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Is time travel possible?
Link | by BL4D3 on 2006-12-22 22:37:40
In my time spent pondering due to my boredom, I have stumbled upon the age old question, "Is time travel really possible?"

According to quantum physics, time travel is, technically, possible; if we think of time as a flowing river and the present as a point in that river, we can see that everything is set out for us in the future and the trail we leave will continue to exist. That is, the present continues to exist in the past even after the time has passed, and the events still happen. This being so, it suggests that a neverending chain of events flows through the "river" of time. Thus it is possible to tear free of this flowing river via loopholes created by semiclassical gravity or otherwise.

However, it has been suggested that the lack of visitors from the future implies the impossibility of time travel. Also, it is suggested that it creates many paradoxes, For example, what if one were to go back in time and kill one's own grandfather? Thus, he could never have existed, but then he could never have existed to the point where he killed his grandfather in the first place.

It has also been suggested that the laws of physics/nature are there to prevent such cases of time travel paradoxes.

This is my question - If, for arguements sake, we say that time travel is possible, and one travels back/forward in time, meaning that the matter of that particular person is transported interdimensionally into the past, what would happen to the matter of the same person in that era? Because technically, one person cannot be in two places at the same time. Where would such matter go? Would it just vanish suddenly?

Thanks to anyone reading this and anyone who replies. What is everyone else's view on this?

Re: Is time travel possible?
Link | by Photobucket on 2006-12-22 22:44:26
so far as evidence shows, time travel is impossible. However, at one point in time, people were sure the world was flat. There is a LOT we still don't know. In the future, it may be possible, but you never know. The same kind of question with this is eternal youth, we don't know enough yet to say anything is impossible.

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Re: Is time travel possible?
Link | by gendou on 2006-12-23 04:22:06 (edited 2006-12-23 04:37:29)
"time flows like a river, and history repeats" -- a great quote from Chrono Trigger

no but seriously, this is not how we experience time; like a river.
time is an explanation for directional entropy, nothing more.
it isn't some kind of magical flowing ether that we can escape from.

you clearly don't know the first god damn thing about quantum physics, so stop making false assertions under the guise of it!!!

time travel, in the sense you have described, is not possible.
there is no rational reason to believe it will ever be possible.
it simply isn't the way our universe functions.
supposing it to be factual is nothing but a waste of time, and an activity likely to be more confusing than enlightening.

but, because i am blitz drunk, i will make a few limited observations:

1. you are a moron
2. thinking about time paradoxes are fun for people who enjoy playing with a rubix cube but never solving it. jesus christ
3. if you (being a complex state of many particles) were somehow magically brought before your virgin grandfather, and killed him, it would not directly effect the state of your particles (you) in any way. why would an atom be effected by the trust of a knife or the pull of a trigger? how would the subatomic particles "know" that they just did something macroscopically which makes their very existence paradoxical? they don't fucking know it! an electron doesn't care wether we call its presence paradoxical or not, its just fucking there, in some quantum state, with some quantum spin, chilling as a wave function, until you observe it, thereby collapsing the wave function. quantum mechanics has nothing to do with hair brained pseudo-scientific bullshit. its people like you who invoke science improperly who should be shot.
4. your mom is a space-time paradox!
5. the molecules (atoms, and subatomic particles, respectively) that I am composed of are not special. they are shit just like any other shit is shit. when you take a piss you are loosing some of your molecules, which were inevitably replaced by the water in your drink and food. the "you" is not what you are made of, but what state the stuff you are made of is in. the state of the junk in your brain is what makes your brain unique, not the junk itself. everyone has fatty neurons, which all have the same amino acids, and the same electrons, etc. its the state of all that crap that is important. it is the information that makes the person, not the matter. if it were possible to move information from one space-time event directly to any other, by some magical power, you could do so without changing the zero-point energy of either system. you would, however, have to push things around to "store" that information. of course, the net "work" done on either system could still be zero, in principal. why am i wasting my time on this? there is more vodka left.

EDIT: ok i just have to respond to akatsuki on this one!! you compare our understanding that time travel is impossible to the understanding of past people that the earth is flat. this is TOTAL BULLSHIT IN A CAN!!!! you take a big strong bull, feed it garbage, make it angry so it takes an angry shit, scoop up the shit, and stuff it in a can. thats basically what you're doing.

people didn't know the earth was round cause they never stopped to think that it might be. they were ignorant of or ignored the contradictions brought about by flat earth theory. they did not have (appreciable) direct evidence of the round shape of the earth. they were misinformed and/or uninformed. this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the scientific understanding of modern day physics. we have genuinely explored an incredible amount of shit. we know very well how the universe behaves on quite large and small scales. only a person devastatingly ignorant of science, or a person who is radically skeptical, would question that the possibility of science-fiction's "time travel" is anything other than nil.

