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Japanese words
Link | by jhefty on 2008-09-20 21:04:48
can anyone help me what's the meaning of the FF Japanese words?? I hear them often when I'm watching comedy animel.

Ex. phrase:
anohito lolikon datte

Ex. phrase:
nante harenji na

my friend told me it's not a good word but I just want to know so I'll be aware

Re: Japanese words
Link | by andy_s on 2008-09-24 21:03:57
Loli/Lolikon : kid
yuri : girl x girl
yaoi : boy x boy
harenji : i dunno XD

Re: Japanese words
Link | by Ya-chan on 2008-10-01 23:59:16
right, to clarify, ir you don't fully understand the girlxgirl concept...:

yuri = girl on girl content
yaoi = guy on guy content

I think loli is a german term, but lolikon refers to erotic images of young children.

hmmm, and here i was hopin you'd want to know about some words that didn't involve your sexual preferences....

no idea what harenji is..........misspelled?

well, in an effort to make a constructive thread, here's a couple phrases:

Ikimasho = let's go
___ suki desu ka? = Do you like ___?
___ suki desu = I like ___
O genki desu ka? = How are you?
Hai, genki desu = I'm fine

phrases ending in "ka" usually signify a question
the "su" sound is rarely fully pronounced, just sound out the "s" (ex. suki = ski)

haruhibitemikuru mmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Re: Japanese words
Link | by shesshomaru-sama on 2010-04-05 18:13:34
ja ne-bye informal

sayonara-good bye formal meaning if you were talking to an elder or someone you might respect.

haha ue-mother formal
okaa-san=mother informal

chan-can be used as a term of afection or friendship for girl or boy
kun-used only for boys and used only for those whom you know,frieds.

moshi moshi- hello hello but is said only over the phone not face to face


ohayo-good morning

konbanwa=good evening

nanda-what is it?




baka-idiot or stupid or dumb lol ^-^

gomen nesai=sorry

tachi-means frieds as in a group of people that you hang out with would be your tachi

tachidama-means friend just one person

tadaima-i'm home like when you come in from school or from hanging out


that means numbers one through ten the extra words beside each other mean the same thing. after that ju or juu meaning ten would go like this juichi meaning 21 then for 31 it would be sanichi.

buy a cd lesson from express like learning japanese i got that one and it asnwerd a lot of my questions and i corrected some mistakes for words that i thought were correct.

hope to have a great time here. i love anime!Photobucket

Re: Japanese words
Link | by Zero on 2010-05-25 01:59:07
long story short
here use this

Re: Japanese words
Link | by catsrule310 on 2010-06-29 19:08:02
Incidentally, "anohito lolicon datte" means "that person is a lolicon/has a lolita complex". I've never heard harenjii before...maybe you mean haremu (harem)?

Suzumiya Haruhi rules!(LITERALLY) Kanade Tachibana is my waifu~!

Re: Japanese words
Link | by kirausa on 2010-09-25 06:44:25
I see all of the members here already answer you question...
But I never heard of Harenji, maybe what you mean is orenji?

Re: Japanese words
Link | by Kurayami Haruka-kun on 2012-02-26 09:58:07
Harenji... maybe it is misspelled but the word means something vulgar or indecent... I don`t speak much english so it's kinda hard to explain, mengo mengo :P

Re: Japanese words
Link | by Devoid on 2012-03-03 10:24:25 (edited 2012-03-03 10:30:03)
harenchi is like shameless or infamous, , I notice alot of short one line simple japanese sentences listed here. Don't forget there are several dialects in Japan and the second most famous one used in anime is osaka-ben or kansai, I never really noticed it myself until I lived in Japan for a year but it is deffinately present in alot more anime than I ever realised before.

Actually the more of this thread I read the more amused I become. It is interesting to see the different interpretations and ways people have attempted to spell certain words. I guess that was what ultimately led to me wanting to study Japanese myself, and now I live there.

Re: Japanese words
Link | by jhey_rhyn on 2012-03-12 02:30:44

Anata no namae wa nan desu ka?
What is your name?

Watashi no namae wa Jeiel desu.
My name is Jeiel.

Watashi wa Jeiel desu.
I am Jeiel.

Re: Japanese words
Link | by on 2013-05-30 00:47:10
Atashi wa Yamamoto Mitsune! Yoroshiku!~ ^w^

Re: Japanese words
Link | by jyeri dark-j on 2013-10-08 23:25:33
intro~ atashi wa jyeri-desu :3

about the questions:
yuri means girl having love affairs with another girl
yaoi is the opposite
lolicon is loli complex. loli means little girl so it just means liking little girls

Re: Japanese words
Link | by laree on 2015-12-05 21:56:54 (edited 2015-12-05 21:59:48)
Ex. phrase:
nante harenji na or nanka harenji kun
sounds like youre a boy toy or hare similar to harem
but or why bf >.< idk lmfao;_ylu=X3oDMTBxNG1oMmE2BHNlYwNmcC1hdHRyaWIEc2xrA3J1cmwEaXQD/RV=2/RE=1449409639/RO=11/

Re: Japanese words
Link | by LilouGueroult on 2019-01-15 03:13:19
Wow so hard !

Re: Japanese words
Link | by positiveangel on 2023-04-29 04:06:00
I started learning Japanese four months ago, and I am wondering how many positive words that start with J are there in Japanese. I can think of some that start with "Y" but not "J".

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