the subject's past, present, and future situations. Mainly people have asked for a reading into a particular relationship, but there are other subjects that are suitable, so please don't feel restrained to that subject alone.
Also note: "I can only be as specific with the reading as you are specific with your concern."

4. I use a "made up" spread for reading which is basically a triangle spread:

One card for each "part of time", drawn from the cut deck and placed/turned in P→P→F order.

5. I have not memorized the "traditional" meaning of the cards, so I still have too look them up. Bear with me on this. >_>


~Advice: Much like the tarot cards, I'd love to do a "advice show" at some point. Would be another Skype/Mic thing most likely.

~Karaoke: >.< Only if I know it. I'm better English > anything else.

~???: Have a suggestion? Leave it here; I'm looking to make a more "diverse show" than simply all songs. :3

~Terror of Death

(PS: If any other DJ would really like to do radio while mine has been going on for awhile, just ask. I'm normally very giving so long as its not like 5 minutes right after I started. >.<)

Re: ~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by on 2009-02-22 01:09:54 (edited 2009-02-22 20:32:19)
I was the second to get my tarot read!

Great job on radio, Terror!

edit: ooo schweet. fifth it is!

Incidentally, today was quite interesting... The tarot cards were not entirely correct,
but they DEFINITELY were hinting correctly at how today was going to go down.
It's scary how those cards can actually do that

Re: ~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by Terror on 2009-02-22 12:32:13
5th actually (counting all of them I've done. >.<). :D

Glad I could help and thanks. xD

Re: ~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by on 2009-02-22 22:30:45
congrats of being a DJ! XD
2nd visitor who post! :P

go go go ToD! XD

Re: ~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by on 2009-02-23 07:10:31

being a dj..

i am looking forward for your DJ-ing =D

Re: ~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by yamatasword05 on 2009-03-07 13:12:42

Thanks for the tarot read...
Though.. everything did turn out bad. :c

Hope for another one soon. ^^

Re: ~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by Terror on 2009-03-13 15:49:39
I added a SB for people to suggest anime songs for me to add to my collection and thus the radio. Ultimately, my keeping of any suggested song might rest of my personal tastes in music, but please, I need more. >_> lol

~keep on listening...~

Re: ~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by latino on 2009-04-10 00:07:40

Re: ~Terror Radio~ Thread
Link | by on 2010-01-28 20:17:50
Hey Terror...I really loved the "Guess the music" event
Do more of those =D

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