Time travel is impossible. I know plenty enough to say that. You wanna know why it's impossible? Because I said so, thats why. It is possible to do neat things with general relativity and quantum mechanics. Killing your grandfather before he produces your parents as his offspring is NOT ONE OF THEM. Neither is going back in time in a machine to let them know how to make a time machine. It's just not possible. Information travels forwards in time, not backwards. If information traveled backwards in time, we would have been able to detect it. We haven't. So it doesn't. If pigs could fly at will using magical fairy wings, someone would have noticed by now. If mind control really worked, it would have been obvious by now. If fusion were possible at room temperature, my country wouldn't be reliant on foreign oil right now. If faster-than-light travel was possible, we would have frequent visitors who would make their presence known to everyone. If god existed, he would have let us know in a more believable way than work his way into a plethora of religions as a wildly varying main character. no, sir, i call bullshit unto you. where's my god damn vodka?!

Re: Is time travel possible?
Link | by Photobucket on 2006-12-23 12:34:43 (edited 2006-12-23 12:36:10)
@ admin . . . . the key is technology. . . . . . at the time when the world was known to be flat, technology was not so great as to prove it wrong. . . . . . . this may also prove true for time travel. . . . . . . no matter what you're sure of, future technology may prove you wrong . . .

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Re: Is time travel possible?
Link | by gendou on 2006-12-23 13:17:10
you are talking out your ass!
future technology will NEVER prove evolution wrong, for example.
sure, it is technically conceivable that it could, if you have an imagination about it.
but, i am so incredibly sure that it won't, due to overwhelming convincing evidence, that i am willing to say "never".
people who never say never are radical skeptics and can go worry about contracting aids from a toilet seat, but not in my kitchen biotch!

i don't know where i'm going with this, but, oh my god, i am so hung over right now.... *splitting headache*

i will wager you, akatsuki, all my worldly possessions including ownership of this website that time travel, the kind that allows you to kill your grandfather before he boinks your grandmother, and the kind that allows for other such paradoxes to be tested, will never come to pass in a repeatable and verifiable way. in other words, i am willing to put my balls on the line for what i believe in.

you, on the other hand, are hiding behind the shadow of a doubt, and hiding in the shadows is a cowardly act. don't be a coward! have some balls! if you think there is some scientific possibility for time travel, i'm all ears. of course, after hearing you out, i will inevitably point out all the gaping holes in the logic, because they are guaranteed to be there.

Re: Is time travel possible?
Link | by Photobucket on 2006-12-23 13:24:15
i agree that it probably wont happen, and i dont want it to. . . . . the only thing im saying is the future's uncertain

and also. . .

I'M A GIRL! ! !


*oh* . . . . . and also i forgot to thank you . . . . . . . . . thanks for letting me have my sig privilage back ^^! Happy Holidays Mr. Admin ^^!

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Re: Is time travel possible?
Link | by BL4D3 on 2006-12-23 16:59:11 (edited 2006-12-23 17:10:43)
whoa... never thought I'd piss anyone off that much... but okay, so you say it's impossible. Well Mr. Admin, there are many things that can't be explained by your funny logic. For example, the Philadelphia experiment. You know, the one that was conducted on October 28, 1943 in an attempt to bend light around a certain object with enough power. Go wikipedia if you cannot recall such an event from your apparent "all knowing" mind. The USS Eldridge either teleported about 600 km away to be sighted off the shore of Norfolk, Virginia, or light was bent so damn far away that it was seen there. And how would you explain the after-effects such as mental illness and signs of schizophrenia? Or two of the crew members possibly traveling back in time and space to meet a professor who had died about 26 years past?

Well, that should give you enough to ponder about and explain for a while, unless you go against official publication and deny all of it.

Re: Is time travel possible?
Link | by gendou on 2006-12-23 18:07:29 (edited 2006-12-23 20:44:47)
@akatsuki: happy holidays, milady!

@retard: the Philadelphia experiment is no more real than any of the other pseudoscientific crock-pots i mentioned earlier. it is clear that you simply lack a basic education, which makes me sad.

for the record, this fool was banned for being rude to the admin.

meaningless references: 1, 2, 3, 4

i find it satirical that you call the insane ramblings of a fame-greedy civilian "official documents".

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